Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Oh CiCiBlue

Ok,what's happening now. Well she is about 13 years old but with a good wash she looks sparkly and beautiful. The only way to tell her age is out split front windows. 2005 I believe started the whole picture window on coaches.

The previous owners scraped something along the plumbing bay door and it unsettled the top of the door where it attaches. Two years ago we resealed it but age, heat and a hurricane got the gap to widen.

Unfortunately we do have to open that bay door every so often to empty our tanks so that has made it worse. Tanks emptied so we are set for a bit. The plan? Bob and Roger plan on taking that piece off, and replacing same onto the coach. It looks like the screws holding in onto the coach rusted and broke as it pulled away. I'll record the process and post it as it happens.  (Munch The Scream face here).

Yesterday I was trying to take a quick nap after our SuperBowl party on Sunday. Yes, still recovering.  Sammy jumped up and laid down beside me then ,whap, his paw was on my head. A blessing? More of a "could you move a little bit more Mum".  He kept it there for about 15 minutes and I do feel blessed by it.

In progress...and today started yet another 20" x 20". This particular one will be fun. He's sitting in a field of wonderful flowers. Years ago I did a large painting of our Chocolate Boy, Fergus, sitting by vases of flowers. SEE IT HERE.

Well, that's it for today. Storms came through last night but thankfully we are all safe. So, see you tomorrow with updates. Roger is picking up Styrofoam for our bathroom wall and Bob is cutting out a board to cover that. Then I get to order sticky tiles to do a fun mod.

Have a great night.

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