Thursday, February 12, 2015

Yet A New Vacuum!

So, yesterday, my little buddy, Ruby left! Her Dad, Glen, got a better job and they had to leave. He texted me and asked if I'd like to see her before they left so I went over for our last walk. She has come so far in the time I have known her and I told Glen I would paint her picture for him. Ruby started out rough, left to die, but a community worked to save her!! Glen said he'd keep me posted as she grew! And, yes, I am sad today.

Yes, he is amazing!!! :-)

Our new Hoover dual action rug cleaner. You can already see the difference. Three dogs, rain and mud will totally make a light colored rug disgusting. We have won that prize.

We will probably have to do it again but I put it out to the Universe earlier that I'd really like a bamboo floor instead. Much easier. 

My friend had surgery yesterday and today was sent home! I am so grateful!!! Both for her friendship and that she will be fine!! 

Roger and I started our "work camping" work today. He planted trees and I started to spray off the pool area but more water got on me than the surface. Come to find out that the hose needed another washer. I'll try again tomorrow. It's been colder than usual here in Florida so the water wasn't the warm fun kind.  People have been coming to me to let me know what they are bringing for the Valentine lunch/dinner. I think we will have a good turnout. 

I have been seeing the number 11:11 everywhere lately. Of course I googled and found that I am on my correct path in life. Whew, good thing...we got rid of everything and this is it!!! Actually I feel more alive now then I have in years so I know it's been a great decision. 

Wendy just dropped off some goulash that she made last night so I'm stopping and having some dinner. Yummy. So have a great night and chat tomorrow. (have you noticed that my "tomorrows" are sometimes longer than one day?) hahaha.



  1. I would love to get rid of our beige (mostly dirty brown) carpet. Two cocker spaniels are just too much for it. We just put vinyl flooring in our house. Looks like wood, comes in planks like wood floors. Glues down and is easy to take one piece up and replace if something major happens. VERY dog friendly. Would love to do it in the motor home. Sure like to meet the designer that thought carpet was a great idea in RV's

    1. Cathie, I'll have to look into that. Sounds perfect. We had Pergo put into our "house" at one time and when we had a leak from the kitchen and the floor flooded the pergo warped. I'd hate that to happen in the coach. I know, the designer was catering to wealthier RV owners who either didn't have pets or teeny tiny ones. Ugh.

  2. Glad to hear you are doing well! Like hearing news from you. We loved the Keys, but miss our Crystal Lake friends. Say hi to everyone.

    1. Hi Sandy, Haven't forgot about your portrait. The park is packed. Every spot. We are staying here for a bit so I'm looking forward to lol I will tell everyone hi for you!!!

  3. How are you, Roger and the kids doing? Hope you are still enjoying life at Crystal Lake! Say hi to everyone. We have moved out of Florida and spent time in Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and Monday we move to Texas. I know you are work camping now, bit I am still interested in your portrait of Miss Rosie when you get the time. When it's finished, would it be alright to post it to my website with a link to your site? Let me know! Take care and say Hi to everyone.