Thursday, September 21, 2017

The Wait

So here we sit, slanted, outside the bays at Five Star Fire. Yes, we did try to level but the pitch is so that our bags said, ahhh, no way. Another thing on our list of repairs..air bags. It's not too bad, the list, but we only opened up the passenger side slide. 

They did tell us it may not be until Friday that they "look" at us so we are in that waiting mode. I'm foreseeing a weekend here. At least we have our car so if we need anything we can get it. So as of now, no news. 

Unfortunately, the bedroom slide is on the drivers side so I sleep out on the jackknife couch. The first night was pure hell. The couch is old so I felt every bit of steel in the frame and Ozzie slept on my legs. Needless to say my back is really hurting. We forgot that we had a foam pad in the car that would have helped. Duh. Last night it was on there! Back still hurts but it will get better! As you can see the kids are thrilled with the foam pad. 

Roger took this yesterday as I realized that we were here for a bit. Yes, discouraged, but today a bit more hopeful. Watching Hurricane Maria and hearing no one really knows where it will come close to. One path was really close to where we would/will be in North Myrtle Beach. So did the Universe have us slow down? Or was it that horrid bump on 295 N in Virginia that did it. Ha ha. Positive thought is that when it's repaired we can actually have a conversation standing outside next to CiCiBlue and not have to scream. Yes, it's that loud. Funny, I've been telling Roger that when I go nto the bathroom while we are traveling that it's really loud back there. How do people sleep while they travel? I don't remember it ever being that loud before? So, all and all this is a good thing and we never seem to get to where we are going when we are "supposed" to be there. Maybe that's the life of a gypsy. 

I finally got out of my slump and grabbed my watercolor pad and supplies. Easier to use while we are in wait mode. I've had the picture on my phone since we were in Georgia a few years ago and finally decided it may be a fun piece to paint. Lola never went past her waist but this year in the river actually swam. It will be fun to see what she does at the river in California.

Five Star Fire is, I believe the go to place for RV break downs. I have read great reviews about the service and they sell fire engines! What a hoot. My Dad used to bring me to the fire station as a kid and I loved it. So, in their front office I could buy a whole outfit, boots and all. You have to find the fun side of all life's trials and tribulations.

Ok, going to raid the fridge and find something for breakfast. I'll keep you updated when we find out stuff. Have a great day and find the fun things in your life today!!


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