Sunday, April 29, 2018

Black Meadow Landing And Beyond To Florida

At the end of February the group decided it may be fun to leave and go to the south east area of Arizona that was near Tombstone.  Our friends found an RV Park, Mountain View RV Park in Huachuca City.  It would take us two days to reach it so we found a half way stop in Gila Bend. Holt Shell RV park is right behind a gas station and a Subway shop.. It would have been a great overnight stop with hookups but alas, it was full. I think with fulltime or long term visitors. It has a great monthly rate so why not.

We stayed that evening in the parking lot and enjoyed Subway.

The next day we did get to Mountain View and stayed a month. Nice sites and a small enclosed dog park. Of course it's desert so dirt and dust and stone but close to so many fun things. Fort Huachuca, Tombstone, Elgin and their many wineries and small really good restaurants. We also went to Bisbee. Another copper mining town with fun stores, hotel and..hills. Lots of stairs around that town going to peoples homes. Bet they have great legs!

Then our journey back to the east coast.

The plan was drive so many miles then stay two nights before we set out again. Here is a list of our stops and a brief summary of what they were like. r

 Hi-Lo RV Ranch Deming, New Mexico.  Good site with free wi-fi . Quiet, safe with a desert landscape.  With Passport America I believe it was $17.00 a night plus tax

We left there on April 6 and arrived later that day in Van Horn, Texas at Desert Willow Rv Park . $14.00 a night and basically, go find a spot, park. Roger came back from the office and I asked him which was our site and he said the owner just said, "pick one over in the field" . Full hook ups, not so great wi-fi but right next to the train tracks. Some may not care for that but I loved it.  We did stay there for three nights do to some high winds that came in. Driving on I 10, they would have hit us broad side. So we left on Monday.

Next stop...South Llano Rv Park, Junction, Texas  I think $20.00 a night. At this point the packing up, the unpacking every two days is starting to wear thin. LOL   It's a new park, big sites, pullthrough, wi-fi and a nice view of the river that the dogs can swim in. Ozzie did, Lola got her toes wet. We stayed two nights then on to....

Does Texas ever end?? Happy Oaks Rv Park, Allyton, Texas   $20.00 a night passport America. Wi-fi if you sit on their front porch and maybe three large sites for larger RV's.  A lot of full time people, but a horse that saved the day for me in the field next to the park. Not so happy there. But again, just off the highway and ok for a quick stop.

We traveled on April 13, Friday. None of us spoke of it until we stopped that evening knowing we were all there without incident. Another Oak park Quiet Oaks RV Park, Kinder, La. Two nights was $54.80 with tax. Again, quite a few full time people but the site was a pull thru and we fit. Snug, but we fit! A storm cam in that evening and thankfully missed us but tornadoes hit just ahead of us. A huge clap of thunder did wake us about 4:00 A.M. but other than that and rain we were fine.

The drive to our next stop was thru some strong winds hitting us broadside. CiCiBlue did good but we did worry about the smaller lighter rigs passing us. A strong gust could have them sitting right up front with us.  On to Mississippi.

Oak Lawn RV Park  Ok, it sounded like a cemetery name.. Two nights and large pull throughs here. Two nights with tax, $57.78  We chose Good Sam or Passport America parks the best we could and they really pay for themselves if you get them.

The next stop was Sunset King RV Resort $40.00 a night and a Good Sam resort. So probably 37.00 a night. This park was nice but really crowded. The sites are staggered so you get a large space between rigs. It's on a lake so there is fishing, boating, etc. Again we stayed two nights and this was the last park we would be with our friends in. They were heading south into Florida's west coast to find a place for next winter while we were heading back to our start park and the east coast to see family and friends.

Lake City Rv Resort, Lake City, Florida. Ok..I loved this park. They have coffee and cookies in the club house 24/7. 😆 Dogs can't be tied outside, so no dogs jumped out at us or were running loose through the park. It was kept pristine and a lovely, tightly fenced dog park with a basket of tennis balls that Ozzie proceeded to take each one out and put on the ground. $40.00 a night and we stayed two nights.

That Saturday we arrived at Crystal Lake Rv Park where we have been and were greeted by friends and family. WE DID IT!!!

2,178 miles from California to Scottsmoor, Florida. CiCiBlue did amazing.

Fuel cost: $992.09  With Flying J or Pilot cards I believe we do get a 10% discount on that and the bill comes in at different times depending on when we purchased the fuel.

So there it is...The good, bad and the ugly so to speak. We research, plan and paint our way through our adventures. We will leave here on this coming Thursday and head north to Myrtle Beach to visit Roger's cousins then slowly go up to New Hampshire for the summer.

Thanks for following along....


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