Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Morning Rush

Last week I painted an 18" x 18" oil of my granddaughter Kelsey for the Boston Community Dance Project of which she is an apprentice for the summer. Their big dance event is coming up and since it's called "Spiritualize", Kelsey asked for something along that line.

Umbrellas have always been a symbol to me of protection. Our parents. When I lost my parents 6 days apart, I remember thinking that I no longer had the umbrella over me and I was now the umbrella for my children.  Then after I found out that my DNA test was a different heritage than I had grown up to believe and the deja vu experience I had in Scotland, I started reading about DNA memory.  What do we carry with us from generation to generation, good and bad.  My art, Kelsey's dancing.  She has never been just an ok dancer. She has been an extraordinary dancer, feeling every note of the music and conveying it in her body and facial expression.  (Yes I know, I'm her grandmother..but the room full of trophies and awards back my story).

So, there she is flying through the air and I wonder, where did this come from? How many generations before us have passed this talent, one by one, until it comes out in this amazing burst of talent that she displays.  The painting is called "Generations" and you know what the umbrellas represent. 

My daughter needed business cards for this event and that was the morning rush today. 

 Whew, now for another cup of coffee, some lunch and start my painting day!!!

Oh and call my rv repair guy!!!


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