Monday, March 30, 2020

The Biggest Find EV_AH

I'm from Boston and still have the accent. LOL

So, my day!  Took my ride around the park and gas station and planned a list for Roger to go to the grocery store. Our friend Lois called and said she over heard someone say that Family Dollar was getting a shipment and would be open around 1 P.M.  So, Roger said...that was the plan.

As you know people started hoarding paper goods and wait..everything they could grab. Living in an RV fulltime, we can't store alot and frankly, we would not hoard.  We are down to one roll of toilet paper then , YES, Roger sent me this picture!!

I've been giddy all afternoon. And they are perfect for our system. BONUS!!

The next big thing was Amazon delivering a couple of things I ordered.

I wanted to try the copper knee sleeve. Right now, even though I measured it as it said, it's a bit tight but feels good.  I'll see how it goes and let you know in a few days.  My knee has been doing ok but I notice sometimes at night its a bit swollen.  I feel like it has a bit more protection with it on.

Oh, and the Benefiber? Somehow the M&M's just don't give me enough and with the stress right now I figured it wouldn't hurt.

It was a challenge painting a digitized photo as a painting.'s done and my client is happy. Getting Fed EX to come get it so I can ship it off.  Now on to the next couple. Thankful and Grateful.

So that's it for today. Waiting for Roger to come home so I can start the wiping down of everything that comes in including him.  As all of you, that's our new normal.

Just finished wiping groceries and sadly, people grabbed more than one package of toilet paper. 

But on a positive note before I post this, I started baking again after 5-6 years of our full timing. My daughter sends me her recipes she gets on Skinny Taste.  I've made muffins and doing that today, just waited on the eggs and tomorrow I'm going to make simple bagels without yeast.  (you so know what I'll be blogging about tomorrow and if they are fantastic I'll post the recipe)

So, have a great rest of the day and please stay safe.


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