Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Update Of Living In California On Lake Havasu

It's been about 2 months and a few weeks since we have been here. I will say it has taken some getting accustomed to but now since I have conquered the 10 mile crazy twisty road over the mountain and realized the volcanic rocks that remind me of Mars are cool, I'm loving it.

The Whipple mountains are over 3 million years old. 3 Million. I can't even fathom that as we drive through them. You see a regular hill of stone and flora coming up from it, (I always thought it looked like a sleeping animal) then from that this rock juts angrily out of it and going in a totally different direction from what you would think.

My imagination takes me to a time of great change and many volcanic explosions here. Then on our way to Lake Havasu City we need to drive south to cross over a small bridge in order to drive 95 North in Arizona. By the bridge you see again the volcanic rocks where houses are built. So was this area once totally underwater? I'll venture out again and take pictures of some of the mountain formations that I am in awe of. You will be able to see the, to me, incredible change of direction in the way the rocks are moving. What a time it must have been.

The sky changes rapidly here too. One minute we are looking at clear skies then look up again and we see cloud formations. They are saying rain. Last month the joke was we felt one drop then the sun was out but the regulars here say, yes, it does rain. I would be surprised.

And..I was!!! I sat myself right up in the drivers seat and watched it. The mountains in the distance totally gone. The sand and dirt, soaked and puddles formed since there is no place for it to drain. Very different soil then Florida.

Lola barked at the sound of the rain hitting our roof. It's been over three months since we have experienced this phenomena! I even got excited because I could wear my cute rain boots, and I did! The puddles are still out there today even with the sun. It will be curious to see how long it takes for them to dry up.

The people are really friendly, waving as we travel on the long windy, twisty road over the mountain. The commonality is we are all in the middle of no where and I'm beginning to love it. Where else do you get to see fighter planes, all kinds, flying and circling over the Lake. The AFB in Vegas trains the best fighter pilots the country has. Were else do you get to see wild Burros walk right up to you or empty out your cardboard box of stuff to eat the box at 2:00 A.M., or groups of Quails or the occasional Road Runner go by.

I'll say I wouldn't have missed this for the world!! 

Have a great really is all about the little things in life.


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