Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Wow, Time Is Flying

Probably because I totally immersed myself into painting everyday. I forget everything else. Probably not the best idea when you live in an RV since maintenance still needs to be done.  Now that it's February we are thinking of getting ready to travel.

First let me do a quick show and tell of what I've accomplished.

And there's more to show at a later date!

So, what's going on in CiCi Blue. We had massive rain storms and high winds that were unusual for Florida in the winter. She's been good in storms but that day I decided to check corners. Oops. Our slide corners were leaking and the bathroom wall was wet. I instantly had visions of the whole wall falling away from the frame. Haha. (I do get concerned.)

So off to google everything I could on leaking. The next day it had stopped raining so we borrowed a tall ladder and climbed up to check the tops of the slides. I must have missed the chapter on how you have to check the seals and redo yearly. They need to be done. The bathroom wall was a puzzler so back to google again. Weep holes!! Hmm, knew they were there but could they be blocked and gee, the bathroom one where the leak was didn't have a cover. There had been at one time a small leak in CiCIBlue before she became ours, maybe should have passed her by but how could we...!  Went around the coach and found two other weep holes covered with black electrical tape so out I went and taped away. Then to my next favorite place, Amazon!! Weep hole covers on their way!! 

We chatted about the white chalky lines coming off the roof. It needs to be washed. (Drawing straws for that job)
CiCi needs a good wash and wax so we got a marine and RV wash/wax for her.  

I'm excited getting her prepared. Possibly a new chassis battery in order too. It may have been a "bad" one that we purchased new or in our watering of it may have over watered or under watered and killed it. Huge learning curve.  One couple that we are friends here are talking with us about spending a winter out in Arizona. Very exciting!  Then in the next couple of weeks the rug is coming up and flooring going down.  The motor for the stairs is arriving this week and we hope to talk with the repair guys about getting a residential fridge. 


What I started today, along with a few others.  Trying to juggle as best I can!  Time to take the kids to the dog park so I'll be back tomorrow.  Have a great evening!!



  1. Wow you have been busy with the Painting,they look great!There is always something that needs fixing in every home,xx Rachel

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