Thursday, April 13, 2017

Counting Down To Lift Off

Sorry, hope you can read lips..need to figure out the sound issue. :-(
I bought a selfie stick! This morning I made about 5, yes 5, videos and in each one it was difficult to hear my voice.  I thought it would be good for doing vids on the road but I need to re group. We do have an ProGo and it will attach to the stick so that may be the way to go in the end. 

The count down has begun.  Our friends are doing their preparations to leave as they go before us. Our blast off date is about June 1st.  OMG, can you actually believe that!! So much to do and get finished. The one thing we do have is reservations! For the summer months of June ,July, August and part of September we will be 8 miles from my daughter and her family. We will be staying at a campground in Lee, New Hampshire. Beyond excited! We will then travel to Myrtle Beach and stay for a week at Apache Campground for Roger's submarine reunion. October 2, ...we head west!

                                                               New Watercolor

Yes I'm working away here. I'm hoping you all find something you can't live without. My goal is to post something on my Daily Paintworks site so it will help in our travels. I'm manifesting health, safe traveling and an income to help with the diesel fuel. WE ARE GOING!!!! 

I found an art Guild in Lake Havasu City, Arizona. It will be about 30 minutes from where we are staying and yes, I'm joining. Living the artists dream is about immersing myself into that culture. 

Well I'm off to open the smashed package that came from Amazon poorly taped, hardly closed and holding a 20" x 20" stretched canvas. I emailed them last night about the sad job on packaging. I'm hoping I don't have to email them about a ruined canvas. 

I know this blob of tape and get frustrated when it does that but I cut that part off before sending a package.  It may have been a long day for the packer, they were probably exhausted from walking and packing all day when they did this too small box. Yes, just a wee bit of sarcasm there. I either receive a huge box for the tiniest tube of watercolor or this too little room box for my canvas. Then in the big scheme of things it's really not that important is it. 

The Year of The Cat is on the radio now, (Al Stewart) and I need to get up and dance and twirl. 

Have a great day..see you tomorrow and you can meet the "kids"



  1. Looking forward to hearing about your travels!

    1. Thanks Miriam!!! And if we are near by you will see is!!!

  2. I ordered a replacement battery for my watch, about the size of a dime. It came in a box about 6 inches square. It could have easily been sent in an envelope.

  3. I just saw on google Maps that you will be 2 hours drive from St. Johnsbury Vermont, home of Dog Mountain, Dog Chapel and the Stephen Huneck Gallery. That would be a great day trip to take.

    Dogs are welcome at Dog Mountain.