Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Membership To An RV Blog Group

Well this is exciting!! Now that we are actually planning on traveling I joined this group to tell you about the campgrounds we will be visiting! So, maybe I should tell you about where we have been for about two years while we were getting ready.

                                                             Our Home For A Time

That's us there with the car parked in front. CiCiBlue. Except for going to Georgia and South Carolina we have been here getting repairs done and Doctor appointments up to date. Basically learning all we could about our motorhome. Crystal Lake Park is right off Rt. 95 and we are close. Some people complain about traffic noise but after a few days you don't even notice it and at night it can put you to sleep. The hum of the road. The sites are large which we find find a huge bonus and prices are reasonable for this area. Close to Kennedy Space Center, Disney, Beaches and stores. Call early for winter spots since a lot of the people are return snowbirds.

From our front door. Not bad!! I will miss that! 

Taken from our bathroom window. Last year they mated and had a young one. He stayed with them until recently as we watched the parents teach him the mating dance.  (I'm saying HE since he grew to be larger then both parents)

I have driven through other parks nearby and they seem squished in so for space, I'm giving Crystal Lake RV Park a thumbs up!!

Have a great day..


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