Saturday, July 20, 2019

Time Whizzing By....

Wow, slow it down...that time! Before we know it we will be preparing to leave for the south and you'll say, what in the world did you do?

We arrived safe and sound at Wellington Camping Park in Lee, NH.  We have come here for the past two years and this year we are actually workcampers.  A beautiful park set in a forest along the Lamprey river.  I took this photo the other day as I was sitting outside the office. The park is full with seasonal campers and I tend the office while Roger cleans the bathrooms and gets the trash.

The other huge bonus was the Wellington family let me have an old shed that was left last year and guess what I did with it?!!!

I have an art studio!!!!!

The mosquitoes are crazed right now so I bought one of those magnetic screens for the door. As Seen On TV.  It velcros all around the door frame and then during the night, falls down.  I have chair tacks so I put those across the top and voila''s perfect.

Happy artist!!!

...and her assistant!!!

And look what I've created in my new space!!

Arizona Plains...18" x 12" x 2" cold wax and oil on cradled board.

I've totally fallen in love with cold wax medium.  You'll be seeing so many more pieces.

Our Senior boy Sammy.

He's 14 and has weakness in his rear legs and every time I think, oh this is it, he pops up wagging his tail and is ready to go for his walk or gallop up his dinner. He's not ready yet and doesn't want to miss a thing.  Everyday he teaches me something new, one of which is slow down and enjoy the moment and I do. I push the daily aches and pains away and just enjoy. 

A few of the paintings I did this summer.  I work inside the rig on super hot days and on the days I do watercolor.  The days we work are 6 hour shifts alternating 3 to 4 days, my assistant, Lola, gets panicky that I'm not around so I'm happy to be inside for a bit. 

The story of the washing machine.!! Sweet lord.... So, before we left Florida I grabbed the handle before the blinking light was a steady slow blink. Sigh. I pulled it and stood there with a handle in my hand, not attached to the door.  We were able to rescue the laundry but that was it.  This summer, Roger was able to get a replacement handle and together we actually repaired it and it's back up and running. Believe me I am so gentle with the handle it's like a sacred artifact!

The story of the toilet. Last year it was awning and slide out covers, this season it's appliances.  In Florida our electric toilet died and we bought a similar electric toilet from our friends. It had been in their rig when they bought it and smartly, they pulled it out and put in a foot peddle model.  We installed it before we came north and it made a loud noise similar to our old one just before it passed away. Oh yes, the replacement toilet died. The positive note was it had a handle in the back that if you bent over, rested your head on the back part, you could turn the handle so the disc would open and flush. That's a positive you say?? HAHAHA, yes it actually was. Then that glorious moment came when Roger said.."It's time isn't it". A resounding YES!!! 

Amazon had the same model in electric and foot model. He ordered the foot pedal model, china bowl, easier to clean I think and I feel more like it's "Home" ,to be delivered in a few days. 

UPS dropped it off a the owners home and her son brought it down to us. Thrilled, I called our new, he actually comes, RV repair guy.  Roger went out a few days later to the store, came back in and said Amazon delivered an electric toilet! NOOOOOO!  He called and they said they'd refund us and we noticed they charged us more than it was listed for so bonus on the refund.

Jeff, the new RV guy came and installed our new Throne!!! And yes I'm super cautious about stepping on the paddle extension...Haha...

Toilets, washing machines, work camping and painting...then I get to see my girls!! I was adopted so I never "looked" like anyone in my family. You do have similar habits, expressions and people say, "you look just like your Dad", of which I loved, but my daughter Erin, far right, is the first person I ever connected with biologically.  Then her brother Jamison. Sometimes I feel like I'm a start of a lineage but when I see what my two grandchildren do I wonder what ancient ancestor passed that trait down.  In front of me is Morgan. Artistic, talented with a love of adventure.  Then Kelsey, an amazing dancer with such a passion. I cry every time I see her dance. Where does that talent come from? Proud Mum and Gram!!

So that's it for now. More paintings for show and tell soon . 

With the crazy heat across the country please stay safe and hydrated and remember your pets need this attention also. Lola and I will be in and out quickly today as well as our Sammy. Ozzie seems ok but I'm thinking an in and out for him also.

Until next time, be well and thanks for following along on the adventure of a lifetime.

Warmly, (probably not the perfect word for today,,haha)