Thursday, June 2, 2016

Now It's A Waiting Game

I now place a weekly call to our RV repair group. Now it's a waiting game. This weeks call I'm sure is giving the receptionist pangs of guilt, but we did find out they are lacking workers.  I think Florida is in Caribbean time, which means, "when we get to it mon". I'm not referring to the RV company but to workers in the South. We have heard many times over that the work ethic is much different than that in the Northern states. If it's the temperature difference I can well understand.

So, here we sit. Since I believe there are no coincidences in life and seeing the accidents and awful storms around the country, maybe it's not such a bad thing to wait!

This is an older photo but the general felling of "when do we go". 

So, some decisions were made since we last chatted. Since it's getting so late we told the owners of the park we would stay again this year while they went home on vacation. Pretty sure the first two weeks of July. Yes, once again we will run amok through the park!!! (Not really..but it's fun to say) Then when we return in the Fall, we will continue to work and I'll manage my painting time.  I can do this!! 

Another oldie but goodie. I have been thinking that I will do a few painting videos from my incredibly "large" area here.  It will serve two purposes, one you get to see me working and two, you will understand what I mean when I say "no excuses". If you have the desire there is no reason why you just can't do it! 

And finally today, moi!! I'm tellin' you ladies, back lighting is the way to go to take away wrinkles and years off your face. ;-) And yes, the hair is actually cut asymmetrical.  

So off to the dog park with the kids. Just got a notice that a storm was 10 miles away. 

Have a great night and chat tomorrow!


  1. Yes, and backlighting also takes one eye and most of your mouth and nose off your face as

  2. Yes, and backlighting also takes one eye and most of your mouth and nose off your face as

  3. Love this! I'm glad you're staying put for a bit. It does seem to be a weird time for strange things to happen.

    You look great even in the worst of lighting. I love the hair. It's perfectly asymmetrical and spunky.

    Can't wait to watch the painting videos. I can't for the life of me wrap my head around how you see the final product from such an early brush stroke. Your artistic mind is light years ahead of mine. It will be fun to see how you think!
    Hope you're all enjoying the storms. Looking forward to the next post!

    1. Thanks Pamela!!! I'll start the videos when I get back from visiting family in NH. I'm excited too!!!
      Have a great 10 days!! xxx