Sunday, June 4, 2017

One More Day And Night

I can hear the clock ticking! I've had to store my paints for a bit so we can get the coach ready for travel. Sigh, but I'm excited. Tomorrow Roger is taking the coach up to the truck center just one exit north of us to have it greased and lubed, oil changed and our tag axle tire looked at. It seems like it has a slow leak so better checked before we go further. We also need stem valves put on our wheels so we can get our monitors on the wheels.

One rug is up, cleaned and stored. I'll get the other one up in the morning.  Roger has done a great job of finding homes for all the outside stuff so we are close!

One of our rainy afternoons.  That cloud in the distance looked ominous but it went by quickly. I will say I'll miss our afternoon Florida storms. They have always been quite exciting.

I know, we look like a motley crew, but we went out for our last Saturday night to a local blues bar to celebrate. From left to right, our son Jamie, his girlfriend Pam, Roger, me and our friend Glen.  Needless to say today is a somewhat lazy day but great memories. Other days I have been able to get together with my other friends Lou and Suzanne to talk about art, our memories and how special our friendships are and will continue to be.  It's all been bittersweet but thankfully we have facetime and texting. 😊

So after tomorrow we go over to Cummins South in Orlando to have our engine checked. I'll keep you posted from there and then our adventure really begins. As you can see Ozzie is ready to meet moose in New Hampshire!! (Shh, I know they are reindeer antlers, but we told him they were moose)

So my friends, I'm going to close my eyes and recoup from our night out. (I've become such a lightweight!!! Hahaha). Have a great night too and I'll see you again tomorrow after CiCi Blue comes back. The furkids and I are spending the afternoon at our friend Glen's coach so we don't have to hang out at the truck stops little office.


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