Saturday, November 19, 2016

One Busy Month

I'm not sure where to even begin on this one.  It all started with an MRI for my hip. For years I have been standing as I paint and using my right leg as the principal weight bearing unit. Then we can go back years to carrying the kids on the left hip while again using the right leg more.  The MRI was to see what was happening. Wear and tear, but the 5 cm lesion on the left adnexa was what caught my eye. And, what was an adnexa?

Discussing things with Sammy over coffee. 

The following week was a Dr.s app't, then an ultrasound scan and CA125 blood work ASAP.  Of course, once you Google, you see the worse case scenario then steal yourself for the results. But we haven't really gone anywhere children, grandchildren...I want to paint the desert.... . Then I prayed to my Dad. 

In the middle of all this, at the beginning of my crazy week, the mother of the owners had a massive stroke and needed to go home to Ohio. I was asked to step in and run the office again, but this time in the busy season.  Yes, I called in my resources to help since my head was already spinning and thankfully it's been working very well. My main person, Betty, has been tremendous. Together we are filling spots in the park and she gets to hear me moan after a complaint. 

She was in the office that Friday when I glanced by her and saw a beautiful Red Cardinal land on top of the golf cart I use. My Dad loved birds and when he passed a red Cardinal flew into my back yard. Ever since that time I know it's a sign from him. This time I was hoping it was not a "see you soon" sign but a "you're ok" one. My Dr. left a message that afternoon saying not to worry too much, then on Saturday, on her day off, she called to say the ultrasound looked good, then I heard the blood test was negative. Checking again in 3 months. We are adding to the celebration this weekend because my granddaughter and daughter both had business in Florida and are here with me!!

My daughter Erin, Son, Jamie and granddaughter Morgan.

Back to the park news! Things scheduled, we carried on.  We got hot dogs and buns, people brought sides and a great time was had by all. About 15-20 people showed up for the football/hot dog bash and it was a success.

Now we are planning our annual Thanksgiving celebration. Turkey's to buy, sides to make. (Did I mention I also have a lot of art work to do in the middle of all this..sooo behind)

So that's it for today. I have a few more things to do at the park, then I'm going into hiding again!!! 

Talk with you tomorrow...really!!! 

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