Thursday, August 20, 2015

WooHoo They Are Home

A huge welcome home!!! I have to say it was so much fun "running" an RV park. People were great that came in, except for the one no pay, but he comes in all the time so Wendy knows him.  This last week started getting a little nerve wracking because callers wanted to be here in January, February and March and we are pretty full and booked.  Wendy knows how to juggle so it's a relief to have her home.

So, brushes are getting ready to fly. I am starting a new comic book about Lola and The Boys. This time I wanted it to have larger illustrations and more vibrant color. So, I went on line shopping. (shhhh) What did I get???

Tombow pens! I used them ages ago for some illustration work I was doing and knew how vibrant they can be. A brush on one end and point on the other. You may also use them with a watercolor technique.

Sketching out ideas.

I'm using the whole 11" x 16" page for some of the artwork. 

Tombow pens also come with a clear pen that you may use to blend colors together.  As you see I'm still in my planning and experimenting phase. I'm excited to begin. I need to wait til our September vacation in Georgia to start since I have paintings to finish for clients. Working at the park has me a little backwards. I'll be focusing for the next few days and getting things finished.

Then on September 18, we celebrated Ozzie's 4th birthday. I got bones for 3, and those were grabbed right away. The orange toy with the ribbon ends went right to Lola. Sammy chose the double ball toy and we bring that to the park so he can play.  Frosty Paws were searched for at the store but not there so I bought small vanilla hoodsies.  We all celebrated.!!!

Poor Sammy is still scratching. So bad that he refuses to go into the dog park . Now I know for sure what it is. There are two ferrell cats in the park.  Next week I will be taking Ozzie down to see our vet and getting flea spray for our coach and spray for the park.  Giving Sam a flea bath tomorrow and I am spraying him with the soothing spray.  At night he gets a Benedryl so he can have a good nights snooze.  They all had their Sentinel and I see Ozzie and Lola not scratching as much but poor Sam is definitely allergies to these nasty things. 

So, there you have it. I can take off my Park Ranger hat for the time being and get to painting.
What did I learn? That 99% of the people I have spoken to on the phone or met here as they came in are terrific. Matter of fact, a couple came in the other day and we bonded over our R.V's and we plan on staying in touch.  Connie, Allan's wife, taught me how to do more than 3 items in my washer/dryer. I am thrilled!!! They just got a,new to them, 42 ' rig and learning about that one after having a much smaller RV. Allan saw our pool noodle on our windshield wipers. It's cut to fit so the wiper is off the glass. Loved the idea. I saw it on one other person during the winter. So fun exchanging ideas. Small things but huge when you are traveling and living in an RV.

So, have a great night. Storms are rolling in so we are expecting rain. Love hearing it pound down on the roof. 




  1. Glad your tenure as boss went well. I really like that sandhill crane!

    1. Thank you Judith!!! I was glad too. Thanks about the crane. I can hardly wait to work some more on it!!!