Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Things To Be Grateful For..

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and even though I do daily Gratitude's,  I count once more.  First, Roger and my health. Yes, we have aches and pains and parts don't seem to work as well as say 20 years ago, but all over we are healthy. Our furkids and two legged kids are all healthy and we have a beautiful Coach to keep us safe.  Friends, old and new, and our ability to laugh still in tact!

We have been doing a daily 4 P.M. Happy Hour and it's been wonderful! Great conversations and laughter! So healing!

Of course I am grateful for my gift of painting and drawing! My art space has shrunk but I still can work. No excuses! So that brings me to what I am working on today.

I am using a photo of our Sammy as reference and sketched this in the other day. 

My plan is to use a technique I discovered a few years ago using black ink, watercolor and colored pencil.  After I sketch the image I paint in the ink where I want me darkest areas to be then go on from there.

This is a finished piece of my beautiful Muse, Sophie. It now hangs in our bedroom. So very grateful she was in my life.

Thanksgiving also reminds me of people that have now gone to Spirit. It's always a mixed feeling on Holidays isn't it. Well, one day we will all meet again at the Rainbow Bridge!! But Sheila? Isn't that where the animals go when they pass on? Yes it is, and that's where I'm heading. I know a lot of our friends and family will already be there or soon follow!!!

I also want to mention I am so grateful for YOU!!! Yes, you! , And we want to wish you a very warm and Happy Thanksgiving! 


Roger, Sammy, Ozzie and Lola