Friday, August 5, 2016

Guess What's Coming?!

                                                               OUR TOW DOLLY

The American Tow Dolly company makes their product then delivers each one to their owners and actually shows you how to use it.  We are also purchasing an extra tire from them and possibly a ball hitch. Since we can't drive anywhere as yet due to an awning that needs springs, we aren't able to measure what we need.  They are due in Florida the beginning of next week then will call and set up a time for delivery!! EXCITED!!!

Still massively hot here in Florida and finally it rained after a whole month dry. We are surrounded by dry woods here so the rain is so welcome.

Not much to tell you about but I have been busy painting. As you know I got back into watercolors and have been successful with selling so that's been a huge bonus for our income in our CiCi Blue. My personal goal is to save 5K a year for repairs. A LOOONG way off from that but I'll keep on working.

I recently finished and sold this beauty. 8" x 10" oil on canvas.  


                                 8" x 8" watercolor on 300lb paper just waiting for a new home!

The dog days of summer!!! Sammy conked out the other afternoon..actually I just looked over and he's doing the same thing now.  Smart boy!

So, one other thing is I actually got a call from our repair guy. He's waiting for our rear view camera/radio to arrive. (One small man rowing it from china) He did say that our warranty company approved all our repairs so that's a good thing.  Wait....waiting....and yet again....wait.

Chat again soon hopefully with great news of repairs and us actually moving.  


PS...Interested in a portrait of your beloved pet??? 

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