Monday, December 19, 2016

My Gifts For Christmas

I have to say we have everything we need and if we don't, oh well, and where would we put it now in the RV. There is one thing though that I really wanted, well two things, and I got it.

The stress from dealing with the RV park and cleaning the bathrooms took it's toll. I had great help but I realized it's not what I should be doing for my happiness and making a living while on the road.

I bought my plein air easel and gave my notice at the park that I'm not going to be doing the cleaning any more. Shooting myself in the foot Sheila? It has covered our rent. I'm thankful, but now it's time to get back to my passion and hopefully my clients old and new will love what I create and keep us going. I'm finding my happiness again and I'm loving it.

A new venue for our lights. Friday night street fairs and sales. It was a late night getting home, we forgot how much work it is lugging our stuff to our car after breaking down, but sales!! We plan on doing it again monthly until we head out on the road.

I paint on copper but sometimes Roger may need a square for a sail for the wind chimes. Great sound and people loved them. Hmm, maybe you will see paintings on the sails! Note to self...good idea!!

Our friend Dan was kind enough to get on our roof and give it a good scrubbing. I think he took 2 hours to do the whole area and it looks fantastic. We will need to reseal around the vents up there eventually but for now he said it looks great. Now my job is to do the sides. I have a wet and dry unit that washes with one side then flip it over and dry with the other. Love it. No water needed, just the spray cleaner. I'll do a show and tell the day I use it. You can see the shine on the slide out in the photo above. It cleans and polishes!!

Our next repair is the battery cage. Our friend Bob is going to help us fix that. So thankful for good friends!

Our Ozzie chillin'. That's what I plan on doing now. Christmas is a few days away and I was able to order something fun for Roger and I today and get it shipped in time for the day. I'll do the show and tell on that one too when it comes in.

What am I working on? Commissions...another show and tell after they go to their respective homes. Really late this year due to working here but it's all good. Lesson what you love. I was finally able to go to the chiropractor again today and get adjusted. The stress settled into my shoulders, and no manipulation helped, so my Doctor recommended trigger point shots. One in each muscle of my shoulders and one each side a little lower on my back.  All natural to help the muscle to relax.  Tuesday I have an appointment for another adjustment and a deep tissue massage. Another Merry Christmas to me!!!

There you have life is finally getting back to normal, laundry, dogs, Roger, friends. Oh, and my blog!!

Have a great night!!! See you tomorrow!


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