Saturday, February 24, 2018

Getting Ready To Roll

It's Saturday and Roger is cleaning the floors from all the dust from living in the desert these past few months. I need to do windows and woodwork, put away painting supplies, (last minute though) and find places for odds and ends. Yes I found more rocks that are coming home with me. Oh wait, I am home,

That has been the question of the season here to us. So, where is home? Well, I live in that big blue/grey and silver beast over there full time, so I guess that's home. I usually start though with, "originally Boston, then New Hampshire then Florida and now here"  That's when people say, "Oh wow", and I suddenly feel like I'm a gypsy. (not a bad thing and I think it may fit a bit)

I did finally get my website up and running. MY WEBSITE , I'll be putting more pieces on as I go.

We are going over to southern Arizona to Huachuca which is south of Tuscon and not too far from Tombstone. I wonder what inspiration I will get from the old West town.

So from the rodeo, a series started which I have fallen in love with. I am drawing with graphite on 184 lb toned paper, then painting the light with white gouache and following that a sepia wash.

I'm pleased to say they are popular. 

Since I'm loving the technique I decided to see how else I could use it.  This is the "Studio Assistant".

It was suggested that maybe do jumpers and Dressage in the same technique. I'm loving that idea also. I have a few more commission pieces to finish then the time is mine. Remember my word for the year..POWERFUL.  (Actually I may keep it forever)

We were able to get paint to match the colors of CiCiBlue and when we get to the next park, Bob will spray paint our sewer bay door.  I'm hoping that there will be a bit left over for little dings around her body.  We will also be able to see about getting our slide out toppers repaired and the awning that blew off over our entry door. And then..... yes, ongoing.  For now we know the engine is good, the tires will be checked on CiCi and on the car then we will be good to go.

A new friend who works here in the park asked me to do a portrait of her dog and I need it finished before we left and I just got back from the office showing her. The pthalo blue paint was jumping everywhere as it does so I brought the piece home so it will dry.

Well, need to go find our bed. Roger has been cleaning like a mad man and the bed is covered supplies. Lola is telling me she wants to get up there and stretch out so..yes, I'm trained.

Have a great night and I'll be back letting you know what's happening.


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