Sunday, June 29, 2014

They Never Sit Still When You Want..

I cleaned my studio this weekend and still have one day to go. It's been tough moving my "life" as an artist, throwing things, selling things and trying to find out what to take. Once I get back to painting I will be a happy "camper ,so to speak.   When I'm not painting I'm not that much fun to be with. lol.  Soon!!!

This weekend Ozzie and Roger did an agility trial. Ozzie is on the far right. Sammy is sitting for his picture, laying back down right after it. Roger, who got up and out at 5 AM for the past two mornings is the lump in the middle. Poor guy! Ozzie did fantastic winning three trophies.

I went to take a photo of the winner as he did a great sit/stay , but alas, they never sit when you want do they!!  This is Lola putting her mug into the camera. She's ready for her closeup Mr DeMille!!

Sammy, Lola and I got up the the RV around 11:30 this morning. Shared a peanut butter and jelly sandwhich then took a walk to the dog park.  Lola loves running ,especially when Ozzie is there to play with her, so I didn't see her coming at me full force. My hips go out of wack from standing all these years of painting and I've found my my muscles in my right hip flexor are getting tight and I have a tough time getting going.  I was dazed more than hurt when we collided but I'm thinking a visit to the Chiropractor is on my to do list this week. Thankfully I have a massage therapist that can also work on it. Sigh. When I say I'm getting a massage people say "oh lucky".  Working the muscles that don't want to release..may I say a huge OUCH.

About a year ago I bought a few bottles of liquid Glucosamine. I took it but as time wore on I'd forget. Well I discovered a whole bottle in our fridge and it's with me now!!! In just two days, wow, what a difference. 

Our daily storm. 

I went out to put on our new tire covers. I know they are the correct size, (I think) but for the life of me I can't get them on the tire. The top of the tire goes up under the ridge of the rig and the width of the tire goes way back, lol,.. I feel so dumb. They are covers for bus tires and I measured 39" and the cover is 40 to 42". Shouldn't it go on? They are heavy and really nice so I hope they do fit.  We'll try again after Roger, "Rests his eyes"

Two of three. Ozzie's trophies!! Job well done. First, second and a third!!!

Well I'm defrosting  chicken for the first time in our Advantium Microwave /oven.  Very exciting. Oh the little things in life!!!

Have a great night, til tomorrow,

Warmly, Sheila

Saturday, June 28, 2014

A New Toy

So I ordered an HP Chromebook 14 and it came today. I wanted simplicity and I now have it.  This is Lola beside me on the coach at our sticks and bricks house. Roger and Ozzie are at DACOF in Orlando all day as Oz has and other run in agility at the end of the day. Long day for them both.

I went to the studio this morning to clean out yet more stuff. It must have been 94 degrees out by the time I got there so I was a puddle in no time at all.  Hate this humidity.  I should be doing some digging out now but I'm still learning how to work this Chromebook.  I took pictures earlier with it of Sammy, myself and Lola but have no idea where they went.'ll see them another time I guess.

Today will be a short blurb..the kids are sleeping so I may take a small nap with them...tomorrow back to Ci Ci Blue in the afternoon. I'll be dressing her in her new wheel covers to keep the hot sun off the tires.  I'll be sure and take pics for you.

Have a great to a slumber nap..

Warmly, Sheila

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Silly, Silly Me

Today is a typical Florida day. 94 degrees and it feels like 100. It seems the older I get the worse the heat is to me. So after cleaning some stuff out of my studio I grabbed the kids and did the ride to our RV. Thankfully Lola liked Carly Simon today. Whew.
When I got the three in along with bag and baggage, I turned the air down to get it cooler.
This is our thermostat just inside our front entrance. Roger said the first "mode" is the living room. So, I leaned over and pressed the down button. Our bedroom a/c is always cold and I love it but we keep the living area a little "warmer".  After a little while I was getting even more tired than I first felt so I laid down on the couch with Sammy.  When I got up to recheck the thermostat it seemed fine, but I was feeling hotter and dizzy.

Please notice the light now shining on the thermostat. When Roger came in he checked it and found that I had turned on the heat pump rather than turning down the a/c. Without the light my poor eyes didn't see correctly. (cataract surgery is actually scheduled for the 8th and 22nd of July)
 Always recheck your settings with the lights on!!! So as I recover Roger did the vacuuming. ;-)
Off to the dog park....have a great night.
Oh new things in the rv? Roger installed a water filter to our hose outside. Pics tomorrow along with my new plants. Need some green every so often. Ugh..dogs are starting to complain!??

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Longest Drive

I have to say I love it after a great rain storm. Florida has some of the best. Thunder, lightning then the sun comes out.
Today Sammy went to the vets for his annual check up. It's a major stress event for him and for me.  Today, more so for him.  First he saw another dog and stated barking and stressing. About a year ago we went to the dog park near our home and Sammy was swarmed by a pack of dogs as their owners chatted under a tree. He was frightened, they fought and he's been on guard ever since. I'm his back.!!
After we ate and the rain stopped we took the kids to the fenced in dog park here at the RV park. I think we may be the only users so it's fun. Lola fly. Ozzie and she wrestle and romp as Sammy stays to him self. They do their " business" then we walk around and come home.  Everyone settles in for a comfy night. We do go out for a quick visit to the outside before we go to bed.  I love that we are finally styling into a routine. Whew.
So, the longest ride home. It started to thunder as we left the house in Palm Bay. Everyone was buckled in and secured. As soon as I got onto Rt. 95 I felt there would be issues. Sammy was exhausted from his doctor visit and just fell asleep across the console. Out like a light. Then a 40' rig similar to ours passed me going about 85 mph.  Now knowing some stuff now about large rigs and fuel consumption I was sure I saw dollar signs coming out his exhaust.  Oh well.  That scared me a bit since I had not seen him coming as he was close, but on we went.
 Click! Ozzie unbuckled his seat harness and now wanted to become the fixture on the front hood.  A zillion commands to him wasn't changing his mind. At the same time now Lola wanted to hear Lionel. She stuck her head between the seats and our hood ornament and barked at the radio. Seriously??? I have a dog who wants different music on??  Then she looked down at sleeping Sammy and barked at him!!
We finally arrived safely at the RV and I immediately had a pistachio martini to celebrate my home coming!!!
Roger took out the tv in our bedroom. The plan is to make a storage area with a door on the front while having a hinge for our flat tv.  Not sure when that will happen but the hinge came in the mail today.
Dinner time in CiCi Blue!!!
Have a great night!!!

Monday, June 23, 2014

Lola Loves Lionel

It's raining here tonight with thunder and lightning so we are in till it passes.

We throw the ball and everyone runs to get it then we do it again. Thankfully we have a 40' RV. Could you imagine if t were shorter?
Florida is lightning capitol so we are definitely staying in although Sammy is barking quite loudly and I'm really reconsidering. HaHa.


Now for the title of the blog. As you know right now it's back and forth, morning, night, riding in the car. Me and the kids. The other day while cleaning out my studio I found a Lionel Ritchie cd. I put it in my cd player in the car and off we went. Again I played it on the way home and once more on the way to our house the next day. This morning I decided I would put on the radio. Off we went!

Rt 95 is crazy in the morning. no, crazy all the time so I pay attention. All of a sudden I got a huge paw on my arm. I said, "good girl Lola, sit down". The radio was just doing commercials. Another paw on my arm. "Lola, sit". Finally a song came on but once more I got a huge paw and a face next to mine. I don't know why, but I put Lionel back on and voila', Lola not only sat back, but laid down and slept. Lola loves Lionel Ritchie!!!! (sorry Lionel, I love you but if I have to hear you non stop I may be dancing on the ceiling, and not as in partying)

 ok, time for dinner here. It's still raining so I may be donning my rain gear soon and getting them out for a walk.  For some reason 40' is getting small...hahaha.

Have a great night...oh, our LED lights came today. I'll let you know how that goes tomorrow. (I left them in my car)
Warmly, Sheila

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Our First Full Day

This is our first full night and day. We went out for the morning piddle break at 6.00am then tried to have quiet time for about an hour. Then I started to make coffee and looked out the window to see two beautiful creatures walking up the road. These are our prized Sandhill Cranes. They live together as a couple and just so graceful. What a way to start a day. Now I know why this is the life for us!!

Lola did call out to them but our insulation is amazing and they just kept on walking.

After coffee we walked to the dog park but it's so hot out today we came back quickly and rethought our outing to the dog beach in New Smyrna.

Don't laugh, I'm doing laundry for the first time in our washer/dryer.  I actually sat watching the sheets going around.   It's so easy keeping the RV clean. Vacuum and wash the floors and I'm done.  I'm excited because I'm not known for my organizational skills shall we say. The laundry may take hours to do but we're not going anywhere so...
We opened the awnings early to shield us from the sun today. It helps keep the inside cooler so we don't use too much electricity. We are spoiled right now with 50amp hookup but when we go boondocking  (no hookups) we will really have to conserve.  But the solitude and beauty will be worth it.

Ah yes, Sunday afternoon. All is well. Just keeping an eye out for afternoon storms, having ice coffee and reading the Country Coach bible. (still learning how everything works ,though I did get my first lesson this morning on emptying the tanks!!)
Have a joyful day!!!

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Just A Shot In The Dark...

So, today we went back down to the house to do laundry and shred a zillion papers from 1999 to present.  The poor shredder decided to quit at one point, one to many shreds. Sigh.

Our routine has been here at night then in the morning at 6am after coffee, the dogs and I go to the house so I can finish commissions and throw more stuff out.

Well they ever know where they live? Or is it me saying will I ever know where I live. Yikes!!
So, the title...just a shot in the dark..
Last night I literally crawled into bed a 9:00pm and fell right to sleep. At 2:22am, Lola woke me barking and nothing would quiet her. She did this when we first got her and it was stress related so I'd sleep on the couch and she would sleep on the floor by me. Last night I came out to the "not so comfy couch" and she started to settle. Then I heard it. A shot from a rifle. It echoed then in a bit a few more that sounded like fire crackers? Was it a murder? Who would be out hunting at 2am? My mind was racing now at all the possibilities.
No report of any new deaths here this morning so it wasn't that. I'm thinking someone was out hunting alligators. I'm hoping not using a flashlight for deer. But as I lay there last night the Ozzie Osborne song came into my head and would not leave. "Just a Shot in the Dark..."  (my kids were teens when he sang that and we'd watch MTV together and chat)
The report tonight is thunderstorms at 1am. Sigh. CiCi Blue lights up with outside flashes or lights. We had a group come in last night with a rent me rv and kept there lights on inside most of the night. What will Lola do tonight.? Haha.
Our gate came today for the dogs. We are going to place it behind the captain chair's so as we go in and out with stuff they won't feel that temptation to "escape", not that they would...;-D  The next thing to arrive will be our wheel covers and the new antenna that goes on the roof. Now that will be a good blog. Roger has to climb , go to the front of the RV and replace it. .
Lola and Sammy after our romp in the dog park here.
So, have a great night...

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Moving In

Our pictures tonight. The kids know the exit now as we drive closer to the RV. They love it.

We watch jeopardy on our tv projector screen. I don't even need my glasses on.!

I'm sitting in the comfy chair looking out the window tonight. Just beautiful.

My attempt at order in the closet

And finally, home is where you hang your art!!!

This morning I met my friend Lou at our studio and off we went for an adventure! I had packed the car with boxes of clothes and some books I couldn't part with. I love my kindle but some art books need to be held.

So that was 7:30 am. I stayed down at the house last night so I could finally get some of my things here. Now that they are it looks like I have nothing. Haha. That's how much room we have. But, my shoes haven't arrived here yet!! Or my art supplies.

After I dropped everything in the RV we drove down to our studio. I'm working on a commission and I also need to clean out my studio by the end of June. A new artist is moving in. The 140.00 a month is just not in the budget now that we're going to travel.

Then I got an email that my storage unit was going up 20.00. Sigh. Called him and was able to get a smaller unit for less. Can you see the pattern here? Moving out of the house, moving out of my studio and now moving things from one storage unit to another.  Thankfully I had a massage scheduled today. I've been so sore I'm walking bent over. Haha.  Muscles I haven't used in a while. My massage therapist did say my muscle would at some time be fine.

As I have said before, Florida just has flat homes , no stairs, so my legs ache!!

So Roger is almost finished making dinner , yes he's the chef, so I'll end for tonight!
Til tomorrow,

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity Jig.

I had a great few days with family in New Hampshire, but of course I had to come home to three lost babies looking for their Mumma. The "food goddess " to them. Roger was happy too.

I drove from Orlando airport to our RV and it was a short ride. Yahoo!! Now today back to my studio. At this point I have two more weeks there so I started to clean that room out. Holy cow, between the sticks and bricks, the studio and moving into the RV....needless to say I left early ,got the dogs and came up to CiCi Blue. Made a cup of coffee to re awaken and sat as the fur kids raced about.

Lola watching something moving outside and yes, she's barking.


Ozzie guarding the tennis ball of the day!
This is the view I see out our slide window. It's almost floor to ceiling and just so relaxing to look out from the comfy chair. I can hardly wait to paint this view.
Then when Roger comes home we take the kids to the little enclosed dog park here at the RV park. No one else, just us. Lola was frisky tonight and ran towards me playfully trying to knock me over. She does it with the others, I guess she figured I must be a dog of some sort too. I think I heard Roger laughing as I swerved to get out of her way.
When we get home, I vacuum and sniffer wash the tile and Roger uses Old English to go over all the wood. It is all beautiful wood inside so we are making sure to preserve it. A little bit each night.
We'll the kids are exhausted and it's time for our dinner . Cheers!!!

Saturday, June 14, 2014

On Vacation...

So this past Thursday I left for a few days to New Hampshire to see my granddaughters dance recital.  I also get to see my daughter Erin ,her husband Brian and my
 Oldest granddaughter Morgan.!
Left to right, me, Morgan and our tiny dancer, Kelsey.
Yesterday Morgan colored and cut my hair. I am so proud of her!! Not sure if you can see but her hair is blue and she gave me a blue peek a boo streak. It's fun!!! You so need to just relax and enjoy life!
After the stress and excitement of getting the motor home this is just what I needed. A little getaway!!!
Be back home on Monday.!
Roger emailed and said our stand for the black tank hose came and a watering can to water the batteries. That's important to make sure they are filled so we will check monthly.
He also found a small gas grill for outside. I'll have to fill you in on that one when I get home!
So till then,
Warmly, Sheila

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The Brake

First, I'm doing this on my phone! We have internet but I can't seem to connect it here in RV land. A new person parked behind us. A woman alone. Lola welcomed her by woofing non stop. Egads. She's been sheltered. At least though I can say we are progressing as far as riding in the car and entering and leaving . They are all laying around on the floor so content.

So, the title today is the brake.

This is our brake. When it's pushed down the diesel engine will want to head out into the lake. Our fear was with three frisky kids here ,one would for sure hit it. So, Roger went to the plumbing department of Home Depot and bought three .75" rubber washes. He cut a slice in each and put them on the base of the brake knob. Fantastic solution!!!!  Because for sure , Sammy in his spurt of energy went right to that area.  We are safe!!  That and chock blocks on the rear wheels.

Roger ordered XM radio today. We have it in the rv so tonight we are listening to some great music. 70's /80's. 

So yesterday I went to Pier 1 and bought a pappasan chair for the RV thinking it would be so comfy. Brought it home and sat it in the living room. We'll needless to say the chair took up most of the room so back in the car it went. Today I traded the chair for fun pillows. With the couch opened it makes a comfy area to snug in with the kids to read or just draw.

Roger wants to use my tablet now so til tomorrow!!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Back To Reality

So, yesterday we brought the l  kids to the RV. Sammy is our anxious one. Ugh. To say the ride up was fun would be a huge lie!! We bought them Kurgo seat harnesses so I strapped Sammy in the front then put Lola in back. Roger took his car since he works today so he took Ozzie.  Off we went.  Sam got up, sat down, got up,sat down. All 45 minutes to Scottsmoor. Finally we arrived.

Surprisingly they knew it was ours because they went right up the steps and into the coach.

Lola is right at home. She's so laid back, as long as we are they she's fine.

Our stressing Sammy. Even with homeopathic drops.

Here he is watching Ozzie run back and forth with a tennis ball. Life is goof for Oz!

Finally, the day exhausted him.

Then taking them out to walk was another challenge. This morning I finally got Lola and Sammy to sit and stay. "Wait" should have been the correct command but they were too much in a hurry. I was able to get down the stairs of the coach and outside before I said come. Whew. Today I am getting a prong collar for Sam. We looked like a circus act last night trying to walk.  Roger doesn't see why I get so stressed. haha. Really? He has one dog I have two going in different directions!! We will get this.

Sleeping was another adventure. We turned the a/c down to low so since Oz and Sam always sleep with us, I lost my covers. I froze. The mattress is hard so my hip hurt and my shoulder hurt. Poor me. haha. Ordering our new gel foam mattress this week.!!! 

Lola slept at the bottom of the bed on the floor.  Good girl. Then after I made coffee this morning I threw them in the car all attached and back to the house we came. They will stay here while I go paint and to a drs.

Now the RV. I think the Universe knew it needed to have everything break before we left Lazy Days. Thankfully it was all repaired. I have to say though Roger and I did really well getting out the"Bible"and trying to troubleshoot. Not the BIBLE but the Country Coach book of all things. 

A blown fuse for the slides, then the refrigerator went off. We learned that rubbing a magnet on the box outside in the fridg compartment starts it.  Ah, then taking a shower the water stopped. We checked the panel in front to see if we had run out but no. They replaced the water pump. 

Roger drove across state to the RV park and did fantastic!! It's amazing to see how many people think they can pass on the right of those big beasts. We had a lense in the front window passenger side so Roger could see cars coming in his blind side but some were too fast. One was almost sqwished. Bet he doesn't do that again. He raced in front of me first then cut around thinking he would get in front to the RV. He did but I bet his pants are funny!!! I know my hair turned white!!

Ok, I'm in the shower then off to do stuff for the day!! More news later!!

Warmly. Sheila

Friday, June 6, 2014

Ours Heads Are Spinning!!!

I'll be able to speak tomorrow! Lol  We are overwhelmed with information. Excited and thrilled at our new home. I can honestly say I love this new lifestyle and can hardly wait to get the dogs and hit the road!! It's so nice to have your house with you when you go somewhere!!!
Tomorrow we go to our rv park where we will be living while we shovel out the house.

So for tonight....lifting a glass of wine to you all. Cheers!!!

Warmly, Sheila

40' Country Coach Allure Newport

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

One Sleep...Again

One more sleep then we see our new to us 2004 Country Coach Allure!! All 40' of her!

So excited. So today our Leveling blocks came.  We will put them under our jacks for safety from lightning storms. Right now we are in the Lightning belt of Florida and the next most dangerous place for lightning is in Africa!  So we want to be prepared. Our other use for them would be if we parked in a non level area. Placing them under our tires will help keep the couch level. Why? Well for one reason the refrigerator needs to keep level to work properly.

On Friday we will be parking at our site for a few months so I'll take a good photo so you can see them in action, so to speak.

Also arriving in the mail is our new Passport America card and book of all the camping places that we can use it around the country.  We get a percentage off camping fees and it will be so worth it as we go full time.
We also applied for a Flying J card so we would get 10 cents off a gallon, I believe, on the price of diesel.
Sounds small but will help as we roll along!

I stayed packed, mostly, from last week so I'll throw some more things in the carryon bag I have and be ready for tomorrow. Last week we brought hotdogs, no buns. (I lost them) Tomorrow we are bringing french bread and cheese! And of course, red wine.

Let's see, anything else? Oh yes, I bought a collapsible dish rack.  Made of rubber so it will sqwish down and can be put in a little cubby.  So we are ready. At least for two days.

So, keep an eye over here because tomorrow I will be posting pictures of our new home. !!!

Warmly, Sheila

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Got The Call....

Tonight about 5:30pm , Billy from Lazy Days called to say that CiCi Blue should be ready when we get there on Thursday! Woohoo!!!  There is one more thing that needs to be done but it's something we can take her back for. Now I'm excited!!

To let you know show my head is working my granddaughter asked me earlier what t9me my flight landed next week in Boston. I;m going up for a few days to see my daughter and her family and go to my youngest granddaughters dance recital. I got a great flight up and back for under $300.00. So proud. Then I checked the flight thinking I was landing at Logan at noon only to find I was landing at midnight. Panic!!!!

I got the tickets through CheapoAir. Come to find out they work in India. When I.m crazed I really need to understand what someone is saying and all I could hear was him saying $700.00. WHAT??? I finally kept my flight schedule but went over to Southwest and got a flight that was Cheapo and I'm arriving in Boston at 6:30pm.  Happy and drained once more!!!

I'm finishing up a painting at my studio. But for fun this was the beginning stages. Thought it might be fun to see.

 This was the initial sketch which may or may not change as I continue. 

 At the next stage I start adding color where I think it will look good just to block the design in.

Adding the background helps me get my values set up.

 Then in this picture I'm starting to model the flowers and adding more color. In real time this is just about finished . I'll be showing more pics another day.

Ok, time to crawl into bed..Til tomorrow. Have a good one.
Warmly, Sheila