Saturday, April 4, 2015

Hmm, Think We Missed The Luna Eclipse

I actually think I slept through it! And, I actually am happy I did. It means the pain in my hip and back is lessening. Happy dance here.

So this week friends pulled out for home and places unknown to do work camping. I was heading south on RT 95 to a friends for lunch, celebrating my birthday (still) and delivering a painting to a client. Seeing all the class A's and 5th wheels, trailers, heading north made me wistful. A sadness came over me for a bit but our lifestyle now is about making new friends and parting only to meet down the road again at some time. Ed and Dorrie are heading to Wyoming for a job then heading to California for the next winter, We plan on heading to Arizona for Roger's Submarine reunion in October,2016 and we chatted about meeting up with Ed and Dorrie out there as they head back here.

The night before we all went on a dinner/river cruise out of New Smyrna. It was fun all being together. Saw one manatee and a few dolphins but they moved too quickly to get more than a fin
for a photo. And how many fin photos can one have,

Our plans? We chatted tonight about making a spread sheet so we can see what we need to designate funds for and what we need to do before we head out. Tow dolly and find out why our ABS light keeps coming on,  Also we want to get a tire monitor. As my friend Lou and I were driving up and down RT 95 the other day, (story soon), we saw a truck in front of us blow two tired on his rig. Rubber flew up everywhere.  The other thing I am now doing is making our rig our home. Beige is so not my color. Bought a great colored cloth shower curtain today to see how it would look. I can get black out drapes at Wally World and sew them together to make new front window drapes. The drapes we have now are the original and are sooo grubby and of course, BEIGE! I need color in my life again!

We also learned something interesting in the past few days. Never make your own car towing device. One of the winter couples made their own tow hitch while here during the winter and as he was leaving the campground the other day going towards the highway, the hitch broke and his car fell away from his rig! He was seconds from going on Rt 95.  Then his alternator died. He's baaack.

My day the other day was supposed to be having lunch out with Lou celebrating my birthday. I thought I had put the painting I needed to deliver in the car but as I reached Lou's condo I saw no painting! Long story short, the next 3 1/2 hours was driving an hour back up to find the painting, which I thought I had put on the roof as I opened the door and it blew off. but it was still in the rig, grabbing lunch at Subway then driving down to Sebastian, an other half hour to deliver the painting. Then I drove yet another hour back home. Just a typical adventure!! hahaha.

The Dance

Have a great and happy Easter.