Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Its Been A Summer and Now It's 4 days Til The End of 2020

 Well we did decide to travel to New Hampshire to work at our favorite camp ground. It felt funny without our Sammy but we did put "him" up on the front window to guide us.  He did a great job.

We arrived later than we would have liked but with the virus being new we were a bit hesitant.  Driving from Florida was actually quite uneventful and safe. Being self contained we have our own bathroom and "restaurant". Perfect way to travel.

We pulled into our spot and set up. It seemed funny without our Sammy and it did take Ozzie awhile to adjust.

Working this season was a bit different with the Covid 19 rules in place but we adjusted and everything went smoothly.  No one was allowed in the office but workers and we had a  plexiglass shield over the window where we could pass paperwork under.  Masks were worn and for awhile only seasonal campers were allowed in.  It was actually a successful season and now, it's coming to a close.   My daughter and her family live in Dover and we were able to go over to see them and keep our social distancing. Backyard fun dinners were great with laughter and constant chatter.  We so needed that. 

So, in between our work schedule we have 7 days off. Funny, one thinks you have so much time but it flies right by , so artwork I wanted to do just didn't get completed or started.  I do have another week so we'll see what happens.  To be honest we had a few weeks of freezing cold weather which had me doing watercolors indoors rather than my little studio. 

One of my big challenges was joining a world wide group of artists to create one of a kind panels celebrating dogs for a mural mosaic.  We were sent an 8" x 8"

The second panel I completed for the mural. Both got bids.

And now we are at the end of 2020. Thankfully.  The time here in Florida has been pretty much in isolation and painting. I'm laughing because that's basically the life of an artist.  So to end 2020 I'll just post a few of my latest paintings.  I'm starting to do a travel series from all of my reference photos. About time. 

In between my travel series I've been working on commissions. I'm sure like many or all of you, depression has been a "friend" in your lives.  My goal for 2021 is to just stay focused so wish me luck. 

Stay safe. The virus attacks differently. My daughter, her husband and her youngest daughter all had Covid and thankfully after two horrid weeks , got better.  But right now we have a friend of our son and daughter-in-law fighting for his life attached to a ventilator.  Having a "front row seat" to this insane virus is frightening.  God Bless the nurses and Doctors on the line everyday, 24/7. 

So, Happy and healthy New Year!!! 

It will be better!!



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