Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Looking A Little Sparse

The weekend campers left and two other full timers also left this morning, leaving about 10 of us to a 40+ RV Park. Two of the 10 are heading north to visit family for weeks so that leaves 8.  The positive about this is that Lola and the kids have a nice quiet walk around the park and playing in the dog field. The negative is for the owners who need to cover their expenses and keep the Park up and running. Today we chatted about some ideas how I marketed my art work through the years leaving rack cards everywhere I went with my email and pictures of some of my work.  On a trip to Alaska, our friend Ray, Roger and I pulled to a full stop on a mountain after seeing a Lab walking with his owners. They needed a card!

Not sure how that will work with an RV Park but if you are out and about near us stop by and stay the night. I'll show you my new home made curtains!!!

And you can meet Sammy!!!  The color just brightens up the whole rig! I also want to make front darkening curtains with fun fabric.  I have always have been a person that believes I can do anything. Ok, it may not be Chanel worthy but it will pass.

Hot and dry and so wishing it would rain, just a bit. Our friends in texas are probably saying, Please take ours. I heard from a friend at an RV park in texas and last night everyone was in their Rec Hall as a tornado went over. The storm was crashing about them and thankfully everyone is safe and sound. I hope they stay that way.

Have a great night and see you tomorrow.


Monday, May 25, 2015

Taco Night Was a Success

We had Taco night here last night at the park and had a great turnout. Tons of food and enough for us to have some left overs. Roger is making up our plates as I type!

I had mentioned before I wanted to make curtains for the bathroom but ended up getting fun material for our living area. Our Country Coach is beautiful with wood and beige material but as artists we need color. I cut the material and today pinned edges and got ready to use my sewing machine after forever! I love this machine, it's so easy!

I had purchased "arms" to hang the curtains. This is the first one I hung without hemming. It goes down behind the couch. I want to lower the sofa to see how far they do come and may just sew a small hem with weights in it and leave them long in case we ever have company staying over.

Like this look too. I may make tie backs. The other side..the curtain is finished ,however, I dropped the "arm" and the finial broke off. Roger has it outside drying after smothering it with Gorilla glue. I hope it works. Duh on me. 

"Lola....Lola?? Where are you?" "Lola?..come..." I knew she was in the house but she was sooo quiet. Was she chewing one of my brushes? One of my colored pencils? Seeing the coach isn't that large and she wasn't in the main living area, she had to be doing something "naughty" in the bedroom. I peeked first then went and got my camera. There she was, lounging on our bed and looking quietly out the window watching our neighbors in the next space. She usually barks at things outside but she was just really quiet. The heat has been oppressive so I'm thinking she was just happy to relax and look.

You can see valentines cards next to my bedside. Roger gave them to me. Yes, I do save cards but we have decided to save them and regift to each other just in case we aren't near a store.I need to put them someplace safe so I can get them when the Holidays come again. Thinking different living in an RV!!

Lola, being quiet!!!

So, have a great night...chat tomorrow!! 

P.S. The "campers" left!!! lol

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day weekend and a lot of people came into the park to spend it here. At the end of the road outside the park there is a wide expanse of land that ATV riders go,so we have a few parked here. Thankfully the rain has held off so the bathrooms aren't that bad. (as the bathroom cleaner I am appreciative of that fact.)

The one thing that I have had a small buggaboo about is the fact that weekend visitors are campers for the weekend. Our Country Coach is our permanent home. A few people with dogs have let them walk right under our front window and our kids go nuts. Then a couple of other people took a short cut and walked directly under our window. Again, kids go crazy. And, I join them.  Silly me for respecting other people's space and thinking they may respect ours.  I have read about people cutting through others camp sites on RV forums and now I have experienced it.  Granted, in the whole scheme of things it's really no big deal but it does get to me.  I will say the winter people who come for the season do respect spaces. It's our home. So,to block my front window somewhat, I parked my bicycle out a bit so dogs will have to stay on the road and people will have to actually walk around it rather than under my front window.

On a pleasant note, I played with watercolor and colored pencil yesterday. I called it my relaxing my brain day! The image is on 140lb watercolor paper and 7" x 10" and when matted will be 11" x 14".

$75.00 Free shipping


So I'm off to take the kids to the dog park. We are having a Taco party at 5 0'clock so they need to play before hand.

Have a safe weekend.

A special thankyou to all the Service men and women who have made our Country safe!

Friday, May 15, 2015

A Week of Excitement

Did I just finish a blog saying, well not much happening around here right now?  Silly me. Let's see, do I start with the sad news or the fun news. Probably the fun.

Amanda and Smitty. Our next door neighbors for a month and they are from New Hampshire!  Roger and I lived in NH for 20 years and camped in the north not far from where they have a home. Needless to say, we bonded.  So, let's go do what? Air boats? Our other friend and manager of the campground, Wendy, was in!! I was terrified! Zooming over alligators and snakes isn't my kind of fun, or so I thought! Yes, I had a blast!!!!

The yellow airboat was our designated boat. I was at that time calling the ride from you know where!

We all wore headgear since the engines were massively loud! The driver would speak to us through them so he could point out the swimming beasts!

Out on the fields the cattle grazed and also horses. The driver said the alligators are afraid of the cattle so stay away. 

Alligator Wrangler Wendy. No fear! I love it!

Another fun day was mother's day! My son Jamie has moved back to Florida and lives close by so I got to spend time with him and family. Left to right, Jamison, Stefanie, my daughter-in-law, me and grandson, Logan.

It was a melting morning so jamie brought me a huge glass of water. We were down by the river and Jamie spotted a blow fish. I was excited and didn't see the step was broken and tumbled down skinning my knee and dropping my huge water. Boo. 

..but, dang it, I got to see that blow fish!!!!

So, the sad news. Last Wednesday, another really hot day, I was in the coach while Roger, Smitty and Amanda were having a 5 o'clock cocktail together. I glanced out to see Roger and Smitty running, Wendy and Penny coming from the office and Amanda pointing. Out I came to see what was happening.  Dale, a 57 year old man living in the back row, had passed away suddenly.  We all knew him.  Smitty and Roger were able to get into the trailer to confirm it then of course, the police arrived. Since he was alone they had to do an autopsy, take photos and lock the Trailer up until cause of death was determined.  We live in an area with alot of wild life and birds,with no homes for miles. The door had been left open as the police went about their business and we looked up to see the buzzards circling. A very strange reality check if I may say. We went back to our site, a few others came too, and we lifted our glasses to honor Dale.

See if I say nothing seems to be happening around here again!! Amanda and Smitty left for home and now I can concentrate on my painting. We all tried to make them stay but alas, they had to leave!

Well, better start my day and do some commission work! I'm grateful!!

Have a great day and see you soon...

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Two Arms, Two Arms

Ha, you think, I have that spelling incorrect! Nope! Today I found 2 arms for my window treatment in the living room!

I remember as a young kid, my mother used these hangers in our home so she could open the drapes to let in more light. The window over our couch has two sconce lights on either end. I want to add color and homeyness to our rig but the thought of a long pole just didn't seem right to me. Soi, I went on a Google search for half curtain arms. They do sell them new, as I found out, but these were old and had character so I got them! Yeah ebay.

So, when I get the curtains up I'll do a show and tell. I'm excited!

The Universe is being really good to me as I received another commission of a beautiful black Lab mix. Wait til you see him!! He's in queue and I am grateful.

Tomorrow I have a massage, not a fun one but one that will help my leg and hip to move better, then tomorrow night the park cook out. It's pretty thin here but it will be fun! Not much to add for today but we did get vacuuming and cleaning in. It's amazing how much dog hair flies around.  

So, have a great evening and see you tomorrow. Cook out pics!! Woohoo! ;-)


Tuesday, May 5, 2015

More Leave, New People Arrive

A couple in a 1997 American Tradition arrived and are staying for a month. They are two sites over from us and we have bonded. She has a great crochet hat and is going to show us how to make one. Ahh, the little things.

Finished and shipped! I must say one of my best yellow Labs ever. A wedding present for a clients brother. Looking forward to hearing what his reaction is.

In between commission work I need to paint just for me. (or you) Ayla Murray in Inverness, Scotland took this photo and together we are doing a book of her photography and my paintings. I haven't had much chance of working on it since the move from the sticks and bricks but now I'm focusing and will get it accomplished. This will be framed and is a 5" x 7" oil on copper. I seal the copper when dry and will be ready to hang when you receive it.

$350.00 Shipping is free.


Last week we cut down trees and bushes at the entrance to the park. It had been difficult to see around as you entered but now it's a clear view. And, can you say sore muscles!! I'm planning to be in great shaped before we leave here for parts unknown. (hopefully walking!!) lol.

                                  Have a great evening and I'll see you again soon!!