Tuesday, March 24, 2015

A Birthday, Anniversary And Yeah, More Commissions

So, march 16 was my birthday! What did I want to do. There's a small restaurant,Tiki Bar on the river, under a bridge and I thought..that's where I want to go!

Cracker Jacks

A visitor swam past yelling happy birthday!!

And, me at 68! Yikes, how did that happen?! I'm embracing it! 

Two days later Roger and I celebrated our 20 years together. Lobster and champagne. One thing to know about boiling lobster in an RV. Don't do it inside. I could smell lobster for days!  It was a great night though!

Then I got a surprise. A woman emailed me about a painting that I thought was sold. She found it on my Lab Art web site, (I had forgotten about it in all the moving) and wanted to buy the piece. First I told her it was gone but when she told me where she saw it I realized I had it in my bedroom here!  Woohoo. Mailed that out two days ago. More work has come to me so I'll be busy again! Love it!

So you may remember I fell off my bike recently. I finally went to a chiropractor. Remember as kids the news men on TV were really old? Then suddenly they were your age and now are babies? hahaha..well, my chiropractor and staff, incredible, just I'm sure graduated from High School. Yes for awhile I felt "old" until they all started chatting and we are all back to being the same age! Very cool. And, the best part, I am going 3 times a week for adjustments and in 6 weeks should be able to actually walk again without looking like Igor! My pelvis tips so that my right leg is shorter than the left which equals the pain.  My bag o'ice and I are are BFF's!

The past day or so we have been privy to an exciting event. The mating season of the Sand Hill Cranes has started. 

They danced and swirled...stomped their feet in the water and flapped their wings! They danced like no one was watching!!! I so wanted to join them!!!!

Have a great night..and Dance!!!


Saturday, March 14, 2015

Bike Week Coming To A Close

This past week was Bike Week in Daytona. All times of day and night we heard all kinds of bikes zooming up and down rt. 95.  I was, in a "previous" life a Harley rider. One day when I went to get my motorcycle license I actually drove my low rider to the test. I drove past my daughters High School where one young man who was looking out the window exclaimed, "Wow, A chick on a Harley!" My daughter then said, "No, it's my mother!" I always loved that story. When I got to the DMV all the men were on 250 Hondas and I was on this massive motorcycle.

Then I met Roger. Again we were Harley riders! Sammy is the only dog from that era but still knows the sound of a bike.

They all came up for photos before heading out tomorrow. Great group of guys and that includes one woman! 

Wendy, the park owner, ready to zip away on a trike! (not really but it looks good)

The warm weather is coming back in a fury. Almost too fast. We tend to skip Spring here in Florida lately and go directly to Summer. So, since my birthday is this coming Monday, I asked for an outdoor screen that hangs from the awning and blocks the sun. Somewhat. I'm excited. I'll be outside more now then sitting in direct sun. Ahh, I remember when I would ask for a great new pair of shoes or fun clothes for my birthday..ha...now a screen. I'll take pics for you when it comes in. We also got ratchet tie downs to keep the awning from blowing around. We looked like Fric and Frack trying to figure out how to work those. Geez Louise..a whole new set of learning skills. (Ok, they were "new and Improved " ratchet tie downs. We can't really be that helpless) Hahaha.

Have a great happy day!!!


Thursday, March 5, 2015

Joey Comes To Visit

Ok, who is Joey? Joey is a Sand Hill Crane that has been coming here every year to get special treatment at the campground. They come in pairs and Joey is a female! The people that have seen her in the past said she will flap her wings at you if you flap your arms.  No, we have not tried that. Oh ok, I did but I had a bucket of nuts in one hand so she missed the whole flapping thing.

Now that they know we will feed them bread they come very very close to knocking on the door. HA, you say. Roger took a photo of Joey today and see what happened.

As you look at Roger's shadow and Joey's beak you can see she put her beak right on the lense! No fear! Later this afternoon I think she wanted a few peanuts and walked right up to the front of the coach. Lola saw her and started barking and she scooted away.

Lola recently ate the paper mache project I was working on so I started an new one. 

About a year ago I did a series of small square paintings of dog noses.  I was thinking how could I do a paper mache series of dogs and make them whimsical and fun?  Dogs sitting with their heads up showing their big noses! I'll put on ears tonight and more "padding" . I'll keep you posted!

And, finally and sadly, Wendy's beloved baby passed away suddenly this morning. Wendy is one of the owners of the park and "Little Man" was always with her. (And yes, I will be painting this portrait for her at some time when she is ready.) I did see her earlier for a brief moment when she arrived home from the vets office and she was in total devastating shock.  A couple of us made dinner for the family tonight so they didn't need to worry about it. So heartbreaking.

So more people are leaving tonight. They felt driving at night would be easier. I hope they are safe.

I did bring the watercolor to my clients yesterday and they loved it. (It was family but they would have been honest.) We then did lunch, a strip to the framers and I left for my ride home with a fun filled day and a check! Nice deal!

Another day gone....Our dinner was brought to us by our neighbor Larry who slow cooked ribs outside. They smell incredible so I'm ending and going to eat. :-)

See you tomorrow!


Tuesday, March 3, 2015

It Really IS The Next Day

I am being good this week about blogging. The day started about 9:00 A.M. when the kids wanted to go to the dog park. I need to take a pic of Lola tomorrow so you can see her after she runs to the corner where the mud puddle is. Head goes in first, I think she blows bubbles, then she puts all four paws in and swishes them about. I whistle and she runs for me so proud of her recall. I cringe because now I have to pet her and do the happy dance and soon both she and I are a muddy mess.

After I go about picking up dead oranges and paper around the park. Part of my job. Then ..coffee.

The day proceeded to be "interesting", with some more work and some rest. Our friend Larry came over to say hi as I was taking the kids out and he grabbed one and we went to sit on  a bench by the lake. Roger, who had been getting ready to go to the store came out and headed towards us. But...not fast enough. I had Lola and Ozzie. They were so excited to see Roger that they started towards him dragging me off the bench and onto a wooden planter. Tonight I'm hobbling a bit more than usual. Ugh. On my way to the dog park tonight some little girls were swimming in the pool and wanted to meet Lola. They have a mastiff so they accustomed to large dogs. Lola, not used to little girls.  She barked and barked as Sammy and Ozzie said hi until finally Lola stopped and sniffed and licked their hands. I did take a picture of them but alas, it didn't appear on my camera. They are staying for awhile so I'll get another chance.

The Offensive Barker!!!

Riding around on my bike tonight. Loved the light and soon all these RV's will be gone except us.

That empty tree "stick" is where I see the eagle. I've been watching for his return. He flew over a few weeks ago but hasn't "landed".

I came back and laid back in my anti gravity chair. This is my view. I call it a Dr. Seuss tree and I just love it.

A different view. 

So, that's it for today. Oh no, actually one more thing happened. Our toilet decided to stop working. I was proud of our reaction. I got out the "Bible" so Roger could look at the schematic and I went right to the back bay to check the fuses. Found the one that was connected to the toilet and removed it. It was fine so reinserted it, came in and flushed the john.  We are getting more confident!! Maybe when we get our tow dolly we may actually leave for the summer!! 

Ok, tomorrow....delivering the watercolor painting to my cousin and having lunch in Vero Beach. See you then!!


Monday, March 2, 2015

OH MY Gosh It's March

Time at the RV Park does fly by. I got caught in a small drama and hid for a few days but that was a good thing as I finished a watercolor for a client.

I will be delivering it on Wednesday so I'm hoping they like it.  During my hiding I also took some photos of our regular visitors.

The Cranes walk along the road here and squawk very loudly asking us to come out and feed them bread.  They have no problem and we have heard they will knock, peck, at your door if they can't find you. The insurance company would so not believe us if we had damage. 

So, I am loving our new foam gel mattress, however, during the night and when I get up in the morning I itch terribly. I am also taking thyroid medication so now I'm not sure if it's that or the mattress. Today a small headache is accompanying it all.  Sigh. Time to go see my Doctor and have blood work taken. 

Rv ers in the park are now starting to leave. There is a sadness as they leave since friendships have been made in the 3 month period. One couple has a Work Camper job in Wyoming and they are excited to know where they are heading. Some are just heading back to their homes up north. Motor homes are being washed and fixed as they prepare. We have decided to stay as we have jobs right here for the summer. I do feel the heat coming back to Florida and I cringe, what were we thinking! hahaha. I would , however, like going back to Big Hart in Georgia come September. It is a Corps of Army Engineers campground and we can stay for 14 days.  It may be nice for a change of pace.

Ok for now. Hope you are all well. I'll be back soon....