Sunday, September 6, 2015

Our First Day On The Road And First Stop

We finally left about 1:15 P.M. A little later than our 11:00 A.M. estimated departure. Ah, those small pesky things, do they come, do they stay? A little bit of both!

It was my first time riding in CiCi Blue as well as Sammy's and Lola. Buckled in and off we went.

Lola watched the road making sure we weren't going to hit those funny sounding bumps even though if we came close Mumma would do a funny, "Lalalalala" song so Dad would know. Better than OMG you're going to go over the funny sounding bumps.

Finally Lola settled down at my feet. For three and a half hours. 

Sammy finally settled and feel asleep. They all were wearing their collars and their leads are right beside me. My goal is to have them all wear their harnesses and be buckled in. I knew the stress level would be high this trip and knew they needed to be close.  Needless to say last night we were all in bed and asleep at 8:30. 

Passing Daytona. Absolutely loving the ride!!!! The tape in front is covering a gap that the wind comes in.  Poor CiCi Blue....but she ran beautifully!!! (Roger and I both put the white light all around her before we left the park)

Looking out our front window at our site in Golden Isles RV Park.  This is the over nighter area. The full time people, and there are many, are separated by rows of day lilies.  When we parked and got everything settled both Roger and I were dizzy as we walked through the coach. Tired we thought. After taking the dogs out this morning we noticed one side in front was higher than the rest so we were at a tilt. Ah those sneaky air bags. Roger lowered them and we are level.

So here we sit. Not a thing to do!!!! Hahaha. Not a thing to worry about.  It's 77 out and feels like 77. I'm actually chilly. I'm accustomed to 95 and feels like 113.  Not one bead of perspiration is on me, and, I may put on a shirt, with long sleeves!!!!  People with cars have gone traveling for the day but we are just happy to do..nothing. (Ok, I am going to do some laundry and probably a painting while watching the weather channel. ) Once we get to Big Hart Campground we have to watch our water use since we only have electric and water but no sewer.

Where is Ozzie's picture you ask? He was sound asleep on the couch behind me as he is a seasoned traveler in the Coach.

Oh, going to the loo while in motion. Similar to being in an airplane, wobbling down the aisle. But unlike being in a closed box with no windows in an airplane, the rig has you sitting with you moving backwards, with a window beside you as you watch the world passing very quickly and trucks speeding by. Yes, I started to get seasick.  Will I ever do that again...NO.  I was feeling like I was in Robin Williams Movie "RV".  I even had trouble with my seat belt.  Hysterical.

How do I like traveling in our Allure?  I LOVE it. 

Have a great day..