Monday, August 3, 2015

Getting Ready To Take My Shift

Well as you know, Murphy's Law kicked in just as the owners were getting ready to leave.  Wendy stayed since 10 rv's with ATV's and many people came in last night, but the plan was to leave bright and early Sunday morning.  Friday afternoon the pool pump broke then a water pump went soon after.  Monday the pool man will come and fix things up and the hope is that they can leave on Tuesday.  I have my yellow spiral notebook with all sorts of things I need to remember so I think I'm all set. Ha, famous last words. So, tomorrow I start my duties! I'll bring my paints and easel and work in great air conditioning!

So, our steps stopped working. They are pretty rusted and we could see a slight hole until I stepped down with bare feet and felt the stair piece give way. I was fine but now we worry about paws. After calling our extended warranty company, I called Rick, our go to Mobile Rv mechanic.  We are to get an estimate from him after he figures what we need to get it fixed, then submit that to our company.  Rick is coming up on this Friday so we will see.

Roger is looking at the Work Camping site and just saw a job in Sacramento that was a 2 day job doing what we do now. Full hook up plus they pay $800 a month.  Ah, I don't think so. Tempting but my luck we'd have an earthquake, flood and mud slide all at once.  (Sheila, just paint.)

We had a few days of rain which was nice. Scrabble days, reading and a few naps. I focused and got another painting ready to go, so it was good.

This is what Lola and Sammy do when it rains here  They look so good don't they?  Angels. What you don't see is the paper towel roll torn to shreds on the floor and the door under the sink opened so someone could attack the garbage.  Sigh, wouldn't have it any other way.

Have a great evening and wish me luck on keeping the RV park up and running!! 


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