Wednesday, January 4, 2017

They Are Coming

Who?? Why the RV Repair guys!! Oh sure they are, really, they said so. The wait is on. The last of the house repairs will be finished. The tv antenna will get a new mechanism so that it will actually turn and come down when we take off.  The antenna for Sirius radio will be installed without breaking the wire, it will, fingers crossed.  After that we tackle battery cage, wiring for the tow dolly, the ABS light and a couple of other items.

So I'm keeping to my painting schedule. I could use a few more hours in the day but I make due. Let's see what I finished today.

The initial sketch. Some things were "off" to me so I redid some of the lines to lengthen or in some places straighten. The next step was to block in some color.

A quick wash then I left it til this morning when I had fresh eyes.

The final piece. At first both ears were prominent but they fought for attention so I decided to fade the ear on the eye side into the background. Then the background. I started out with a pale red then went into blues and purples. Since purple is the compliment of yellow I felt it would bring more attention to that famous ball of his!  Voila'.  "Mine"


It's 1:35 P.M. now. I had a quick lunch joined by Sammy and Lola, so now off to work in oils, and oh, take down our Christmas lights in the coach and finish laundry! The look on my face is "deer in headlights".

Have a great rest of your day and see you tomorrow!


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