Tuesday, October 2, 2018

And We Thought We'd Be Out BY Noon

The alarm went off at 6:45 A.M. this morning and we stumbled towards the dog leads, put them on and took the kids right out so we could feed them and get to the waiting room by 8:00 A.M. The mechanic was right out to get CiCiBlue and bring in her in to get her worked on. 

Our list was lube the chassis, check the wiring in back that goes to the tow dolly, do the yearly service for engine and generator and a connector on one of the batteries was loose.

The mechanic came in with paperwork....servicing the engine went well. HOWEVER, your chassis battery is reading fair, and it's not a high fair but a LOW fair. If you don't do anything it will be dead in months. "MUM", Lola says, "What will we do??"

Then the mechanic returned... the connector wires to the fuel pump in the generator are shot. There is a separate fuel system for the generator apart from the engine. We depend on that generator to keep us up and running if electric goes off or we're traveling in really hot weather and we can have a/c.

"Mummm...I think I'm getting depressed"

The mechanic continued..."The wires in back that attach to your tow dolly are really messed up. I can cut them out and rewire that system for you".  The wires attach to the tow dolly and give us turn signals, running lights and stop lights. Important, so that was a yes too.

"Oh you guys", said Ozzie wearily. "No need to worry, as long as I have food and treats life is good"

So in the morning the chassis battery will arrive along with our connector wires and the work will commence again. Hopefully not too long. Estimated time is just before noon. I went to the car and got 4 blocks of wood that we used in New Hampshire and asked the man who drove CiCI out front for the night to place them under the wheels. Last night it rained and at the angle we were at rain seeped in the bedroom slide.  Tonight we just opened one side since we are in a parking lot and people use it to turn around. Don't want anyone to drive into us.

So here we are. Pouring rain and severe thunderstorms are going through. We made reservations at a campground about 3 hours away in Pennsylvania and we'll stay two nights just to gather ourselves and recoop. It's stressful sitting forever in a room all day. A strangers room.

Sammy says that he's very happy to be home and sleeping in his own space. They are so good and the guys come in and gush over them and they wiggle and wag. If you break down or need work done I so recommend, yet again this year, Five Star Fire, in Hartford, Ct.  They just work on RV"s and fire engines. Cummins, Freightliner, they know their stuff.

Ok, now that the storm, thunder and lightning is right on top of us I guess I'll close. 

Have a great night and see you all tomorrow, hopefully from Pa.!!!



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