Saturday, February 21, 2015

Painting Day

Today we met and worked on our paintings after drawing yesterday. I was really pleased at all the results and the approaches took. One person still has some work to do but we will continue next week.

Wendy didn't make it to the class today so you will see her's next week. Park duties were beckoning her.
Lola's face will be continued next week too.

We were excited it was warm enough to work out on the rec hall porch and have a great view. Tomorrow morning is our breakfast of pancakes, sausages and waffles, starting at 8:00 A.M.. Roger and I need to be down at the hall around 7 to prepare. We're the waffle people! Dear Lord, that's early!!

 Why a photo of my feets?? With the cold weather this week my toes were cold. I have trouble putting a sock on my right foot. My muscles have tightened and my leg won't bend that far..yet. I'm determined to get that mobility back. But, meantime I bought a pair of Crocs with fuzzy insides. Clogs, which I have always loved and better still....PURPLE!!!! Happiness is...!!!

Have a great weekend and chat tomorrow...or Monday.. really!!! 


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