Thursday, July 16, 2015

A New Learning Curve

I have/had over 1000 pictures on my iPhone. Insane. My thought was loading them onto the Cloud on my Chromebook.  So, I plugged in my phone and started! Sounds easy doesn't it and maybe it is but when I went to look at them they were gone.  Now what!

After doing a goole search for "how to download photos from iphone to a chromebook", I found that I needed to download Google drive onto my phone.  Did that so now what? It said to make a new folder so I did one for "pictures from iPhone" then saw a red cross and hit that. took me to my photos where I clicked on a photo then hit yet one more arrow and it uploaded to my Chromebook Cloud.  Of course I need internet to view them, only one computer can get it, but I succeeded. Proud of myself!

Can you see what's on our kitchen windows? YES....raindrops!  Ah, the little things in life are so great!!

UPS just came and left me 4 stretched canvas that I ordered. I love getting art supplies! One for a commission and the others for anything that comes to mind. So excited.

That's all for today..I may go out and dance in the rain!!! Have a great night...



  1. That's clever, managing to transfer your photos. I'm still working out how to turn my new iphone On! wish me luck.

  2. It will be fun to hear about. Maybe have William give you a hand. :-) xx

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  4. these things are trick sometimes but its is fun to work them out,xx Rachel