Monday, October 1, 2018

Submarine Life..RV Style

I guess I'll start this backwards.  We arrived about an hour ago in Hartford, Connecticut at Five Star Fire. It's the same place we were lucky enough to come to last year about this same time. This year, however, we made the choice to come because of the amazing service they provided

Our list is yearly service and look at the generator that had been shutting off on our way north to New Hampshire, but of course ran beautifully today.  Our tow dolly lights don't work so that's on the list along with a connector on one of the battery cells. Chassis lube and I think that's it. Our jake brake threw on our engine light at one point and just didn't connect but the second time we put it on it was fine. The sand and grit out west has actually solidified in places and turned to "brick". Not really but that's how I'm seeing it. I have also noticed that it attaches itself to silicone and it has dissolved the rubber so I just flake it off. Needless to say I got my trusty gun out and resealed some areas before we left NH. I'm getting good!!

So why are you in a Submarine lifestyle tonight Sheila? When we arrived we came in as we did last year but had to go out back, remove the car and dolly...(I did it all and yes, I'm tired) then turn around yet once more and come in the opposite way. The area we we park at is on a tilt and the tilt just may be too drastic to put out our large slides. We did put out the bedroom slide since it's smaller and it's electric. Our other two is an electric and one hydraulic. We opted to go Sub style for the night. 

The piles you see are from the stuff we put on our bed when we roll. I actually have less and very proud of downsizing yet once again.  I will say I don't know how Roger did this in a real Sub with tons of other guys on a submarine for 6-7 years. Ah youth.  He's actually very comfortable. Me? I'm so tired from getting stuff ready to roll this morning and getting the car on the dolly, did I say in the rain, I'm happy just sitting here at my small table. Roger is making hotdogs and beans, on the road food in case we are out and rolling again tomorrow!

And now back to the leaving of Wellington Camping Park, Lee, NH. This was our second year. We love it. Sites are big, you are in a forest so you're likely to see wild animals, which we did. One day Lola and I were walking back down the path on the side of the field and looked over to see a coyote running down the middle looking at us. Then one day a bear decided to wander in. We saw deer eating way at the end of the field and a family of coyote running along the tree line on the far side of the field. They are probably hanging in the woods saying..OMG, I saw a human and a huge furry animal walking down that far path.  The park is peaceful and quiet and the people are fantastic and the bonus, my daughter and her family live 8 minutes away. 

We love it so much that Roger and I will be working there next summer. We're excited!

On our way to Ct. Rain off and on but not bad.

And now Sammy has Ozzie in training to get us places.

It's an important job you know. Sammy has been doing an amazing job but he said he wanted to give Oz some on the job training!

And now that we are settled, I'm celebrating our perfect arrival, taking Lola out then crawling into bed. Thankfully the tilt in CiCiBlue will have our head up and feet going down so it will be a comfy night.

Have a great night and now that we're on the road I'll be back to give you daily updates.


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