Thursday, May 29, 2014

Thursday Update

So yesterday we started off on our adventure to Lazy Days. We left home around 8 am so we could make good time to get there for our walk through. Right around 10 am, Ken called to tall us they still had more work to do but since we were on our way we could do paperwork. He said since we were staying over for the driving course, LazyDays would put us up for a night at their Inn. Seriously, the place has everything!!

Since we take everything as a "meant to be" attitude and would rather have the coach running perfectly when we leave it was all good. eyes were twirling.  Then the Insurance. Roger got a 4 year warranty on the couch parts. That means anything inside the couch, generator, frig, stove etc that could break would be covered. Another policy covers our tires. More money put out but it's a safety feature I like so I'll just put my nose to the grind stone so to speak and do more artwork.

Today was Driving Confidence course. Fantastic!! And fun! The instructor really gave aus all the info to help us drive a big rig. The course is free so all you need to do is call for an appointment and you are in. The afternoon is actually driving a 40' rig around the campground. Turning to the left, right hand turns. Stopping, going. Then parking as you would in a rest stop.



 Roger at the wheel!!!

So excited!!!

After we finished we were walking back to the main building with every golf cart passing asking us if we wanted a ride. However, a nice day and we had a plan. We wanted to scoot down into the repair bays to see our baby!!

Roger spotted her first. The mechanic, Johnny, was working and he stopped and told us all he was doing. His goal, to have us drive out and be happy and safe with all he is doing. The list was long. I kept thinking if we had purchased the coach privately or even from another dealer we may be sinking a lot of our money into this rig. So huge thank you to Lazy Days!!! Some people aren't happy with the company but we are for sure!!  Three high Paws from our kids here!!!

So we go back next Thursday and hopefully bring her home. "CiCi Blue"

Huh? you say. Well think about it. As artists it could be a new color for us! CiCi Blue... or like Lola, (She was showgirl ,with yellow feathers in her hair, and a dress cut down to there..) Ci Ci Blue could be a showgirl too!!! 

ok, gotta go play with the kids. We just got home and they need attention. I have my glass of wine so I'm happy!!!!

Warmly, Sheila

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

One More Sleep...

Well, one more day!! Here I am in my studio today. My Jeep is at the dealership getting a recall fixed and having the once over. Yesterday my grandson Logan and I went to see whwre we'd be bringing our rv to, for two months.   I think reality of sorts set in.

Right now I feel like I'm in limbo. Our house is a disaster of boxes, piles, dishes, dog hair and what not. It's not my home anymore.  I have already mentally left the building. Then, we don't have our new to us home on wheels yet. Even here at the studio I feel lost.

I have a plastic box packed with our sheets, a new comforter, plates, coffee cups, the coffee press. A painting my friend Lou did for us called "Manifesting" . I know just where that will hang.

Let's see what else, a rug runner, placemats and no flame candles!!! That will be the start.  Tomorrow I will be in my new home!

Exciting and scary. I'll be leaving friends behind for a bit. Thankfully we can Skype. Funny, I never really felt that Florida was my home. It will always be Boston first then New Hampshire.  I hear a voice in my head saying, " but Sheila, think of all the places you'll go and what you'll see." I'm sure it's my Dad. He always wanted to travel.

You know we'll be fine, it's just the day before reality of change and new beginnings. Roger is my best friend so that part will be good.

And I have all of you!!!!!

Ok guys, let's go!!! We can do this!!!!

Warmly, Sheila

Sunday, May 25, 2014

3....Yes I'm Counting Down!

Today we went for breakfast then drove to Vero Beach. It's about 30 minutes south of us driving. I wanted to take pictures for a painting I,m doing as a commission so I want the trees and bushes to be authentic. The palms just south of us are more tropical.  Who knew?

There's a walkway for fisherman under the Causeway so we walked there and I got some good shots. Thought you'd like to see some. And, Oh yes, it was HOT!! 

And since Roger says that I never take a photo of him, here's Roger!!!

He took a photo of me and I thought, oh man, I so need to loose weight! It will be fun to see me in a few months after walking the dogs 1000 times a day while we are traveling! I have read some travelers blogs and they said they have never been so fit in their lives then when they were traveling in their MH! Hiking, walking, adventuring.! FUN!

Have a safe holiday! Til tomorrow...Warmly, Sheila

Saturday, May 24, 2014

4 More Sleeps

Yes that's correct. 4 more sleeps tip we are at our new to us Country Coach Allure!!! Yikes!!!

Today I'm going through yet more stuff, throwing, keeping, heaving. How did we collect so much crap!!!

I did order 3 harnesses and tethers for the kids from Kurgo.  Still trying to figure out their food and how to get it.   Amy at Go Pet Friendly told me how they get freeze dried. For my size kids though we'd be having a delivery every week.  Sigh.

Thought I'd show you some fun pool pics today since today here is 94 degrees out side.  This is Sammy leaping.

And our Chocolate boy , Ozzie.
Lola is not a pool girl. She did fall in once and did a beautiful breast stroke hurriedly towards the other side of the pool. I never realized that Newfies don't swim like other dogs.  They actually do a breast stroke to enable them to save people.  I better not have any issues in the pool since she'd be standing there saying, "Oh no, sorry, chlorine is so bad for my hair!!"
So, back to cleaning out. Have a safe weekend and a happy holiday!!!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

So What Did Today Bring!

Eye doctor's appointment.!  Maybe not quite ready for cataract surgery.  So, I went to paint at my studio.

This is Sophie. A sweet Maltese that belongs to Susan, my studio mate. Sophie is our "studio dog". Or should I say "Muse". This is oil on a 6" x 6' cradled wood board. I told Susan she might get it if I see Pistachio ice cream around the studio. :-)

Then home to the kids. There's been a few long days this week and they really love to play when I get here. They so know something is going on but not sure what. It's making them a bit insecure. More vocal, more antsy.

This is Sammy. His Greg Louganis dive. We give him a 7.5. Too much splash.

 Sammy again contemplating the dive.  Will he be able to eliminate the splash this time?

Ozzie with his ever present tennis ball. He plans on dropping it next to me so that I may then pick it up and throw it out the door.

And last but not least, LOLA BEAR!! She's thinking about woofing right now. She dislikes me sitting and not doing something like rubbing her back or just chatting with her. She also likes standing in front of the tv so no one can see it. I think she protects us from the dogs and people in there.

Lastly tonight, we found the Perfect Chairs!!!

We have a Bass Pro shop near us so we went to "Look" , 
Now we have 2!!! Perfect for sitting outside our new RV!

Ok, that's it for tonight. Going out back to play ball with Roger and the kids!

Warmly, Sheila

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

It's Getting Closer

This time next week we will have been or still checking everything in our new to us RV.

Sorting clothes to bring or give away.  Today I got a teapot to go with our coffee press and to actually have tea!

Stainless steel so it will work perfectly for our Nu Wave induction cooker. Then, since we have a rug in the living area of the RV,  I ordered an in and outdoor rug runner.

I just love When this gets destroyed I'm sure I can get another, or hopefully have the rug pulled up and have a wooden floor put in.

 Art wise things are going right along.  My students heard today that June would be my last teaching month. We talked about doing an on line teaching class so I need to think on that. Then I came home to three happy eager faces that wanted desperately to play ball. I asked them to wait a few minutes but minutes seem like eternity to Labs and Newfies. So, I got up and went out back to throw tennis balls. One after another!!

This is Sammy, our 9 year old Black Lab with Lola our 1 year old Newf. 

They will miss the pool. It's a nightly event and the house gets soaking, we get soaked but we have fun.  The guy coming up behind Lola is Ozzie. Our 2 year old Chocolate Lab. He can hold three tennis balls or one large green ball and one tennis ball in his mouth at all times.  Then the game ends. 

They may miss the pool but I bet if you asked they would vote for hanging with us full time.

My book The Adventures Of Lola and The Boys is finally done.  Comic style so I can keep drawing and telling the story of our travels through their eyes. I'll let you know when they are available.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.
Warmly , 

Monday, May 19, 2014

Monday Monday...

Today Roger and I had a to-do list. Heads still spinning, it was going to take a lot of energy. haha.

My job was to call Lazy Days to find out about Insurance for the RV.  I was sure it would be a zillion dollars but no! We spoke to Chris there and after going through all his companies he found the least expensive to be Blue Sky. Blue Sky Insurance just deals with RV's.  They also have a 10 payment deal which we jumped right on!!

Roger's job was to contact our finance company. USAA. He just has to do an internet signature tonight and the deal is done!

Our task this evening is to check out road service. I pulled up Coach-Net and find they are really reasonable.

Not much artwork today. I did however go to target and got a few things for our first night in our coach.

Of course we'll have wine but I always need my coffee first thing in the morning!! I'm sure I'll get more Corelle plates after we land in the campground.

Well, 4pm is my massage!! So I'll say see ya til tomorrow. It's been a great day!!

Warmly, Sheila

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Excited and Overwhelmed

This is me yesterday modeling for Roger. He just got a new lense that blocks out the background and enhancing the object. Ok, notice my swollen top lip. sigh. We had Mexican for lunch and it started swelling after that. Not sure if it's stress related, dehydration, a lot of coffee this week rather than water or an allergy from something in my lunch. Since today my lip is cracking I'm thinking dehydration. (and stress )

So today I am not doing a thing in the house. I am instead downloading fun movies onto my tablet and Kindle. The first one was Robin Williams in RV!  I also have been doing internet searches for new mattresses. Friends of ours bought a Queen Elite memory foam super duper gel one and they love it. Sounds good to me!  Then Corelle dishes? Or some of my own. We're starting a new life so maybe Corelle!

Found a Pinterest page with all sorts of ideas for organizing the RV. My kids will faint!! (My daughter and son that is, not the furkids) I have never been known for my "organizational skills" . So, my thought is if I have so little but just what I need life will be good.

The next big decision was, where do we park the "baby".  We can't put it in our driveway and the neighborhood would complain after 48 hours.  A few months back I called an RV park north of us to check if they allowed Dogs. YES ! They even have a new dog run. So I called them again. Take your pick the owner said. Crystal Lake Rv Park in Mims, Florida.  Drive through sites and 50 amp service.

We want to stay for two months to learn everything about our new home on wheels, get the dogs accustomed to living in it and clear our out our sticks and bricks home. "Do I need to get a reservation?" No she answered, just drive in. I told her we'd be the ones waving wildly out the window.

I have work to do in my studio still so I'll bring the dogs down to our house for the day then go back up to Mims at night to sleep.

The planning stage is exciting. Where are we going?? Maybe head north! We'll have to get our maps out and figure a route.

I also contacted Amy of Go Pet Friendly. She and her husband and 2 dogs travel in their new Itasca Meriden and chart the best places for pets to go and have fun, eat and camp. A great place for info. She also, like us, has a white couch. What were the makers of these things thinking. LOL She uses a regular full fitted sheet over her couch. So yesterday my first purchase was a black fitted sheet. We'll see. They have fancier ones but I'll try this first!!

Well that's it for today!! heading back to the lip shall lead the way!

Warmly, Sheila

Friday, May 16, 2014

The Perfect One!

I'm going to start this story a year back when I first started to do research for our perfect RV.  After all the reading, I decided I wanted a Country Coach. Built fantastic and meant to last but probably way out of our reach.  Well I put it out to the Universe!

So we walked and climbed in and out of 5th wheels then Class A. It had to be a diesel since we wanted to travel and paint.  A few weeks ago Roger said, "Why don't we inquire about the Rv at Lazy Days. I believe it was Holiday Rambler Neptune. It was taken. So I asked my hero, Ken Hanson at Lazy Days RV, what about the Country Coach.

Well, it had a deposit on it! Gone. A few days later I looked again, my daily ritual, and saw the Country Coach was available. Called and asked and the person who had wanted it lost his financing. That was the day I felt bad for him and asked about another coach. Ken told me about another. Roger said lets go look at it then thought, HMM, lets go look at the Country Coach!!!

This morning as we were driving to Lazy Days RV.  Nervous yet hopeful. Also, hungry. No breakfast.

 We met up with Ken, Oh did I forget to tell you we put a "hold" payment down on the coach?  Well it was noon and Ken gave us coupons for the lunch special. Meanwhile, everyone there is so friendly and nice and saying hello, is there anything they can do for us?

Lazy Days is so large we had to travel around in a large golf cart. What a place!!!

I'm doing this one next so you know....YES!!!! 

Our first view of our new to us beast!! It's in the factory part of Lazy Days being gone over. Cleaned and made perfect!  It's our 2004 Country Coach Allure Newport Layout. 3 slides. 2 inh front. Huge area and one in the bedroom.

It has a tag axle which drives nicer and lets me bring, as I told Roger, more shoes! Standing next to them I feel dwarfed.

As you see they have things apart and doing updates on the electrical systems and getting the TVs to work perfect. I absolutely love the kitchen area.  A walk thru bathroom on the way to the bedroom, big shower and actually loads of space for the Kids!!!Sitting across from Roger with the living room slides out is wider than our home living room! 

Our Baby!!! Well as soon as we sign all the paperwork and get everything checked.  But I have to say the Universe knew exactly what I wanted!!! 

To end, I am saying, you CAN have the life you have dreamt about!!

Huge thank you again to Ken Hanson and everyone who worked with us to make this happen at Lazy Days!!!

Warmly, Sheila  (who just took some aspirin and now is getting the bottle of champagne out to celebrate with my shell shocked husband!!) 

Thursday, May 15, 2014

A Change Of Plans

Tomorrow we were going to go to Daytona..instead we are going to LAZY DAYS in Tampa!!!

That's all for tonight!!! ;-)

Warmly, Sheila

Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Friday we are heading to Daytona, Florida. No not for Bike week, though we would love it, but instead for looking at RV's. Lazy Days will be there from tomorrow thru Sunday.

I had another contact today about a Holiday Rambler Neptune! 4 slides. 36' and with the slides plenty of room for us all ,yet comfortable to drive.  Well you already know.  Someone had put a deposit down on it about 5 minutes before we spoke.  I swear I'm a good luck charm for the company. lol (They don't need me, they do fantastic)

We chatted a bit about this and that. Good information for us.  Then I asked about another RV I liked and he said it had sold. It wasn't on the web site but what happened the person who was buying it had his  financing fail.  In another life I may have gone, yeah for us. At that moment all I could say was "oh the poor guy."   It got me to thinking, what are we looking for? Do we want to spend every cent on something with high payments or maybe rethink and get something older and sturdy and add on what we want. Solar panels and a composting toilet.  Our goal is to dry camp a lot so we need to rethink.  At least until Friday!! ;-)

I'm sure you've seen the commercial. Buy one, get one free. A table top induction plate. As you check out they of course ask, add this? add that?  Well I love it!! They send you a few free things but we bought a set of nice stainless steel pots and pans to go with it since the magnet attraction, (not sure if that's how one would explain the pan to induction top thing) only works with stainless steel.  So since we bought this we haven't used anything else. No heat, no flames and it cooks things up so fast it's amazing.

Perfect for the RV. NUWAVE  Just so you can see it in action. I get nothing from this. It's just a handy dandy cook top to have. Oh and I wanted a pressure cooker so that was added. Roger, the family cook, loves it.,!!! We also have another cooker which I'll share tomorrow.

Lola was sick for a few days so I stayed at home today. She's doing great now. It was a change in food til the regular shipment arrived of her Pacifica by Arcana. I get delivery by Chewy every two weeks. Two large bags but either the kids are eating more or they are behind in shipping. Sigh.  In all of this Sammy is depressed.  Mumma was gushing over the sick baby and Sam feels left out. Sigh. Roger takes Ozzie to agility practice tonight so I'll so some throwing of tennis balls out back for him.  Good fun.

Have a great night...


Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Contact Made...

Oh yes, I finally contacted a real live person at Lazy Days RV . We chatted for about 15 to 20 minutes and I felt great making a move. Of course the RV I was interested was already spoken for as first refusal. I take these little "set backs" as a sign that it might not be the one.  I think the key is if you see something "coming in" or "soon to arrive" you need to act quickly.

Then I packed my new box with my favorite winter  pants and sweats until Roger came home and said we probably should vacuum seal those and put them  in our "cellar."  So, now maybe I'll repack with my summer pants!!! Just love my little boxes.

This morning I was up and out with the birds. I accompanied my friend to an early morning appointment. While I was waiting I worked on my "comic" of  Lola and The Boys The Start of The Adventure. The journey of ridding the household "stuff" and finding our new home.

It will end with this...To be continued.  Tomorrow I will do the paint and line, scan then load it onto CreateSpace. That's Amazon's book making program. They give you a free ISBN number or you can get your own.  The size of the book will be 6" x 9" and about 22 pages.  I'm trying to keep the cost down so it can be easy purchased and an ongoing update of our travels through their eyes!

Update on Lola and the Possum. She brought it in yesterday and today she was really sick. I'm so glad I was home and was with her. She's fine now and tonight it's brown rice and chicken with chicken broth for her. Hmm, doesn't sound bad at all.

The heat here in Florida is really getting to me. I look like I have just stepped out of a shower 24/7.

Dear Universe, 
Could you put our perfect new rolling home in front of our faces so we can roll off to the mountains and I can be cooler.?  I'll make you brownies!! With nuts!! And Milk!! 

Warmly,  (VERY warm)

Monday, May 12, 2014

After A Quiet Mother's Day...

I had a really nice day yesterday with my Daughter -in-Law and grandson and Roger. We went for brunch at Fishlips up in Port Canaveral.  Mimosas and Mimosas and a nice breakfast to boot.

Today is a back to work day.

Started by blocking in a Lab for a portrait commission I have. This is where I can see where I need to tweek areas and re draw before I start to paint.  I already see areas that need to be addressed but I'll get to that tomorrow!!  I take a medication so that I focus. I forgot it this morning so my thoughts were all over the place on other things I needed to do so I came home.

Stopped at Staples to get some bubble wrap to ship a few paintings off and also bought...a plastic box.

I have been picking them up when I go to start putting my clothes into for the RV.  I figure if I do this now I feel it's all getting closer.  On the RV scene, the two RV's we were looking at were sold. It's all good. They just weren't meant for us.! Lazy Days sure has been busy selling our RV's. hahaha!

You did what Sheila?? Yes we have a baby chainsaw. When we first moved here 15 years ago, we bought a  $14.00 Bougainvillea and planted it out by the air conditioner in this little area that was screened.  No one told us it would grow to be a Godzilla tree. So today I got my baby chain saw and started sawing through branches. The poor tree is knocking over the screened area and I'm terrified one day it will topple on the dogs or me when I'm out there. It's also the area we found out is the home of a Possum and her babies.  How do I know? Sammy attacked the baby and Lola brought it in to our bedroom at 6: 30am this morning as a prize.  I gathered it in a box and brought it outfront. You never know if it's really dead or just playing. And yes, I'm still doing the "eeek", "euuu" dance , arms waving and feet jumping about. Where was Roger? Directing from the shower!!

You can see some of my "Precision" cuts!!  I'll go out this afternoon and do more. Way to hot!!

Now to go do my online search for the perfect ONE!!

Sheila (chain saw Mama!!)
and a P.S. Just contacted Lazy Days to find out a price on an incoming RV. (Giddy)

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Garage Day

First thing this morning, coffee and cereal! It's Sammy's birthday so I sang then went to the garage to start the emptying!!

An enthusiastic me going to the garage. I actually opened the garage door for the first time in years!  Having it be my studio at one time I placed paintings and stuff on all the door frames.  I'm sure the sun hurt the garages eyes. 

So it begins. Armed with industrial sized plastic bags I started hauling ands throwing. A separate box was for papers when Roger and I have a shredding party or I find a place to bring them too. Right about this time the heat and humidity was getting to me. But trying to be somewhat organized in my way.

Believe it or not the left side of the garage are things for a yard sale but as Cathie said on one of my comments this morning, "Estate Sale" Old paintings and all.  Roger put out a couple of computer towers that he was throwing. Sammy tried to get out the door but Roger saved the day. I brought the towers to the curb and turning my foot slipped on the edge of the driveway into the swale. There I was stretched out on the driveway, landing on the same hand I fell on a few weeks ago while I washing the tile floors and went flying.
Needless to say I stopped.  

Years ago  I was emptying out a house I owned in Dover, NH. My son and I were throwing things madly into a huge dumpster we rented. I then went into our barn to see what was in the cellar when the second step broke and I went spiraling to the ground. Thankfully there were about 20 old tires I landed on. The scene was actually very funny because my son heard my voice and my laughter but couldn't find me.  From that incident I felt the house wanted me to leave. It was time to go.  Hmmm.  

Every barrel is filled to the top with bags and boxes. My car is filled with things that are going to storage for a bit.

And me??? I'm going into the shower and get the garage dust off!! I'll tackle more during the week!!

Thanks for stopping by. 
Warmly, Sheila 

Friday, May 9, 2014

Yeah It's The Weekend..Oh No,I need To Clean.

This is the moment of truth! Posting this picture I feel I will have to make a huge dent in it tomorrow.  The garage had once been my studio. I had rented a storage unit and put all the skis, winter coats and other weird items in there. Then I stopped renting and brought it all back when I got my "real" studio .

I've been in there moving things about but still it's a nightmare. My goal is to pitch, separate and clear everything so I can put my treadmill in there along with my other exercise things. (I fell off the treadmill not long after I bought it and tore my meniscus. Surgery followed which brought a huge halt to my running. sigh.)

I'll hopefully get other items for selling in there and then go to Craigslist. The word is from "High Command" (Roger) We can't get our RV til this is gone.  I'm stoked. I also eyed a beauty of a 2001 Beaver Patriot, 38', that I love.  So game on!!! My hope that through the summer more choices will be appearing and the perfect RV will show itself to us, But I'd love that one.

 (You'll hear me fall in love with many RV's until we get ours. )

So. for now, off to ship again, get my hair done and get bones for the kids !

Pics of progress tomorrow!!

Warmly, Sheila

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Throw Back Thursday

Funny, I found this photo the other day. Thinner and in my mid 40's and had met Roger. We camped allot in Errol, New Hampshire at Umbagog Lake.  I loved it. Ok, so my back started killing me after the third day on the ground. Roger told me they were special camping mats we were on but I sure didn't think they were so special.  We would swim at the small beach there and on Sunday a bi-plane came in and I bravely went for a ride around the lake.  Have to say I was exhilarated even though I thought we'd die for sure!

We'd come back in the afternoon and sit right by the edge of the water and I'd paint and watch the tiny fish swim up close to us. One night we had lobster and small potatoes. I know..yum. The next morning Roger asked where the left over potatoes were so he could make some for breakfast and I told him I did know where they were. Oops. I threw them in the lake for the fish the night before.  How did I know then that fish weren't fond of potatoes!! They were close to shore and soaking in water all night but he didn't want them. hahaha.  (He's the cook by the way)

So even back then I knew that I loved this type of life. Painting and exploring.  "Moosing" at 5pm. Just at dusk the moose would wander out of the forest to, I'm sure, look at us.  Early mornings they would be across the lake wading looking for food, OR, Small potatoes!!!!

See you to the RV sites "in search of...:"

Warmly, Sheila

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Still Searching

So, today I did my search and found this one on Lazy Days Rv What do you think?

Not sure it will be the ONE since we still have piles to get rid of but thought I'd show you what we're looking at. The couch looks "leathery" so perfect for dogs. I love the kitchen on the right side. Not sure why it matters but for some reason that's what I'd like. And it has to have a window by the sink.  Now the people who know me well will understand that!  Our kitchen here in our house has the sink facing a wall. I feel claustrophobic. What were the builders thinking.

In our house now we have a long, long room. It's like a bowling alley. It's about 38' long and about 7' wide. At night we pretend we're in our RV all snugged. Ozzie and Sammy are on the couch with us and Lola is at my feet.  I'm thinking as long as there's a couch the boys will be happy!

This afternoon I had a painting class and I get to do some of my own work as they are painting. 

Lola and the Boys Go on a Great Adventure. It is in all cartoon form and it's the story of our getting prepared to go told through their eyes. I'm hoping it can be an ongoing series because I'm sure they will have allot to say once we are on the road.

As I mentioned I read the FORUM on IRV2 daily. Today I was reading about pets and RVing and was seeing what I have found, that many camping areas only allow 1 dog or 2.  Some certain weights, then of course, the breeds NOT allowed.  My Labs are about 70 lbs each and Lola is 95.  Would they be denied? So again, Google is my friend, I found a great book for Kindle and also hardcopy as I have both.
Pet Friendly Camping, Hotels,Places to Eat, etc.   I have one place plotted for our "sea trial" then others when we head off towards NH.  Great resource. My other resource is Go Pet Friendly. Again they report great places to take your pets. They are full timers and just got a beautiful, yes I'm drooling, Itasca, Meriden 40ft., Tile floors!!! No carpet. LOL  Carpet will be the very first thing I haul out of our new to us home!

One RV camp actually warned if your dog barked you would be asked to leave. Oh Oh Lola. I think we will be doing allot of boondocking. (dry Camping with no hookups, preferably in the desert!)  Lola likes to ask for things. I keep telling her she'll get us thrown out. LOL

Ok, long day, so I'm heading for the couch with Lola and Sam. Ozzie went off to agility practice with Roger.

Thanks for stopping by, See you tomorrow.
Warmly, Sheila

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

A Day Painting With Friends Sheila Wedegis Art

"Here's Looking At You" 
6" x 6" Oil on Copper

A day in the life of an artist with everything but the kitchen sink in her mind!  Roger gets up at 5:30am along with the dogs. He checks his eBay and Fine Art America sites, lets the dogs out and makes coffee.  At 6:30am Lola, our Newfoundland, comes in and stands beside the bed and woofs at me.  My alarm clock. She's hungry! The day begins.  

I try and do "quiet time" when Roger leaves at 7 but that usually doesn't work.  So I shower and dress and gather my supplies for painting out of doors. 

Now, I'm in the car. I forgot to take my meds to focus. With the ADHD it really helps me stay in one spot.  Back to the car. (The meds haven't kicked in as yet mind you) . Back inside. I forgot my coffee.  Do I have everything now? No, back in, I forgot my new glass palette.  Ok, now I can go.  I arrived at the home we were painting at and as I went to set up, oh yes, I had to go back to the car and get my palette and paper towels. (note to self, bring cart next time with everything in it!)

The place we were painting today is in Grant, Florida and absolutely gorgeous. Pond, flowers, dogs, goats. Every type of flora and fauna.  I chose the goats! He stood there baaa-ing and chewing most of the time.  The beauty was so overpowering I just wanted to get the impression of the scene rather than doing a realistic piece.  That's how I paint. 

Now, why copper as a substrate? Copper was used quite frequently in the middle ages since it was so plentiful and if it was treated properly would last 400 or more years. Unfortunately, not many artists knew how to preserve the paint on the copper and in time it dissolved.  Rembrandt has a painting on copper and it looks the same today as it did the day he painted it.  To me that's exciting.  

First, I get a sheet of copper cut to the size I wish to paint on then sand it to get a good tooth for the oil paint to adhere. Starting the process I work in glazes, this transparent strokes to get a good base of paint. Then I start to go to town! When it is completely dried I coat it with Galkyd medium and it "seals" it to the copper. 
Framing is done with acid free foam core on the back and it's good to go. 

This is a 12" x 12" oil on copper commission I just finished. Allot of copper showing. Such a nice feel don't you think?

Tomorrow? Commission work at the studio and teaching a class in the afternoon. Now? Doing my daily search for RV's and going through some more stuff to throw.  Oh at the place we were painting today they did have an RV. An older gas model. Rexhall. I'll have to do some research to see about that one. Just felt it was a sign that we are on the right path.! 

Dear Santa, (summer Santa) please let us win the lottery tonight so I can hire someone to shovel everything out and enough to get the RV of my dreams? What Santa?? Keep working Sheila?? You'll get there??
Sigh, ok Santa, Thanks!

Warmly, Sheila 

Monday, May 5, 2014

Trying To Get The Blog Going And Starting To Clean

Living the artist's dream? Dear lord, what am I going to do with all this "STUFF". ?  

Since Roger and I decided this is what we wanted to do , go full time in an RV, I've been pulling things out and throwing or saving. This had been my old art studio  before my "driving to work" one. Clutter, odds and ends, paintings. Thank God for eBay.   I rented a storage unit for art that didn't sell or I didn't want to part with as yet. That needs to figure into our budget when we go. 

Why an RV? Well as I say I have the heart of a gypsy. Beyond that I'm tired of doing lawn work, repairing the fence that keeps falling apart and just looking at the same scene day in and day out.  

We traveled to Scotland a few times and each time I wanted to move there. The vast open spaces in the Highlands, the wind, the quiet. Then I realized I could have that here,  Go west young man, so to speak.  I'm somewhat of a loner and have always been able to entertain myself as a child and the thought of just waking up and walking the dogs and painting everyday sounds glorious.  And oh yes, repair the RV. As they call them, earthquakes on wheels! 

Have we found one yet? Not as yet but we have climbed in and out of practically every class A that we see at shows.  (getting my knees in shape since we don't have stairs in Florida)    We did have our eyes on a 2002 Holiday Rambler Endeavor but as I just went to look on line I saw it sold. Heart sinking. I guess that one wasn't meant for us. I do check  Lazy Days RV daily because I'm feeling that's where we will go to buy. (And learn how to drive it) Oh ya..that.!!!  Another thing I do daily is read The RV forum . It has been so helpful in learning everything you need to know and more about RV living, buying and repairing.  My Kindle has so many RV books that I've read cover to cover.  I also follow Wheeling It  Good information and fun to hear about their adventures!

Funny story recently when we were climbing in and out of a Class A. It was a 2000 Winnebago Journey. In good shape as I walked around looking at every window seal and every nook and cranny.  he seemd of course eager to sell it to us and I asked what Horse Power.  He replied, 260.  I said we were hoping for something 300 or more. We would be going into the mountains towing my 2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee.  He replied, "Oh It's the same HP, 260 is just the same as 300. You'll have no problem" . He may be correct but I'm thinking after reading reports on I'd have to start racing from Florida to make it over a mountain. Maybe if he had said it would be slower with a 260 HP it would have made sense to me. 

Bless Roger, he knows I read everything, he calls it obsessive. I guess it goes with my ADHD, but in this case maybe a good thing!! lol

What am I doing as an artist to prepare? Got a great rolling box that all my paints fit into. Also started a small "comic strip" about us preparing to go RV-ing through the eyes of out dogs. It will be an ongoing update. 

One of the pages!  The book will be called "Lola and The Boys"

Then since I will be painting outdoors, I have been going with other artists friend painting in various places. 

"Castaway Point Park" Palm Bay, Florida Oil On Copper

Then , finally, the one that got away.

Sigh. I was planning on calling it "The Shuttle" . Sigh

Til tomorrow!!! Going painting in the morning right after I throw 5 garbage bags out for the guys!!!  

Warmly, Sheila