Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Why Commissions And The Blog Are Behind

Huge sigh! No, not complaining, because without workamping we would be living under a bridge in a box.  Didn't you hear that huge groan the other day when the government said that Social Security people wouldn't be getting the annual cost of living raise? Something to do with the lower cost of gas this past summer. I heard one commentator say that he wasn't sure how that could be, since most of the senior citizens don't drive. We wondered too.

Like others who full time, we live on our Social Security. Out of that comes our RV payment, insurance for car and RV, health insurance, car payment, food, medical for dogs and their food and our electric here at the campground. Then repairs for the rig. Can you say "tight?" Would I go back? Not a chance!!!

The snowbirds will be flying back in in full force come November 1st. Roger and I are hard at work painting the bathroom shower stalls, window sills and door frames.  I try and work mornings so I can paint my work in the afternoon.

I've been calling it prison gray but I have to say it looks clean.  You can see over the windows the frame is a salmon color. That will go.

So, on another note, my favorite pj's! Fleece. Ozzie hates fleece. Last winter I bought a fuzzy purple blanket for the bed and he started biting holes in it. By the end of the season to keep warm I'd put my arm through the holes to keep the blanket around me.  I had been really careful of these pj's. The other day I took them out of the washer dryer, folded them and laid them on the bed. Put them on that night and felt a breeze! Can you say SAD!!!

Our little spot of heaven. I went inside for a moment and when I returned Sammy had my chair. He stresses when the other two kids bark so he will either climb up on me or if I'm not there, my chair. Such a goof.

Ok, now to paint. I'm grateful for our job here at the campground and grateful for my gift of art. Come November, the preparations for the winter months will be done.  People will love it!!

So my Etsy store is now open.  Sheila Wedegis Art  I'll be putting more and more up, hopefully daily, but soon it will be!!  If you have suggestions or would like to see your pet in paint please let me know. No purchase will be required. Just fun! Have a great night!!



  1. I was bummed about no COLA too. It's never much $$, but over a few years, it all adds up. I read that they figure our increases on the wrong information. The things we seniors buy the most (such as meds and doctors which are always increasing big time) are not included, and other things that are included are more the things a family or younger people buy most often. That's just wrong - where are our representatives who should be looking out for US? :(

    1. It's crazy and so unfair. Roger gets heart meds and they are so expensive even with our insurance. I can't imagine what people do who don't have the extra money to buy their meds. They go without. Shameful!