Saturday, March 14, 2015

Bike Week Coming To A Close

This past week was Bike Week in Daytona. All times of day and night we heard all kinds of bikes zooming up and down rt. 95.  I was, in a "previous" life a Harley rider. One day when I went to get my motorcycle license I actually drove my low rider to the test. I drove past my daughters High School where one young man who was looking out the window exclaimed, "Wow, A chick on a Harley!" My daughter then said, "No, it's my mother!" I always loved that story. When I got to the DMV all the men were on 250 Hondas and I was on this massive motorcycle.

Then I met Roger. Again we were Harley riders! Sammy is the only dog from that era but still knows the sound of a bike.

They all came up for photos before heading out tomorrow. Great group of guys and that includes one woman! 

Wendy, the park owner, ready to zip away on a trike! (not really but it looks good)

The warm weather is coming back in a fury. Almost too fast. We tend to skip Spring here in Florida lately and go directly to Summer. So, since my birthday is this coming Monday, I asked for an outdoor screen that hangs from the awning and blocks the sun. Somewhat. I'm excited. I'll be outside more now then sitting in direct sun. Ahh, I remember when I would ask for a great new pair of shoes or fun clothes for my a screen. I'll take pics for you when it comes in. We also got ratchet tie downs to keep the awning from blowing around. We looked like Fric and Frack trying to figure out how to work those. Geez Louise..a whole new set of learning skills. (Ok, they were "new and Improved " ratchet tie downs. We can't really be that helpless) Hahaha.

Have a great happy day!!!


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  1. I think in your previous life you were Queen of the Gypsies,, I giggle at your escapades and your salute your zest for living. Let me be the first to wish you a Joyous Birthday and I hope you don't fall into your cake and set your hair on fire. But if you do, I totally understand you did it for the adventure (and applause) . Happy to be your friend, Kaye.