Wednesday, February 4, 2015

So What Have We Been Doing?

So, what have we been doing? As you know we have two cars. Roger has a 2013 Chrysler 2000 (Sebring) and I have a 2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee.  My Jeep is slowly dying and his convertible just isn't practical for three dogs.

My Jeep is paid for but the Convertible, well, we owe on it. Enter our friend Terri . In her other life she sold cars and knows the ins and outs. She stopped by the Nissan dealership and told the salesman our predicament. Gary, the salesman, said " come on in". So yesterday, Terri, Roger and I drove our trusty cars to the Nissan dealership. We are working with the bank to get rid of our house so we heard a lot of "gee, no" from the manager as he tried to find the perfect fit for us. We took a ride in a 2014 Pathfinder and when we got back, we got a few more no's but maybe he could get it if he could speak with one special person. Of course, that person wasn't answering his phone. Shall I mention we arrived there at 3:15PM and now it was just past 7. We were tired and we both have dogs that are home, hungry and need to pee. So, we started to leave. That's when I noticed I lost my wallet. I looked in the Pathfinder and no wallet. Looked inside the showroom, the ladies room, nothing. Terri went out and search the car once again and found it under the front seat.  As she came back in the manager said.."We got it!!!!"

From then on Terri haggled with the finance manager, and we got the price WE wanted.  We even got more for the two cars than we thought!! A full moon and magic!!

Now to breath and find a front wheel tow dolly for it.  Plenty of room for the kids too!!! (And paint my butt off to help pay for it all) Haha. It will be a joy!!!

Have a safe and warm night. We're expecting thunder and torrential rain. 


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