Monday, September 24, 2018

A Summer Of Waiting

When we arrived here we contacted our insurance company about damages done while we were out west. Contacted a mobile RV guy here and he came and measured everything and he was given a purchase order.

It was an incredibly wet summer which didn't help but that doesn't excuse the texts, the calls from me and from the insurance company to the repair person who never returned any or showed his face.

We had more damage to the coach and again, I called our insurance company. National General told us, Oh too bad but we will give you $200.00 towards the repairs.

We found a new RV repair man and he did come once to seal the leak on top of our slide out. Then we extended our passenger side awning and the motor died, leaving it it out.

Obviously, we can't drive with the awning extended and the park closes this coming Sunday. September 30.

A friend in the campground found this on the internet and sent it to us last evening. All it needs is two more dogs!

The weather has change and it's cold. For us anyway. Lola loves it. The light is doing the "Fall/Winter" thing so I'm getting depressed and finding it hard to concentrate or paint. Not a good thing. 

But...let me show you what I HAVE accomplished..

And looking at them, these are a few, I guess I actually worked through the depression! Hmm. 

Memory boxes for a friend, and a few of the paintings were sold. 

I had fun with my daughter and her family. Going out to dinner with our granddaughter then seeing our youngest granddaughter dance with the Boston Community Dance Project! Amazing.

Morgan, oldest Granddaughter and "Us".

Kelsey, our youngest, almost 15 year old granddaughter, dancing with the Boston Community Dance Project. Oh ya..she's serious. 

Thus the summer of waiting! Our plan is to leave a week from today and head back to Florida. I'll be back on giving the highlights, trials and tribulations of fulltiming once again. I really didn't think you'd want to hear me all summer long saying , "still waiting for the repair guy" or "OMG it's raining again!"

Oh fun thing I did do...threw out my leaking rain jacket and got this!!!!

A bright red starry rain poncho!!! The hood comes down over my eyes, which may be helpful in blasting sidewards rain, 😆, but it works and keeps me dry! Plus it's just FUN!!

So with that I'll end and get to work on a commission piece I have. The dogs are sleeping, Roger is busy so it's quiet and it's time.

Chat with you all soon as we start our voyage south!!


PS. I've returned to doing searches on and I'll do a blog on that soon too. Who knew?! (So far not one rich and famous person but it's really fun to see who the relatives were)