Thursday, October 30, 2014

It's A Long Story

To start, I did finish the painting you saw me working on. Between the internet not being cooperative and the other issue, I didn't get here until today.

Here it is still in progress.

And the final Portrait. It is going to a home in California. The person won a portrait by bidding on my donation of a 12" x 12" oil for Lab rescue. Thru the years I have helped many organizations throughout the States and then in Scotland. The Rescues do so much work to rehome, or get medical help for these beauties!

Making our spot home! We live in CiCiBlue full time now so we are nesting and making our spot ours! Roger went to Lowes and got plants, flowers and up lights. He also got some ;lights for me to put along the edge of our lot. All are solar energy! 

I can hardly wait to see if they light up tonight! Ahhh, the little things in life!

Then, the long story. I had cataract surgery in July while Roger was still working. The insurance covered it or so we thought. Yesterday at my appt I was told our insurance company dropped me on June 30. Huh?? Roger worked until August 30. The insurance company wants their money back. EEK. 

I have been on the phone with my doctors billing department for hours trying to figure out what is happening. Of course, with Mercury in Retrograde, the woman's computer wasn't working. She called the insurance company and was told two different things leaving her as confused as I am. My first response is of course frustration and I want to be angry, but the woman helping me is so nice I calm. Thankfully. (The anger is actually panic thinking we have to pay for two surgeries.) So, she asked me to give her two weeks to receive some paperwork the insurance company is sending her. Then we will dive back in the MESS!

Tonight was a small "Happy Hour" at one man's RV.  A Monaco Knight, (RV) pulled in beside us today and hooked up to just electric. (you know to me that means he's leaving tomorrow) It turns out he is a big rep for the Moose organization and invited everyone here to the Moose tonight for wings. Roger and I declined. If everyone knew what a great cook Roger was they'd be over here. hahaha. 

Getting accustomed to RV park life. Right now it's a small group but they say come November the park will fill up and happy hour will be in the community building. I'm not much of a happy hour person, (drinking) but it will be fun getting to know everyone. It may even make an interesting painting. Hmm, now that has my interest! A glass of wine and sketch as they chit chat!! Shhhh.! ;-)

Roger put in a new TV. I'll do show and tell tomorrow. It's in front and makes us feel like we have a new RV. Not to mention we can actually see things better. The other was a "little tv".

It's been a good day so on to a great night! You have one too.\


Sunday, October 26, 2014

Sunday Already

Time really flies here and it always surprises us. Blink, it's the morning, blink it's night. We need to slow it down a bit.

I've been getting itchy feet and keep thinking I want to get on the road. I probably have said that before, however, we are in a great spot and saving money so we will stay til January at least.

Our view from our front window is looking right out to the lake. Perfect!

Ci Ci Blue is on the left side of the picture. The white rig next to us left this morning.

Went to my Doctors on Friday to find out about a weird looking mole and my thyroid levels. All was fine so that was good. I'll see him just before we take off to recheck.

Today Roger went off to the bar to watch the Patriot's game with friends. I need to finish so much work so I stayed with the kids.

I'll be working outside tomorrow morning so I have room to move my arms around. Still on that learning curve as far as working in the rig. I'll get it. At least when I work on my copper I can sit and be comfy.

Have a great night all!! I'll definitely show you tomorrow my FINISHED work. lol 


Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Yeah..They're All Scanned

They are scanned!! 12 new pages of the 24 page comic. I am thrilled. Tomorrow I will resize them all and fit them in the template for Createspace. Roger found the original book cover we made earlier when I thought it would be a smaller edition, but then it so needed the "adventure" in this one. The cover will still be perfect and I'll use it throughout the series.

Met a couple on the other side of the park here today. (two lanes over).  Diane and Bob. They have a 5th wheel and have been full timing for 18 months now. In that 18 months they have been all over and gave me great info on places to see and what to actually miss. Sadly, the southwest is in a real drought and economically suffering from it. Diane said the Rio Grande is way down and in some areas streams and rivers are dried and bare. Tomorrow morning they are heading to the western part of Florida to a campground they thought looked really nice. They have a Lab/Golden mix that Lola has been spying for days. She has been woofing at him from afar! Oh-oh!!! ;-)

Roger figured that six times around the park equals 1 mile. We see "biking man" riding everyday so we decided since we did bring our bikes, we should use them. (Biking man, we found out is Lee and has the Bounder RV down by the dog park).

After Roger came back I went and did my mile. I am learning to slow and chat as I roll by people then coming around again to finish the sentence. The park people probably call me "crazy lady". Oh well.

So, guess what we are having for dinner tonight!!?? It's pizza on the grill night. I am sooo excited. Roger is known back at the sticks and bricks and even in Scotland for his oven pizza now he's discovered a new way of making it. The kids are too as they get crusts! Yummy!!

Tomorrow is Roger's day out. An escape day! Since we still aren't comfortable leaving the dogs alone for long periods we take escape days! Tomorrow Roger gets his massage and can do some stuff. Staples for printer inks and going to the Post Office to put in a search request for our missing mail. We changed our address to a Florida mail service that ships it to us but, hmm, something has gone amiss.  Thankfully everything pertaining to the Coach is done directly through our bank.

And what will I do on Roger's day out? Paint, paint, paint. Hopefully a good show and tell tomorrow night for you!

So have a great night, time for the kids to piddle and have their dinner.


Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Life Is Too Short..

The older I get I find, as you do also, life is too short. Too short for things to be done, too short for things you want to do and too short to hold onto a hurt, real or imagined. A friendship was repaired today and for one, I am happy. I'll just say, life is too short.

I met an artist friend for lunch in Palm Bay where we had lived with gossip and laughs and..great food.  After lunch we went through Goodwill, one of our fun haunts, but nothing that I truly needed to bring back to CiCi Blue. Then I'd have to figure out where to put it. Sigh.

I returned about 4:00 P.M. and Roger and I had another rousing game of scrabble! Looking at this photo now I'm seeing clutter..oh-oh. It needs to find homes tomorrow. Ah, life in an RV.

I'll be finishing up the comics tomorrow and a couple of paintings. Just need to tie myself to my little easel and get it done! The Book Fair is a month away and the book needs to have a proof sent, then ordered.  I can do this!!!

Ok, going to fight one of the dogs for space on the couch!!! Have a great night!


Monday, October 20, 2014

Where Did The Weekend Go

Holy cow that went by quickly, but not quietly! As you know I have this thing about having dogs on lead when they are outside. Ours are, so I'm thinking everyone should have their dog on one too. A 6 foot one.

Friday morning, after our coffee outside, we decided to take the kids to the park.  All hooked up on their leads we proceed. I walk Lola and Sammy and Roger has Ozzie. Two sites away from us lives a large dog and two small teeny dogs. As we started by their trailer, the owners were there, the two teeny babies jumped off the chair and started barking and running towards us, unleashed. Ok, I so need the kids to do a "leave it" and keep on walking but it took us by surprise and soon I was surrounded by leads and big dogs.  The next thing I remember was falling and heading to the ground, thankfully grass, but unhappily it was a fire ant hill! Now you know what my weekend was like. The dogs were kissing my face and Roger fell on top of me with his knee going in the hill of ants.  Not one lead was dropped during this fiasco.  Then I started laughing like a silly because I was still alive and the dogs were still with me.  My goal this week is training Lola to walk beside me and the big "leave it".  Knowing her she just wanted to play but one wack of her paw and we have a splatted teeny dog.  The owner came over later to see if I was ok and to apologize.  It's all good. We did find out later he was told the day before to keep his dogs on lead so I'm sure there was a bit of panic that I'd say something. I didn't. As I see it, lesson learned.

This weekend was the reunion of our High School Class of 64. Yes, 50 years. Let's hear another holy cow. I went to Mount Saint Joseph Academy in Brighton, Massachusetts, an all girl school of learning. At the time I really disliked it. No one knew I had ADHD back then and reading about the symptoms of course I had a difficult time. Everyday was fear and not understanding but thankfully the things we did learn stuck and I had a fantastic education.  I, however, did not go to the reunion but my high school friend posted pictures of the reunion so I could see everyone.  50 years...yikes!!

November news..a little early. My friend Lou Belcher just finished a great children/adult book of her sketches of cats intertwined with the alphabet. It's humorous and fun and can also be used as a coloring book. She signed up ages ago to be in the November Book Fair in Eau Gallie, Florida. We were in it together last year as I had just published the second book of the Frog And The Dog, Ozzie Learns Responsibility.  The Dog And The Frog  (On Amazon) As usual I procrastinated.Then I thought, how fun it would be if I finished the comic book of Lola and The Boys  The Adventure Begins and went to the book Fair again this year with it!!

I'm just finishing up the inking process then I'll scan it into photoshop.  Roger takes over then, resizes and tweeks it for the book.  Today is the finish day.

Ok, back to work...Have a great day!! 


Thursday, October 16, 2014

Smyrna Dunes Florida

Today we actually got to go to the park in Smyrna Beach for dogs, There are so many trails just for them and in the parking lot you can find the area by looking for the paw prints. This is moi and Lola Bear and Sammy.  There are access trails to the beach which of course, we took.

We use a 25ft lead for them at public places when they running like a mad woman after one down a beach isn't quite my thing. They seem to forget the command "COME" sometimes when we are outside and the smells are deliciously new! This is Ozzie and Roger.

The day was cool to us but still hot to a black dog and a furry Newf. Sammy actually sat in the shade at one point. Poor guy. That was the decision to go back.  It's about them at all times.

At the beginning/end of the trail they have water for the dogs and a hose to wash the kids off after being at the beach. They got that treatment then into the car. And, yes, they slept the whole way home.

In awhile I head about 20 minutes south of here to my grandsons. I am hanging with him tonight as his Mum went to Mississippi to visit family. Logan wanted to stay home. Yeah, Grammy on duty!!

So, if you are ever in this area and have your fur friends, consider Smyrna Dunes. White sand, beautiful breezes and dog friendly. The cost is $5.00. Worth it!!

Have a great day and see you tomorrow!


Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Finding Some Quiet Time..HA.

It seems like everytime I sit down to work someone needs something. Lola wants water, woof woof, Sammy wants attention, in your face wiggling then Ozzie wants to play. A tennis ball on your lap. I realized today that I didn't retire, Roger did. So we chatted and he understands that I still need to paint. It's my addiction and it makes me feel good.

I decided today also to include our adventure to Georgia and Myrtle Beach in the comic of Lola and The Boys. So far 22 pages of the kids and their seeing the Country Coach and the move from the house to the RV. A few more pages then I'll do the coloring and inking.

I also got a chance to work a bit on the watercolor of the cat. As you see I love working with purples and blues. I will of course, and hopefully, adding a discord color near the end of the piece.

We didn't get to the dog park in Smyrna Beach the other day. The heat index was in the 90's and Lola in her fur coat, not to mention me, would have melted. We are going to see how tomorrow fairs when we get up.

Time to end and clean up my mess on the dining room table. sigh. See you tomorrow!!


Monday, October 13, 2014

It's Just One Of Those Days...

Got up this morning to sun and a beautiful breeze outside. Roger made coffee, I fed the kids then through in some laundry then went outside to have my coffee. Just as I sat down, Larry our neighbor, came over to see Lola and brush her. For the next few hours we chatted about music, wines and how we all grew up. He said he collected wine and would bring us some.

Larry came back!! Even brought wine glasses he collects. He doesn't drink so he asked us to let him know how it was. He mentioned he loves steak so we plan on doing some steaks one night on the barbie and have him over.

After Larry went back to his trailer we went inside for something to eat. After I planned on painting.
Where, oh where did I put my other plein air boxes? That took quite some time. Only found one. sigh. It was now close to 3 P.M. and I was loosing steam. So, instead of a no art day I grabbed my sheet of watercolor board and drew out a cat head. I had a woman on eBay ask me awhile ago if I could paint some but moving just seemd to get in the way. I dislike excuses so I'll just say I procrastinated way too long.

Hopefully I can fit him in tomorrow but have an eye appointment and a ....wait for it....a MASSAGE .

Took a short cruise on my bike then came in to chill. We are all just hanging watching the news and seeing when it will get cooler. It said maybe rain so we brought in the awning and tucked chaises and bikes under the slide. We're ready.

Ozzie says he had a long day!! Time to rest before dinner. This is his normal way of sleeping, ball in mouth! Such a clown!!

Ok, have a great night!! See you tomorrow!


Sunday, October 12, 2014

Sunday Game Day And I Needed To Work

Roger went to our favorite Patriots "Bah". It's all people from New England and they all sound like me!

I stayed at home here in CiCi Blue. The kids haven't really adjusted to being alone quite yet. They are good but something is pulled down from anxiety looking out the window in front. We have the brake covered and safe but there's always that lingering thought that what if. Or, what if the a/c goes out, or what if something else goes wrong. (I sound like a mum don't I!!!)

Plus, I have commissions to work on!

This is a quick outline so I can get angles and shapes to start the painting. I'm also getting accustomed to my new space here. I have come from a large studio to my RV so it takes a bit to get going. I'll get it. Maybe even paint outside. Lots of room out there...on the other side so the dogs don't see me. lol

Worked a bit more on my plein air piece of the Lake here. Told myself I needed to just do it and started mixing my greens darker. Greens are my bugaboo.

In art school we were told never to use black but come to find, the Munsell method, black is our friend. I mixed some Chroma Black with yellow and then adjusted with blues and a bit of white to get what I liked. I'm looking forward to working on it outside tomorrow!

I am also going to get out my other two plein air boxes. Thankfully I brought them with me. This one you see is good for my copper panels and I think my other would better suit stretched canvas.

If all goes well we plan on doing an outing with the kids tomorrow to a "dog park" near Smyrna Beach. At first I said a no to the dog park idea until Roger told me it was actually half an island. Trails and a beach access with places to stop and picnic.  The dogs stay on lead as we investigate, plus Roger is itching to do some photography!

Awhile ago I figured out our mileage for our first adventure! 1,226.1 miles.! We survived!! Right now in Florida it's still hot and I see Georgia is low 80's high 70's. Soo tempting. The weatherman on tv last night assured me however colder air is coming.

Time to do the Sunday housework. Have a great rest of your day!!


Friday, October 10, 2014

Lola Gets A Bath And Other Stuff

Lola gets a bath is sort of a silly thing to say because I was drenched after the fact. Thankfully it was hot out.  After we had our morning coffee I started to brush her hair out. I have neglected getting all the burrs out from our time in the woods and I was feeling really guilty plus Newfies get globs of matted hair under their bottoms and that so needed to be taken care of. Out came the scissors, comb and brush and as Roger held her and chatted away I brushed and trimmed. First her ears then her head and around that area. She was looking like a mad woman. Then her paws. She did a little two step in between, not caring for the mani/pedi, but we got it. Then the dreaded rear area. That was tough and will be ongoing but we got legs trimmed and her over growth of fur on her rump thinned out. The burrs and "Mice Droppings" are gone. 

Then the bath. I forgot the shampoo at the store for her so I ran in and got my Paul Mitchell. I know her hair is totally protected now. Thank you Paul!! After I rubbed on ShowShine. (Out of Cowboy Magic) Both products are for horses and their manes, detangling and shining their coats. You rub it on and comb it though. You can see her fur shinning.  Then we walked to the park so she could walk through the mud puddle....egads...but that is their "doing business" place and when you have to go, you have to go. Poor Lola's was a little loose do to the stress level today of being clean!

It was still early in the day so I decided to actually do some plein air painting. Note to self..go away from where dogs can see you.  My neighbor also decided to drop over, dogs barking, to see what I was doing. Dogs barking and acting silly was what got me.

Lola wanted to go into the coach, Ozzie was barking at Roger who was riding his bike around the park, Sam was being good though I know he really wanted to bark, then Lola saw Roger and started barking to come out. Now Ozzie and Lola were barking in and out of synch as a tow truck pulling an old, old broken down RV came past me. Someone is living in it but we're not sure if they will be fixing it up or just needed a home. But I know it's one more thing for the kids to bark at .Sigh.
 I will say though Cheryl, who works around the park actually walked by earlier and they didn't bark!!! We did a happy dance. She has small dogs and knows they are just protecting us from the people we say hi to. Egads!!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Before And After

Today was cleaning day. After sleeping on the couch last night, (I was tossing and turning in our bed) ,I looked at the window sill and saw a lot of dust. Oh-oh.  I dusted everywhere and washed light colored sills while Roger washed the air filters in our A/C.  Dishes done and put away, and some "stuff", still in the corner, went down in the basement.  Biked to the dumpster then rode around the park for abit.

I needed to do some work and tried drawing outside but Lola and Sammy wanted to come in to nap. These kids. I came in and worked on my continuing saga of Lola and The Boys. Now that we have internet, sometimes, I will be putting the first series together in book form for everyone.

One of the pages from book 2.  I love the "comic book" style and soon will start to add the color.

So this afternoon we were sitting here and a new resident pulled in. They are in the site that our new friends Ken and Angie were in for the past few days. The funny part about this is that they came in with a TrailManor. A travel trailer that lays flat with an ease for travel and then you raise the walls, click them together then raise the walls inside. Quite roomy actually and cozy. How do I know this? The TrailManor was the first vehicle we ever looked at to go rv-ing! We did a lot of research on it and really thought it would be good for us and the dogs, even though one had to literally climb into the bed.

We found one for sale and went to check it out. The owner showed us how to open it up and put up the walls. All I could think of is what would happen if we were in a rain storm, the insides are exposed during this process, or if a wind came and would it blow our walls and break them.

It's compact and easy to tow.

Roomy inside but not enough room for three kids, meaning Lola and the boys!!

We really did the gamat. Next was looking at every 5th wheel we could find then finally deciding on a class A Desiel! And getting our sweet CiCi Blue.

And finally, what is Roger making?? Dough for pizza!!! OMG! YUM! He always baked it before but just started making pizza on the grill. Fresh bread, sauce, cheese and pepperoni! It's unbelievably good!!! That's what we're having tonight after we take the kids to the park!!!

Have a fantastic night!! See you tomorrow!!



Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Long "To Do" Wednesday

Woof....time to get up!! I had an eye appointment at 9:30 A.M. and had to get a move on and I had a list for the day!

My eye is doing ok and the drops have been reduced to two a day. The Dr. is hoping the infection is completely gone and it will be fine. Interesting, the drops I take, a steroid, gives you a Glaucoma. They call it a secondary Glaucoma. Hopefully that goes too.

I left then went to pick up my check from the estate sale. I was pleased and actually more than I thought we would ever get for our "stuff". Who knew? Then I visited friends at my old studio and caught up on art news and gossip around town. THEN, I went shopping for supplies.

Let's see...Micron pens for my drawings of Lola and The Boys. A 9" x 12" grey paper palette for my oils. It should fit right in the painting box. Grey is good as it's a neutral color and I will see true color as I mix.  The white bottle is maskit. I have a watercolor commission and I use that too block areas I want to keep white or a lighter color that I may put on the paper first.

An assortment of brushes. Simply Simon. They are about $3.25 each and have soft hair that works well on my copper panels. Two of them I will set aside for watercolor paintings when I sit on my comfy chaise outside. And finally, a large black marker. 

Sorry it's a fuzzy photo but this is why I bought the black marker. These shoes are so comfortable I hate getting rid of them but the fabric wore on the toe. It's a grey color. I use the marker to color my shoe until I start making the "big bucks" and can splurge for a new pair! Ha haha. (sad)

At night I hop my bicycle and ride down to the dumpster with the rubbish. On my way back the man who owns this rig was sitting outside and gave me a huge wave. I went over and introduced myself and he said, "Come on over with your husband if you like and we'll have a drink and look at the lake. It's beautiful outside." So, we did.  Ken and Angie are vendors and travel the circuit most of the year selling expensive cookware. She quizzed me about why I wanted to go full time, as she is on the fence, and we had a great conversation about coaches and estate sales and campgrounds.o   

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Woohoo I Painted!!!

The Long Day  
5" x 7" oil on copper panel

I'm feeling really proud of myself tonight as I actually finished a painting that I am satisfied with. I showed you the image I was using for the painting and I wanted to convey how I felt when I took that photo. For the past two years I taught acrylic painting and wanted to get the importance of color across to my students. (also a learning opportunity for me)

I bought everyone a color wheel. Just your regular color wheel. It was ok but there had to be something else. I read art books constantly and found one by Margaret Kessler, "Color Harmony In Your Paintings." She spoke about Albert Munsell and his approach to a color system. About Albert and developed a color wheel. If you paint I highly recommend it. You will find a link to it on the front of my blog. 

The colors I chose were being shown in the "triangle" of the chart along with a list of paints that you would mix along with black and white to get gradations of the colors. At the bottom of the triangle there is a small box showing the complementary color, which in my painting is the yellow of the pillow behind him.  Along with this you have two discord colors. Colors that will clash with the others. For me it is the bright green of the pillow that his head in laying on and the orange/red of the couch.

The Long Day  You can find this painting on my Etsy store. 

Well have a great night. Two new rigs pulled in today so it will be fun to meet the new people. We waved and chatted briefly. Love this life.


Monday, October 6, 2014

The Best Laid Plans...

Last night the weather was perfect for sleeping and I actually slept sound. It was great. Roger tried to be quiet taking the kids out to do their business but Ozzie gets excited and needs to tell me where they are going. That's leaping and wiggling and a zillion kisses. Lola joins in by barking a soft woof, and Sammy comes and snuggles under my chin.  So I get up. Coffee was made and we hitched the dogs outside and we joined them for coffee. After awhile I decided to unhitch Roger's bike so we could take it off CiCi Blue.  That's when I heard a voice say, "I'll get it for you!." It was our neighbor to the back of us, Larry.  About our age, a Vietnam vet with 100% disability now, he travels alone.  He wanted to meet the kids so they wouldn't bark at him every time they saw him.  Silly Larry, of course Lola will.

Larry chatted for quite awhile and it was a flashback to the 60's. He is straight out of Easy Rider and I loved it.  Ya know man, for a short time man, I was like 21 again.  He enjoys feeding bread crumbs to the fish in the lake and sometimes at night he says he goes out into the woods with night goggles and hunts for wild boar. (Note to self, remember to keep shades down at night).  Larry fell in love with Lola and petted her the whole time. (She demands it you know) Larry may stay the winter, undecided as he really wants to go to Quartzite in Arizona. Huge snowbird RV landing place. Way too crowded for me.

Then, notice I haven't painted as yet, Roger made breakfast and we ate that outside. A beautiful breeze and after we hit our anti-gravity chaises and just vegged.

"OMG" I said, "I have so much work to accomplish, I need to start." That's when the 37' Pace Arrow Class A pulled in on the other side behind us.  Lola and the boys started to yell over to him right away. Over he came. Craig!. He just got a great deal on it at Lazy Days, where we bought ours and he told us all about every detail. Craig may stay for 4 days or a month. He's not quite sure. He also travels alone.  (Pics on the rigs tomorrow)

 First, I needed to figure out what our September Budget was traveling and repairs. Knowing how am I with that ol' Reality thing I dove in.  All in all we didn't do too bad. We had to get some cleaning supplies, a one time purchase so that added up and the unexpected repairs. Without those we would have kept in our budget frame. So staying put with a fixed expensive for a few months and saving will help as we start out traveling again.  Then, I grabbed my copper panel and did a quick sketch of Sammy laying out on the sofa.  I'll attack that first thing tomorrow morning when my energy level is at it's best for painting. My list of "to do's" for commissions and "just do them paintings" are close by.  It's time!!!

Ok, that's it for today..Sammy said he'd share the couch with me if I'd like and I think I just may do that! Have a great night..

Warmly, Sheila

P.S. Chatted with the woman who did the estate sale, we actually made some money!! Going to get the check on Wednesday..woohoo.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Cool Air Comes To Florida

This is Sammy. He's our anxious boy.  I have to say I am so proud of him since we have started to travel.
I have told you how I bought the Dazer II, the high pitched frequency unit, and used it to correct pulling and barking issues. Now when we sit outside, as we did today and a dog walks by, Sammy sits and looks rather than barking and lunging.  (yes this image will soon be in oils! And of course you know all images are protected under copyright)

So, yesterday I went down to see what was left over from the estate sale.  My friend Judy came in the house with me so I wouldn't faint. Oh ya...a mess. I quickly ran through the house and grabbed my Lab paintings that didn't sell and some cups and saucers that were my grandmothers. Looked for my older hiking boots but they had sold.  Boo. The dish washer had been sold. In it's place now were about 25 tennis balls that Ozzie had lost during the course of hid life in the house. I took 4 for him.  That will be another painting soon to appear. Ozzie and his tennis balls.

I drove over to my storage place and placed the paintings inside, went through the drive thru at Dunkin Donuts, and started the trek up RT. 95 north to home.

When I was a wee one if you asked me what I wanted to be I would say an Artist.  My parents wanted me to be a school teacher or as my Mum thought, a secretary.  (They came to be very proud of their artist daughter before they moved on.)  An artist with ADHD. That being said and as they knew, I have always had a tough time with reality as others may see it. (e.g. Roger)  After I returned home last night I got a headache and chills and just wanted to sleep.  :-(  Seeing the house like that and knowing it was now in the past was difficult even though it was my decision.  Last night in bed Sammy snugged up close and gave little kisses. Sweet boy understands.

Today it is "chilly" outside and sunny so I pulled down our outside awnings and we have our chairs and mat out. Roger tied the wire cords we hitch the kids too around the picnic table and out we went with our morning coffee. They loved being with us and the morning was amazing.  Truly living the dream today.

Tomorrow, painting!! Another cool day so I can work outside with everyone. I'll have a show and tell for you tomorrow afternoon...

Have a great football Sunday and GO Pats!! (Please God can they play better than they did last week...please!)


Thursday, October 2, 2014

Back In Florida

We are back at Crystal Lake RV Park, and this will be our view. The extra water in front is from the horrid storms they have had here since we have been traveling.  Hopefully they will be over soon. I'm looking forward to cooler weather here.

Tomorrow we will put out our mat and chairs and make it homey. Being on the road we saw people making their rigs like their homes. Signs with their names, hanging pots of flowers and fun strings of led lights under their awnings or on the ground around their "porch" area.  Not so sure I'll do a sign but I like the hanging plant thing. But then I think, just one more thing to stow when we start traveling again.

As we went on the highway we met a zillion "lovebugs". They attach themselves to each other and splat onto cars and coaches and they are difficult to remove and if you don't they will damage your paint. Well my daughter-in-law told me a great way to remove them is to use...are you ready...DRYER SHEETS!!!!!
I wet a bunch and went out to the front of CiCi Blue and wiped them away. I found if you soak it first then go back they actually wipe of really quickly.

I spoke with my friend who lives across from our sticks and bricks and she told me about the estate sale. I must have misunderstood the woman who runs it. They actually took apart our pool screen house and sold it.  I'm surprised the windows are still in the house. I'll go down to see what's left on Monday when I get the courage. :-( Oh well.... She did say that my fake palm tree was still there so that may come here with me. It will never die and it's a nice one.  I'll put it outside with the chairs! hahaha.

The dogs know where we are!!. We went down to the dog park but it's really swamped and the run off from the holding pond next door at Stuckey's is running into it. Quick visit.

A 40' Newmar Dutch Star just drove into the park.  An older rig like ours. They are checking at the office so we are thinking they are just here for the night.

Ok, I'm rambling so I'll end. Can you tell we are tired?. Travel days are like that. Tomorrow I plan on going over receipts and mileage to see how we did on our first adventure besides repairs

Have a great night!!!


Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Two Travel Days And Nearing The End Of Our Sea Trials

What day is it? I seem to ask that a lot. So, we are nearing the end of our sea trials and boy what a trial. I will say Roger is driving the rig like a pro. We took a "short cut" from Summerville, S.C. to RT.95 , (seemed longer) and it turned into a small road with a long drop close to the edge and workmen.  I had my walkie talkie in hand ready to call and say move in but he did great. The workers cones were there and not one was maimed or damaged. Their hair blew as he passed but no damage.

Monday was our travel day.  After stowing everything we started out to Loris and the Cummins dealer to have the pump for our coolant replaced.  When the guy patched it last week he told us we could drive for miles it was so sound but his was one time I was happy I was driving behind the coach.  Turning onto the highway my windshield was covered with "water" that was coming from the right rear side of CiCi Blue.  It wasn't raining so I knew it was the patched pump.  As soon as we got onto the highway Roger pulled over and shut off the coach. Steam was pouring from it at that point.  There is a law in Florida that if you see someone broke down and on the side of the road you get into the middle lane away from them til you pass.  I experienced the result of people not doing that in S.C.  I could see the coach rocking and I could feel the Jeep moving as we waited two hours for our repair man to find us.  To the cement mixer that flew by us at 70 MPH....really???? Yes, that scared me.

We finally got to the Cummins dealership and they had a room and invited all of us in for the duration. The kids laid down and slept and we read magazines and said we would forgo traveling to Georgia and go back to Myrtle Beach for the night.

I have seen motor homes on the side of the road or limping down the highway and have thought.."oh wow, glad that's not us but someday it might be. The poor people." Well, we got over that adventure early on didn't we. I could see people passing in their motor homes looking over and just knew what they were thinking.

Tuesday morning we started out yet one more time.  Roger wanted to drive to a Pilot station for diesel so off we went north west from Georgia. We get a discount so it was worth it to find it.  Then on to RT.95 then south to Brunswick where we are now til tomorrow.

We are at Coastal Georgia RV Resort . The one I first thought was like the Stepford wives...but I have changed my mind after being in dirt or in sand for three weeks. lol. The cement pads are small but the area is grassy and very clean.  50 amp service, electric,water and sewer included in the price.  I believe it's $55.00 a night and dogs are welcome.  A small dog park, a laundry facility, where my clothes are now, pool and small store.

Outside to my left.  Pretty empty right now but you get a peek at how it's set up.

Out the front door. There's a lake down there somewhere.  I'm sure though if it were crowded here it wouldn't be as nice. I love my space.

The dogs...I am so proud of them. From the first trip til now they have grown and have become used to the routine. Sammy, who was always hyper now walks along pretty well. Lola, is Lola but does really well too. She barks to let us know she needs to go out and Ozzie walks to the front door and stares.  Mostly they sleep. We have walked more than I have in years and it's been fantastic. (Looking forward to massages.) I ride my bike when ever I can and love it. We have met great people who share our life on the road and we are looking forward to meeting more.

Tomorrow we are back to our home base for a bit. The repairs weren't in the budget quite yet so we will stay and regroup and plot and plan our next adventure. 

Have a great day and see you in Florida tomorrow. Only 3 hours to Crystal Lake RV Park so it won't be so exhausting.  


(off to get my laundry now!!!)