Sunday, May 22, 2016

Hot Day, Quick Post

Ok, I'm pleased! A little glare here but you get the gist. Loved how he came out. Someone's baby!  Tomorrow onto a new piece and hopefully finally finish one that I keep avoiding.  Sigh.

I paint in a small space and today wore my clean shorts. It's hot and humid out there. Pthalo blue tends to be my nemesis. When ever I use it it seems to jump all over me. Ah, but not today. I wasn't using it. It was Pthalo Green.  For pete's sake.  Rubbed turps into it then grabbed my faithful brush cleaner. I'm hopeful that when I wash these that stain will come out.  Well, for one thing if you ever came across me somewhere you would know who I was...covered in small hair balls from the dogs and stained paint over my clothes. Hiding my good clothes in the closet til I go up to NH in a few weeks for our granddaughters recital. 

Just chillin today! I'm also happy to report that there were no breakages today in the coach! (holding breath), no wait, our ice machine is dying yet again. When is Mercury out of Retrograde????

Have a great night..


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