Sunday, June 11, 2017

Sunday At Cummins

You will laugh but we are getting to like the solitude! I have always said I'd love to her in the middle of no where with no people and voila', here I am! The only thing I forgot to add was please have great senery. We look out our front window and see trucks, fire engines and more RVs. However, Lola started barking a few minutes ago and there was a racoon traveling across the yard.

People are supposed to be coming in today and we are actually bummed. Getting accustomed to our privacy.

Our friend came yesterday with supplies for us. Milk, bread, dog food and wine. He's a commercial fisherman and brought some Amber Jack from the day before catch. Amazing!! Roger fried it up and along with the beans and rice we enjoyed a feast! Laughing and conversation in our private haven lasted well into the night and then we slept soundly!

Today we rest. 😂  I still haven't figured how to get photos from my phone to here. Maybe I'll check that out this afternoon and if I succeed I'll do a blog of what it's like here!

One thing that has happened was noticing a mush in our slide out wall. I have a can of flex seal so went out and sprayed corners, seams, underbelly of the slide hoping that would do it. Then we remembered the day we got here and how when the person started to move our coach we heard a huge deluge of water coming in off of our slide out. 😱 I'll put the fan on it this afternoon and it will start to dry. I am learning patience being here and learning to take possible catastrophes in stride and just work to fix or prevent. I have had time to look over the Beaver Marquis next to us over the past few days and you start seeing what's wrong. Thankfully CiCi is in better condition. Well if you don't look at my Flex seal spray today. "Crazed woman with spray can attacks RV slide out!!" 😜😱  there will be no leaking in this slide!!

I did a watercolor and put it on auction on Daily Paintworks  When you get a chance go see.😜

That's all for now, have a great night and I'll see you tomorrow for the Monday update!! Same place , same Bat Chanel!! And RIP Adam West!


Thursday, June 8, 2017

Thank Goodness For Iphones

So, FYI, Cummins has Internet but it's connected countrywide by their stores and when they close at 5 P.M., so does their internet. We also were told that there is none on the weekend!😳😳😳

We arrived yesterday around 1 ish in the pouring rain. Why I thought we would be looked at right away is beyond me now, but luckily we were able to get a spot in their "campground"   The parts department manager was nice enough to back us into the spot and I got to watch his spotter use really good arm signals. We have electric and water hook ups so we have the a/c going front and back. Water gathered on top of our slides in the downpour and the stop allowed the rain to fall inside on the bedroom rug. 😳😳😳 We then put out our drivers side slide to see the flooring on one end so high I could put my foot under it.  Out I go in the downpour to see the moulding on the slide coming off on the underside. My signal to Roger is banging on the coach to tell him to bring the slide back in.  We were able to remove the moulding from inside and put the slide out again. We also found some issues that need to be addressed but that's another day. The hurricane did more damage than we thought at the time but now that the sun came out I'm feeling better about everything. The manager yesterday said we would be here for two weeks and we both went into a nice slump.

I can't seem to post pics . Hopefully I will figure that out soon. There's a Beaver Monterey beside us. I walked around it to see how beautiful it was compared to sweet CiCi Blue. It has a door popping off and duck tape holding its stairs in. I'm sure at night the two coaches are commiserating with each other over their well earned battle scars. 

Well it's 4:00 P.M. Now and they close at 5 so that's it for today. Rain clouds are coming over but their are two Cardinals that fly around in front of us. Mum and Dad letting me know it's all going to be ok! 

Have a great night.. more tomorrow from our Adventure !! 


Sunday, June 4, 2017

One More Day And Night

I can hear the clock ticking! I've had to store my paints for a bit so we can get the coach ready for travel. Sigh, but I'm excited. Tomorrow Roger is taking the coach up to the truck center just one exit north of us to have it greased and lubed, oil changed and our tag axle tire looked at. It seems like it has a slow leak so better checked before we go further. We also need stem valves put on our wheels so we can get our monitors on the wheels.

One rug is up, cleaned and stored. I'll get the other one up in the morning.  Roger has done a great job of finding homes for all the outside stuff so we are close!

One of our rainy afternoons.  That cloud in the distance looked ominous but it went by quickly. I will say I'll miss our afternoon Florida storms. They have always been quite exciting.

I know, we look like a motley crew, but we went out for our last Saturday night to a local blues bar to celebrate. From left to right, our son Jamie, his girlfriend Pam, Roger, me and our friend Glen.  Needless to say today is a somewhat lazy day but great memories. Other days I have been able to get together with my other friends Lou and Suzanne to talk about art, our memories and how special our friendships are and will continue to be.  It's all been bittersweet but thankfully we have facetime and texting. 😊

So after tomorrow we go over to Cummins South in Orlando to have our engine checked. I'll keep you posted from there and then our adventure really begins. As you can see Ozzie is ready to meet moose in New Hampshire!! (Shh, I know they are reindeer antlers, but we told him they were moose)

So my friends, I'm going to close my eyes and recoup from our night out. (I've become such a lightweight!!! Hahaha). Have a great night too and I'll see you again tomorrow after CiCi Blue comes back. The furkids and I are spending the afternoon at our friend Glen's coach so we don't have to hang out at the truck stops little office.