Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Day 1 On The Road

So my plan is to do a blog about the good and bad of RV repair shops across the country. The ins and outs of their tiny rooms. Coffee ? Extra goodies? Windows in their tiny rooms and is there color added there too?

We left Wellington Camping Park, a place I love, about 11:30 A.M. after packing, loading and hobbling. We were all set. CiCi Blue was running perfect, a little loud but still going great. Hurricane Jose was coming closer to the east coast so we did run into some rain but still, she was doing fantastic. 

So, when you get into Connecticut heading towards New York, you run into HILLS! The first group we did great but then the one that seemed to have a but longer grade, CiCi started to slow. Then, really started to go S-l-o-w to the point we weren't sure she'd make it. We were yelling "GO..GO" like she could hear us and we made it to the top. Roger said, "so, what do you want to do?" I replied with, "Pull over and stop. I don't want to end up on a hill and not being able to go further" So we did and called Coach.net our go to people for breakdowns.

I put out our triangle warning thingys and we sat waiting for our return call letting us know where we could drive to to have her checked out. And voila', here we are at Freightliner. They also deal with Cummins engines so we are confident. The manager went uner really quickly when we arrived and pulled out a broken clamp and said there was a hole in our exhaust. (deer in headlight look here)

So, here we are again....to be continued!!


Drinking wine!!!!!

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