Thursday, December 1, 2016

The Sams Come Rolling In

Roger gets up before me and someone sneaks up and lays next to me. She's so quiet. I open one eye and I swear she hears it and then she leans over and licks my closed eye socket. I am always wiping her eyes so she must think it's the thing to do as a love gesture but I am always thinking my eyes lids are going to glue themselves together with Newfie spit. How do you not love her though.

We get up, get dressed, put on her pink collar and out we go to the dog park. Today I knew would be busy.
With a cup of coffee in hand, off I went to the office.  December 1st is rent day so people started to come. One, two sips of coffee, more people, three..oh's getting big gulp, more people. Then the group called Rolling Sam's started to come in. Greetings and placements, more people, checking bathrooms and the guys painting. One man's unit was too large for the site we chose so back to the office to find him a larger site. 1 P.M..  Wow the coffee was now really cold and no breakfast and past lunch.  I get to use the golf cart at the park so I drove up to the small store and got a sandwich, eating as I drove.  Waving here and stopping there because someone has a question, then hoping I make it to my rig to hook the cart up because I will be pushing it soon unless it gets recharged.  2:15 P.M.  Time to hide in my coach for an hour.  Nope. Back to the office for someone else.

The tables were decorated for the group but a few of my crew. Love them!!

Decorations for Christmas by the office. Shirley did a fantastic job.

The day came to a close with friends around the campfire and a glass of wine. Thank you's to the friends that were sitting with me and text the guys that spent the day covered in paint chips and paint. Another thing I've learned. Don't take the people that help you out for granted. 

Now I'm home with my furkids that haven't seen me all day, along with Roger who got quick glimpses as I drove by waving. I noticed last night that the movie The Jungle Book just came out on Netflix. That's my plan for tonight if my can keep my eyes open and hoping tomorrow will be calmer. Ha!

Have a great night and thank you for being with me!!


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