Tuesday, October 6, 2015

A Little Bit Of This And A Bit Of That..

Thought I would just do a show and tell of our journey! We spent two nights at a truck stop and I have to say it was actually fun. Our CiCi Blue was transformed into a "sub" and we were just fine.  The trucks came and went. We did meet one trucker who felt bad we were broke down. I asked him how long truckers needed to stay at the stop and he said they can drive around 12 to 15 hours (if I remember correctly) but had to rest for 10. Some did and of course, some didn't. As they came in not an inch of space was wasted.  The rigs would back into their spaces and leave, seriously, inches of space between other trucks and us.  I could have reached out and touched the rig next to us. (Almost).

What we look like inside with our slides pulled in. Now, picture 3 large dogs and two large humans maneuvering about the coach! No humans or animals were injured during this time.

Every bit of space is used when on the move. The shower worked perfectly for laundry, art supplies and other odds and ends. I even see a garbage bag in there!!

I was excited about my time to drive but Roger fell in love with driving and I never got a chance on this trip.

Lola was a wreck every time we started to roll. The only place she was content was at my feet. Sammy, however, just snugged up on the blanket and slept. A boy after my own heart. Ozzie was asleep on the couch.

View from my seat. I had to get accustomed to seeing that white line. Looking out at the rear view mirror I could see were still inside the line but from where I was it looked like we were on top or over it.  I would wave my hand every so often to let Roger know to get to the left a bit. He was fine. (Loss of control on my part.) 

CiCi Blue drove beautifully coming home. We were holding our breath though. Even Sammy.

When the stress got to be too much...Lola is a great pillow.

And we made it back safe and sound. 

Our plan? We need to get the coach worked on that's for sure. We are making a list of "needed" things. This week we have been concentrating on getting the RV Park looking good for the returning people and I have been rearranging my art supplies getting ready to get back to working my art full time once again.  Once we are in the dry season I can set up a little area outside as a "studio". I'll keep you posted on that. 

Ok, have a great night. Roger put a new water filter in the coach and our water pressure is amazing.!!! Yes happiness is a great shower spray!!!



  1. You two are amazing! Maybe just maybe, if you didn't have to return "home", you would have been stuck in the flood of the century....that could have been worse.

    1. What's really freaky Judy is that we originally had planned to go to Myrtle Beach to visit relatives. We have been saying the exact same thing!! Crazy!