Saturday, April 14, 2018

Where In The World Is ... Not Carmen Santiago

Traveling to our next destination and on a mission of sorts to GET there I forget where we are. It's the end of the season and our summer plans are in New Hampshire but we wanted to spend a week in Florida seeing friends and family. Roger reminds me I'm living the dream, we are, but I think next adventure do it a bit different. Stay a few weeks here and there then move on.

So after Van Horn, Texas  we traveled to Junction, Texas.  Nice campground on the South Llano River and not many people there. The night before we left we all went to town and had Texas BBQ. Well, I had turkey, not a big BBQ eater and I will say the plate was loaded and it was yummy.

Lums BBQ

We have been staying two nights before we roll off again but there are times I wished we would stay three. The winds have been strong out on I 10 East. Roger gets tired but I will say he's been driving fantastic across the country. 

Our next stop was Alleyton, Texas. Small park right off I 10 and unless you sat on their porch, no strong cell signal or internet. At least for my Chromebook. However, the saving point was looking our my dinning room window and seeing the golden Palomino up in the next field. I grabbed my camera and ran up to say hello. He popped his head right over the fence for a few pats then went back to eating. I'm sure it was.."No treats? I'm outa here".  One of the small things that makes travelling special, along with hearing that train at night. Love it.

Off we go again. This time to where we are now, Kinder, Louisiana. Quiet Oaks Rv Park. It seems these small parks are for full time people working near by on the oil rigs or plants. They leave early in the day and come home around 5:30 or 6:00 P.M.. Beer, laundry and bed to do it again the next day.

A storm came over last night, the huge clap of thunder waking us at 4:10 A.M. then me watching the tornado warnings that were just beside or above us. Needless to say we're fine. 

Got to remember to feed the girl!! 

When ever we arrive Sammy jumps up into the drivers seat. He's been getting us from town to town throughout the adventure.

I loved the way the bridges criss crossed. On our way towards Houston then we went 610 around the city. (along with 6000 of our closest friends..😆) It did finally thin out.

I'm not a fan of bridges and I saw this one from a distance and all I could say was "Oh My God" It looked like it went straight up to a peak then straight down on the other side. Usually the side "wall" is much lower but as I peeked with one eye, saw that it actually had a nice fence. So I took the photo and shut my eyes again for the ride down.

I have painted BlueBonnets with Labs sitting so lovely in them but have never seen them in person. They were allusive but I did see them and got the photo as we were screaming by on the highway.

A lot of road construction going on through Texas. We actually made it past everyone of those cones!! Some were a breath away from the side of CiCiBlue. If she had fingers we'd own some of those big cones now. Our friends said that one truck knocked one down then with his rear tire up righted it again. That's impressive!!

When the road is smooth, Lola sleeps calmly. The highway leaving Texas into Louisiana was pretty lumpy. Not much sleeping and a lot of stress drool.

We get our Louisiana State sticker on our travel map now!!

I think this photo represents how we feel right now. It's an adventure I would not have missed for the world. We will stay on the east coast next winter but then... maybe pick a state or two that looks interesting and travel around. But then we never say never.  I have looked at parks along the Gulf..Love being near water. 😉 The adventure will continue....

We leave tomorrow, Sunday and head to Mississippi. Then Florida and settling at our campground for a week.  Have a great day and we'll chat later..