Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Patriots Won And Class Started

It's been a busy week.  After we got the chassis battery put in and discovered the overcharging of the house batteries, we thought we were set. Ahhh, mais NO. Roger looked the other day and there was the acid laying on top of the two house batteries. They are over charging.  So back into the Bible and Inverter handbook. I also emailed a friend from IRV2 who also owns an 04 Country Coach Allure and asked him what we should be doing.  As I was doing that, Roger emailed Mr. Battery (seriously) , and he told us that we had our numbers? too high and that we need to lower the float charge voltage.  It had been running the default from the factory so hopefully it works!

Yesterday I started teaching acrylic painting in the rec hall. 

It was a fun crowd and we laughed a lot, and we are continuing to finish today. There is no A/C in the hall and I perspire anyway in the heat so I was drenched and tired. Thankfully today is a bit cooler. 

We finished and everyone was pleased. I'll post photos tomorrow. Some asked for a drawing class so I'm planning that for next week and they would like to do weekly classes after that.  

Finishing up on a commission tomorrow so show and tell then!!

Have a great night..


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  1. Wish I was there to take one of your classes. I bet it was fun.