Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Let It Rain Let It Rain Let It Rain

Well for a half hour it did today. And I'll take it. The temp dropped from 98 with the heat index at 108 to 79 degrees.  Crazy. From reading and from checking online news it looks though other states have it even worse.  Rain is causing flooding and tornados are crossing the country and all in all the weather has been insane.

The heat has also given me an incredible heat rash and that seems to be traveling everywhere. Ugh. Even with the two a/c's going it's been tough keeping the coach cool and for next summer we will definetly be traveling northward.

I have been keeping busy. This commissioned piece is 9" x 12" oil on canvas.  I am pleased how it turned out and I know my client will love it.  Now on to the next commission! I am so grateful that I have them coming in. 

So with the hot weather we haven't gone out on our Sea Trials with our new inflatable boat. However, I did get these cute shoes to wear when we do.  I have been wearing them around and they are so comfy and airy and you can wear them into the water.  They are by Keen.  Of course, after I purchased these I saw that they were available in purple. I LOVE purple.  When I am looking at my iPhone ads pop up and one is the purple pair of Keen Waterproof shoes! I know it's a sign!!! hahaha.

Took this the other evening as it gave promise of a storm. Just a promise. 

And finally, on this coming Friday, Lola is having a SPA DAY!! 

To trim or not to trim, a Newfie cut? or give her a summer puppy cut.?  Breeders would be horrified that I would even concider a cut that was not Breed spacific but with this heat I can see that she's really having a tough time.  Walks end with her pulling me towards the door of the coach and she goes right to the tile floor in the bathroom to lay down. I do know her fur also protects her from the heat but maybe there is a happy medium. Time will tell. I'll do a show and tell after her day.

This is Lola after our breeder friend gave her a wonderful spa day.  I'm hopful that she will look this adorable on Friday.  Isn't she cute!!

We are writing down things we need to "repair" or have checked before we head out for our mini vacation in September. One thing was a noise that was in our bedroom. With the A/C on at night a rattle started that sounded like the fan might be going. We sighed a group "oh lord" and rolled over and put the covers over our heads. Well last evening it started again. Our night time ritual starts after our 8 o'clock walk to the park with the kids.  I then put on the back A/C unit and close the curtains throughout the coach.  Lola goes right in and climbs up on our bed and plunks in the middle of the bed. Roger does computer things til about 8:30 or 9:00 but I head in to read or watch a show.  Then I go in with Ozzie jumping in beside me and Sammy jumping in beside Lola. Roger then comes in and we need to rearrange bodies which means Lola goes to "her bed", Ozzie moves over and Sammy "Scootches".  Last night I had to go back out to the kitchen and coming back in heard the rattling of metal. Sigh. Then I remembered that across the top near the ceiling, the other owners had a curtain rod across to use as a clothes hanging rod. I reached up and grabbed it and....YES!!!!! The rattled stopped.!!!! Our A/C is fine. Group Cheer!!!!

To end, I then have to body check Ozzie to move over more so my butt can get into the bed and with my feet, "Scootch" Sammy a bit further down the bed so my legs can somehow get in. And I say I'm not flexible..Ha!!!

Have a great night and stay safe!!


Sammy had a his yearly check up last week and we found out he's in great health and has amazing flexibility for a 10 year old dog! I am excitied!!!

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