Saturday, July 23, 2016

The Owners Have Returned

So the owners have returned and my stint at minding the office is over. Back to my regular life. The RV repair update. Left yet another message. Hopefully this week will bring them to us and our tow dolly arrives. I believe in miracles!!

Mooo. An 8" x 8" watercolor of a calf. A friend/client sent me a photo and asked for first dibs on the finished piece and happy to say she loved it. Off to it's new home come Monday!

This is my Lola. Watercolor and gouache and a bit of white gel pen on 300lb paper. I have been participating in #worldwatercolormonth on facebook painting a watercolor a day.  I get this look from her everymorning, well, every second of the day! She's such a love.  All my watercolors of this size, square format, are $75.00.
                                                                      Purchase Here

I was tired today, probably a bit of a letdown that I didn't have to be anywhere this morning or watch for anyone to come in or leave.  I decided to play with watercolor and ink.  I haven't listed this on on Daily Paintworks as yet.  If you are interested you can contact me here

So how do you end your day? The heat here has been high 90's with the heat index of 107 to 110 some days. It may not be too crazy in a stick and brick house but this summer in our RV, even with our insulation and great a/c, it's been hot. Afternoons I hop onto the bed to rest, read mail, play games on my phone, maybe even snooze.  All three dogs want to join me. This is Ozzie looking a little perturbed that I said his name and he had to look up. Sorry Bud!!

So that's it for today.

Kick back and relax. Cheers!!!


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