Saturday, September 5, 2015

Tightening Down The Hatches And Stowing The Gear

Ah, love that Navy talk...and you should hear the songs I know!!!!! Those Submariners sure know how to sing!

So today we are off on another Sea Trial. We had the A/C units blown out last week but they are still leaking. So Sub like isn't it? There is another leak going down beside the front door, (the only door), and we have plastic steps to let us go in and out. Roger jury rigged a plastic tupperware bottom to swing under the bedroom leak, it works, but oh my heart we look like gypsies.  We are though aren't we in a way?

Took Ozzie to his vet to get his shots and told Dr. Mike about them all scratching. He couldn't see any fleas so thought a possible flea allergy. Benedryl for all. It will help on our voyage today because they are sensing we are doing something important and they are stressing. Or is it us stressing.!!!

Hoping to have an internet signal at the campground so I can still chat with you but if not....sigh, boo,hiss.

Our Grandson Logan's first High School football game.

My son Jamie with me coming up the rear. I look so tiny. First time ever. hahaha.

A 10" x 10" finished commission. So sweet. 

Now on vacation I get to paint anything I want.  Ha, probably other commissions so I can get them done! Love it!!

Ok, off to polish the periscope and secure the galley. If we take a turn we don't want the dishes to jump out at us.  

Have a great day and we will chat soon!!!


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