Saturday, November 29, 2014

The Day After Black Friday

We stay home . I'm sure the Malls are like mad houses and thankfully I'm not there. Today Roger decided to decorate our tree outside our coach.

Ozzie is peeking out watching Roger wrap the lights around it. I can hardly wait til tonight to see it in the dark.  I stayed in today and made brownies after I made waffles with blueberrys for brunch. I've never cooked or baked so much in my life. Yesterday I made turkey soup. Yikes. (my two children cringe when they hear "Turkey soup"..when they were young and we didn't have enough money I would stretch a turkey soup for days. Now we have great laughs about it.)

After the light wrapping, since Roger is officially retired, he went fishing! 

This is Roger coming back after fighting those huge babies in the lake! (yes, you are correct, he didn't catch a thing.) It was the thought and desire of the fisherman who is retired!

Karaoke night is tonight at the rec hall here. Are we going??? Ah, I don't think so. Saturday night my British shows are on the PBS station from Daytona. If you get a chance watch a show called Miranda. I laugh from start to finish and unfortunately it's only about 30 minutes long.

Ok, brownies are done so getting a glass of milk and enjoying!!

Have a great night,

Friday, November 28, 2014

We Survived Thanksgiving!

And hope you did also!!

This was our first RV Thanksgiving. It rained here straight for two days, not sprinkles, but heavy down pours. A few times I thought we would be becoming one of those RV's that can turn into a boat. So, to keep our spirits up, we decorated for Christmas!!

We, I, haven't decorated for years. Our kids have grown and gone and holidays just made me sad. But this year there was an excitement. Having a new "life" and I heard our son Jamie was driving down from Minnesota! Roger found this little tree at Winn Dixie's, a local grocery here in Florida, and brought it home. We added more lights and put it in the front window.  You can see the deluge happening out the window.

Roger went decoration hunting again and brought home strings of garland with lights in it so we hung it on our picture window. The plug outlet is straight down so the design was a little creative.

The red towel is for Ozzie. He loves laying up on the front console watching for Roger to drive up.

So Turkey day arrived along with Jamie, Stefanie, our daughter-in-law and Logan our grandson. We all went over and had dinner in the rec hall with about 20 other friends and strangers.  After we hung outside with dogs and chatted. Yes the rain finally stopped but it was still wet and muddy. My feet were getting shriveled. haha.

The day ended as it started to get cold and Roger and I went in to relax and chat about the day. That's when my eyes started to flood. The result of months of getting rid of possessions, a new home, letting one we had for 15 years go. I texted my daughter and told her and that I was so grateful Jamie had come for a bit of continuity.  Don't get me wrong, I love my new lifestyle but I think it all just overwhelmed me. Amid the paper plates and sectional plates of the other RV,ers, we had colorful china plates. They will fit in the basement so I'm not concerned but I so needed that link of Family Ritual. I'm thinking for Christmas dinner I'm bringing candles for the tables.  Who knows. maybe next Thanksgiving we can brave the cold and drive up to NH to have Thanksgiving there with our daughter. (However I'm reading the storm there this week knocked out power all over the place) sigh. Thanksgiving in July!!!!!

We all went over the the hall last night to watch a movie which was fun but today I am hiding and recuperating. Being Black Friday I bought two stretched canvas for a commission that came in a few days ago then some plein air panels to try out. Roger is getting restless and wants to get back to painting again. Woohoo. I ordered some 5" x 7" panels for him. He does really colorful fun paintings of the Labs. Wait til you see.!! 

So, we survived!! Oh, funny story. At night when I take Lola out she pulls and barks into the dark towards the rec hall. The lights have been out due to the rains so I had been thinking she's afraid of the dark.  She scared me so we run right back into the coach. Walking back to CiCi Blue this morning after being at the park she started pulling again and barking wildly at the tree right in front of the hall. I looked up and saw, curled up in one of the arms of the tree, a rolled up ball of fur. A Possum? Possible. We moved quickly by but now I know she is actually barking at something out there at night. I'll be walking from now on on the far side of the coach so I won't be pulled half way down the road. When she has a purpose she can go!! 

Well, have a great day and night! Enjoy your left overs!!!


Monday, November 24, 2014

Counting Down To Thanksgiving

Labragourd! I think I laughed throughout the whole process. Silly but fun! But a great piece of Christmas.

I received two more commissions yesterday to do by Christmas so I'll be massively busy for the next few weeks. Since they are gifts I won't be able to show you all of them but one I will be able to. 

Remember when I painted Labs 24/7? Well Sammy is giving me inspiration all over again. Look at this pose. One of my first large paintings was of Sophie sprawled out on our couch and I fell in love with this one. (thanks Soph Soph)  You'll see this maybe soon or right after Christmas! 

We just got back from the dog park and I took this photo. A warm light on this warm evening. What a view! An RV came in this afternoon and actually complained about how desolate and far away the RV Park was from everything. I guess they were looking for the parks with everything under the sun to keep them busy every moment of the day. Too bad. I bet they will miss the egrets flying in soon to land in the tree across from us on the lake. The birds sleep there at night and what a sight it is when they come in. Everyone is different I know and each place is too. Just don't miss what the "far away and desolate" park has to offer.

Our neighbor brought us slow cooked chicken again tonight so I'm off to have it along with Roger's German potato salad that he made! Yummy.

Have a great evening and don't miss the little things life is showing you. 


Friday, November 21, 2014

Friday And Working In The Rec Center

I've been getting together with the women in the park painting gourds. A lot of laughing involved and fun conversation.

From left to right, Cheryl, Wendy, the owner of the RV Park and Lois.  Cheryl lives here full time and Lois is here in her 5th wheel for the winter. She and her husband Bob have been full timing for 5 years. I will say today wasn't our most productive day painting on the gourds but we really had a blast. Sometimes that is more important. At some time we will all be away but I know these will be forever friends to meet again. Lois and I both love the park here. Trees and the beautiful small lake. Now the white egrets are flying in and settling in the trees across the water. What a sight.  Tomorrow night will be movie night and we will gather together again.

So our flannel sheets came.!!! A little rumbled looking right now due to Lola walking all over the bed but they are sooo comfy. Blackwatch Portuguese Cotton Flannel. Ahhhh. I didn't want to get out of bed this morning it was so cozy!

Pizza night here in CiCi Blue! Roger is busy making the dough and I'm excited and hungry! I'm looking forward to dinner time. Love love his pizza!!!

The insurance issue is still a nightmare and we will probably have to contact Roger's old employer to get to the bottom of it. So far the eyes center says we owe about $700.00 out of pocket even though before the surgery I was totally covered.???? Oh well. It will all work out eventually.

Have a great night and stay warm and stay safe.


Thursday, November 20, 2014

Fun And Busy Week

A group of the women here at the park came to the rec center on Tuesday and we painted gourds. I have to say we laughed non stop. Each had varying degrees of painting skills and it was so much fun working with them. Of course we didn't finish that day so we did it again yesterday. Still haven't finished so we will get together again tomorrow. Today I needed to rework one of my commission paintings.

Her nose at one point was huge so I've been doing Rhinoplasty in paint. I actually was in my mirror trying to get the direction the nose would actually go in that pose. I think I may have it!

Today we got a new picnic table for our site. The older one was smaller so Roger and I went out to move it. I was already out and as he left the coach so did Sammy and Lola. Off they went running right past me and no Sammy Stop, Lola Come was heard! My worst fear has been Lola getting out and running free and there she was. The RV Park runs parallel to RT. 95 and I wanted to hurl. Sammy is pretty good about running, sniffing then coming around to me but I wasn't sure about my girl. She followed him of course and when she came around the corner I did a huge arm outstretched and a "Lola come" song. And she did. Roger was coming with their leads, not fast enough, because now I had two dogs by their neck hair. Leads attached, I stood there and shook. A literal wreck. All is good now. The kids and I walked down to the park and just got back.

The new picnic table!

The kids waiting for Dad to come home. They look so innocent don't they!!

Our flannel sheets arrived today!! It's been chilly to say the least here at night and windy during the day. They will be so snuggly tonight!! I'll be sure and ask the kids how they like them. :-( (no way..I'm kicking them out of the bed!!! :-)

Have a great night..


Monday, November 17, 2014

Here Comes The Cold Front

I am thinking I need to run out to the store tomorrow and buy a set of flannel sheets for our bed. We do have three dogs but we'd also like some sleeping space.

It gets dark earlier but today the cold front started coming through. You are probably laughing at our "cold" front but for people who live in Florida, 70 is cold. haha. Tonight it's going to 53 then during the week, lower.

I actually love rain days. Coffee or hot chocolate. Read a book or paint. So this will be our first winter in our CiCi Blue and it will be interesting. Digging out warmer clothes as we speak.

Cold rainy nights call for a special supper. Roger is making tomato soup from fresh tomatoes and then I'll make grilled cheese sandwiches. So looking forward to dinner time. (But not looking forward to our nightly walkies in the rain.) Oh well. Life with the kids!

You would think this would be a quick painting project. Ha! It has taken all afternoon and I'm not finished. I do like how's it's coming along but I will bet you when I show you tomorrow it will look different. This is acrylic and tomorrow I will be using oils to do the face and body. Maybe enhance the gifts too. (Never content) Then back to commission painting. I have one finished but the nose on the person is bothering me. I'll have to assume the pose and get it corrected. (looking in the mirror and using my own nose.)

Well that's it for tonight. I hear a grilled cheese sandwich calling my name!!!

Have a great night,

P.S. Thanks to all who have purchased the new fun comic book of Lola and The Boys.  8 have sold and I'm thrilled!! This coming Sunday I will be at a book fair and signing them if you are close by. Or, if you would like a signed copy you can EMAIL ME

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Sunday Is Football Day and OH Yes, Laundry.

There is always something to do when you live in an RV. I would never have guessed but, alas, it';s true.  We got up and took the kids out with our coffee. Ozzie needs to express himself and barks at Roger for some unknown reason. I stress.  Then we decided to take them to the park to run off some energy and they love that. The dog park is next to w watershed of some type, holding area, for "extra Water" from Stuckeys. I don't want to know what it really is because Lola loves playing it it. It's so full it's leaking and she's thrilled. Did I tell you tomorrow is Lola gets a bath day? She smells like an elephant that has rolled in mud and it's dried.  I still love her muddy face. We did wash her with a hose down by the park but it's still on her. She needs soap!!!

Our neighbor Larry stopped by after and we had a fun chat. Later in the day I saw him and he gave us 4 chicken pieces that were slowly barbecued in his slow cooker. Can I say, OMG!!! Roger and I devoured them!

So my gourds arrived. Gourds?? Yes, I ordered so many they are everywhere. I was planning on teaching a class here on painting gourds for Christmas. As Roger and I were talking today he mentioned I should paint a "Labragourd". Through the years we have named pretty much everything a "Labra" something. We have Labra friends and go on Labraventures with our friend Ray.  Alaska and Scotland have been the most rememberable and wildly fun.  Anyway, moving on, here is my start.

My Labragourd! #1 (who knows)

Tomorrow I will paint the decorations in acrylic then probably do the Lab in oils. I love the way they moosh around.  That's in between washing the Lola Bear!!

Time for Patriot's Football. Gp Pat's!!! 

See you tomorrow!!


PS, oh did I mention I think our washer drier is on it's ;last legs here. sigh. BUT, we have a warranty on anything inside our coach so maybe we can get it repaired or get a new one. It is 10 years old. 

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Wow, The Week Flew By

The week flew! Was I that busy? What was I doing? Honestly, I haven't a clue. That's what life is like full timing in an RV. Days are flying past and there are times I have no idea what day it is. I need it to slow down.

Well, one day my box of 30 books arrived and I was so excited and nervous. Some people had ordered it and I had yet to see them. What would they be like, would I like them?  I did. So today of Facebook I asked if I should continue my project. After looking at the drawings and seeing the process I was unsure and a bit insecure about my idea of Lola and The Boys. I was so excited to get the response I did from everyone saying yes and that they loved it. So, Lola and Sammy and Ozzie will now go around the park meeting everyone and telling you about them. We will be here at Crystal Lake RV Park until April so it should be fun.

I had my final appointment with my eye Doctor and he set me free. The eye finally decided to accept the new lense from the cataract surgery. Whew. Now to get my insurance company to realize that I was really covered for it all. Ugh.

Roger has been busy. He got plywood the other day and made sections and stained it to put behind our front TV.

First he stained the back wall and I have to say matched the color of the coach really good. Then cutting the two plywood sections, staining and placing them under and above the TV connector arm.  It's finished by placing the original TV cover on top of all of it.

All and all I think he did a great mod for our home! Next project is my making new curtains for the front window and some for a few of the windows around the living area. Making it ours!!!

Art wise, I started this portrait awhile ago before I moved from my studio. It's been calling to me so it's in the to-do area.

Tonight is Saturday night movie night at the rec hall here. Pizza's have been ordered and we will be seeing the movie that we didn't finish last week. And finally please meet....

Mr. Peepers

He's the little guy who keeps flying at us. He also brings a friend over early in the morning to chirp alternate chirps and wake me . We think he is guarding a nest nearby or so nearby it's on our roof. Persistent little guy I must say! Roger hung two different bird feeders out for him. (different type seeds) I knock on the window and he's getting braver and just sits and swings on a loop. So maybe the book should be Lola,The Boys and Mr. Peepers!!!

Have a great weekend!!


Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Veteran's Day

Thank you to all who have served. 

Roger is an ex submariner. He served for 6 years during the Cold War and as Vietnam was going on. Our neighbor and friend here at Crystal Lake Rv Park, Larry, was a marine in Nam during those years and has PTSD as many veterans do. When ever I meet a vet I thank them for their service. They gave more than we can ever imagine for our safety.

Finished commission awaiting it's frame. 12" x 12" oil on copper. This Friday I will get the frame and hopefully get together with it's owner. 

Hmm, I may just add a speck of light in the corner of the right( as you look at it) eye. Just a speck.

I do have more commissions to do but I may take a week to play. (Or finish my daughter's B-day gift and my grand daughters. Oops).  I will say I'm grateful to be busy with work! :-)

If you are interested in getting a portrait done please look at the bar across the top of the blog that says Commissions . It will give you the information or you can just email me at MY EMAIL

Roger is making pizza again tonight. Woohoo. 

Well have a great night..I'm awaiting a shipment of my books from Amazon so hopefully they may arrive tomorrow! 


Sunday, November 9, 2014

And Now, Please Meet Wilson

Oh NOooooo, I hear you saying..they got a new dog?? No, Roger went shopping and bought Sammy...

A new soccer ball for the park!!!

He was so excited! So off we went today to the dog park in drizzly weather.

And he's ready for the play to begin!!!

Lola seems to be the one who loves this game. Sammy is working fast to get out of her way. HA!

But then something caught Lola's attention that was even more interesting as I groan. "Lola..COME!"

"You want me there Mum?"


"Here I commmme!"

Thankfully there is a hose right outside of the dog park that I can hose her down. Her legs and paws were just caked with mud and she was happy. Dog collars back on and leads and we started back. Ozzie leaves his tennis ball at the park but when we told Sam to leave Wilson at the park til later and declined and actually carried the ball all the way home to the rig.

I had to pry it from his jaws when we got inside then put it in the closet. What a goof.!

Last night here at the park was movie night. Wendy, the owner, made sloppy Joes and deviled eggs and had chips abounding. We all bring what we want to drink and sat down to watch "Lone Survivor". The projector was making a funny noise and just as the movie started to catch my attention the projector died. There was a group, "nooooooo" heard then we all gathered and went home to our various rigs. Roger turned on the football game and I went into bed with all the dogs, (Oh why do they follow me all the and watched British TV shows. So it was a good night all around.

A new week....a commission to finish, a massage tomorrow morning then an eye app't and lunch with a friend at the end of the week. Fun. 

Hope your week is full of fun things. Have a great night...til tomorrow!!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

It's Always Good To Laugh

The before patch on our rug.

Spotbot ready to go to work!

When I started rolling laughing!! 

Roger said it was like a crop circle. If I had thought a bit I could have done a bunch of circles over the whole rug. A pattern.

But I grabbed the hose that comes with it and worked with that.  Thankfully we have a small area of rug but it will be an all morning or most of the day event. The Spotbot is amazing and really cleans.  (we should have so had Lazy days do it) 

Supposedly RV makers put in light colored carpet to lighten the inside area. What were they thinking? They must have camped on cement pads 24/7, had no dogs and always put on surgical slippers upon entering their rigs. I have read where some Rv-ers leave their shoes outside and put on slippers when they come in.  We do leave ours up front on the tile area in the cockpit. Hmm, maybe we should have a bucket of water for the dogs to step in before they enter? Sigh, no, we now have a Spotbot!

Tonight we are going on an RV Park event. We are all going to the local Moose Hall to have wings! 
I'm getting 6 bland wings and Roger is getting 10 hot ones. Hopefully we all take our own car to get to and fro as I get squirmy after and want to leave. haha. ADHD in action. It will be fun.

The guy next to us is packing up to leave. Last night as I biked by him he listed all the things Roger and bought lately for the rig. Even told me we were buying a lot of stuff. Hmm, maybe I can go over and help him pack up, he's seems to be going a little slow for my taste! My art brushes should be delivered today, hopefully he adds those to the list! Sorry guys, I know. It's just something I wouldn't say to someone so ,silly me, I expect people to be the same as me. Good thing they aren't though it would be a bit boring. hahaha

So that's my day. So far! Be sure and check out my new book/comic of Lola and The Boys. (top right corner of the blog). yes. I'm excited!!

Have a great night!!


WoooHooo I DID IT!!!!

I did it!!!!! Look to the right of this post, or at the top right ,right hand side of the page!!! The small comic is done and out!!!                                          

I ordered 30 for the book fair or if you'd like one signed. Volume 1!  Woohooo..Doing the happy dance right now.

Ok..(settling down) time to paint and work the SpotBot!! See you later tonight with results...(sad) hahaha.

Have a great day..


(Just a little excited!!!)

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Bend It Like Beckham

Ohh MYYY!!! I'll let you know how it works! With Lola's huge muddy paws or her sensitive tummy, this will be a true test! I'm actually excited to try it out! I'll do before and after pics tomorrow!

So early this morning an ambulance came and took the poor man behind us to the hospital. He has been living in the really old broken Winnebago Chieftain alone and has been very very ill. His plan was to fly back to his home this week but with the Ebola scare going on we were doubtful he'd be able to fly. That's how bad he's been. So sad. Say a prayer tonight for his peace.

This little guy has been outside our window all day. He tries to fly into our window. We have glass that has a coating on it so you can see your reflection from outside like a mirror so our thought was he thinks it's someone he wants to get to. But when I opened the window to expose the screen he still tries. Of course I go through all the old wives tales that I've ever heard so that is freaking me out to he's probably a family member saying hello from afar! Roger went to the store to get a few things and came home with a bird feeder for him. He's not interested as yet. 

Hope he doesn't think we are his nest...There is a tree right by us but he's not interested in that either.  It's making me sad that he may be lost. Sigh.

Game On!!!

I'm ready to make the scooooorrrrrrre!

You're up against me Mate!

It's mine, ugh, no mine..MIIIINE.

Say no more!!!;-)

Have a great night!!


Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Had So Much Planned

Yes I did. Did I accomplish it? ah...No. Not everything. I did get a burst of energy and straightened out the basement area so I do feel good about that. (The weather went to a warmer day today..up/down,up/down.)

Maybe because sleep last night was intermittent. Lola seems to feel the chill. Who knew? About 1:00 P.M. she gave the "hey., wake up I need you" woof.  I went to see if she had enough water first and she did. Back to bed only to find that Ozzie took my spot and all the covers and Sammy had stretched out. So instead of rearranging everyone and waking Roger I went to the "Couch".  I opened it and made it comfy and guess what? Lola climbed right in! I then gave my best WOOF and she got off for enough time as to let me in and get snuggled.  Then she climbed back up and snuggled up really close and fell asleep. Ahhh. Then Ozzie came. Really? Am I the dog magnet here?  Tonight we are closing the bedroom door til we both are ready, climbing in then letting them come in. LOL..let's see how this one works.

Roger said he'd take the kids to the park so I could clean up the kitchen for him to cook.  Since we first started our RV journey the Kids have really calmed down. They are getting the rhythm of RV living and meeting new people and seeing other dogs.  It had been a huge worry of mine so I'm thankful they are adjusting.

So sent the final draft and cover to Createspace for Lola And The Boys. Now to wait for them to go over it and get back to me. They do it within 24 hours but as usual I am running out of time.  I'm hopeful that all is well with it.

Ozzie's favorite place to keep his eye on Dad!

Our view out the front window. You may not be able to tell from this but the color of the sky near the horizon is darker. It's getting darker earlier and there's a small rain area off the coast. We are close to the Canaveral seashore by the space center. At times we see amazing lightning storms off shore that light up the sky. Just amazing.

Well the gang is home now so dinners for the kids and get them to settle for the night.  We will do two more outings before bed so fingers crossed for a long good snooze tonight. 

Have a great night!!