Sunday, April 2, 2017

More Preparations

  I said to Roger the other day that I think we do more work now on and around the RV than we ever did at the sticks and bricks. So what happened this week.?

Not sure if you can see but we are thinking maybe our alternator may be overcharging our batteries and as a result, acid bubbles over. The acid corroded the battery cage and they were on a severe tilt towards the road.  So, Bob, our savior, purchased the materials to weld a new battery grate. And yes, he has a welding unit with him. (love this man)

Roger and Bob hooked up our batteries from outside the cage so we always had power and lights. Another bonus! It took a few days due to appt's and other things but finally it was done. Roger painted the steel with 
Rustoleum and voila'...the batteries went back in.

I did mention to Roger we need to look at AGM Deep Cycle sealed batteries. For our first try we over watered the babies we now have. 

Then, we have another goal before we leave. It's my to do list actually. The batteries and a new refrigerator. 
Our Norcold is propane/electric. We run it on electric and if I tell you our ice cream is soup you will understand. Another ugh. The other issue is they catch on fire. There had been a recall and ours had been done but I still worry. It will "die" and as soon as I call the repair guys, it comes back to life. The perfect scenerio is for it to die and we can put it through our warranty. Since it's a high dollar item the insurance company will send someone to check it out. Second opinion so to speak.  Yes I think I did mention this in the last post but let me show you what happened the week after to friends of ours. 

And it was in storage. The unit is on it's way to the insurance company but the fire Marshall thought it was, yes, the refrigerator. Not sure how but our rv repair person has said watch for the yellow residue. Ammonia leaking. Needless to say I've been a fanatic.

Where do you keep your receipts? We keep ours in a plastic box in a closet. So did our friends. They burnt. I said maybe I would put them in our fireproof safe? Theirs melted. Plan B is copying them and letting my son hold onto the originals, God forbid we ever need them.

So, my goal, a new refrigerator. Rolling in the dough Sheila? Not at all. I'll be painting non stop working to make enough to do this. CiCi Blue is our full time home. I stayed awake all night trying to think of how we could get our dogs out, how we could get out. I just read of a class C  had their frig catch on fire while driving. The woman felt the flames at her back as she struggled with her seat belt and thankfully she was safe. So, think good thoughts and manifest a residential refrigerator for us!!

Something fun!! Roger made me a fun light for over the dining table!

The other evening we watched the PBS program on Yosemite Park. Lola came up to lay with us for a bit and started to watch the program with us. It's hard to see but the second photo shows a coyote! Lola perked right up and started barking at it.  Roger and I couldn't stop laughing, which I will say we so needed to do. She's such a goof. 

Well that's it for today. It's getting really hot and dry here in Florida which means I'm miserable. But you have lived there for years?? Yes I have. Silly me. Roger loves the heat and can sit outside forever. For me, I melt. I am so looking forward to going out west and have no humidity. (Now watch, I'll complain that there's not enough moisturizer in the world to stop my skin from drying up and becoming leather). Moisturizer....that's on my list too!!

Have a great rest of your weekend...



  1. Hi Ma and Pops,
    What name and model refrigerator do you want? I want to visualize it for you. And please take photos of your receipts and send them to me, and I'll upload them to dropbox. We do a weekly backup also to keep in our fire safe.
    I hope there's nothing to worry about! You're in our prayers.

    1. It's a Samsung. 😜 Our friends who had the fire just messaged me to say there is a small fire extinguisher made just for our refrigerator!! I'll be doing a blog about it tomorrow!!! But you will get the receipts!! ❤

  2. Refrigerator fire was my biggest concern when we had our Class A. We kept a fire extinguisher in the bedroom hoping it would give us a minute or two more time to try to get out a window. We have two cocker spaniels that slept with us and I worried about how to get them out. We kept two leashes hanging by the escape window so if the worst happened, we would have control of them outside of the rig. Another suggestion we used was to keep a key to the door outside (we kept it in a magnetic case). If you get outside from the bedroom window, the door is now locked so no way to open the door if needed.

    1. Hi Cathie,
      Since we have a 40' er we have a fire extinguisher every 10'. I'm doing a blog today on what we just ordered so I'm feeling a bit calmer about the refrigerator...or will. Good idea about the leashes..I have them outside but then how to get crazed dogs around to that front door is another issue. Rethinking. lol

  3. Where does the amonia drip? I had a brand new fridge put in a few years ago because there was a recall on a part and it was so old they just put in a new one, but now I'm looking at it like, maybe I need another new one.... When did this recall happen?

    1. Hi Elisha,
      From what I understand it will leak from the tubing? It will show up in the back of the refrigerator as yellow powder on the wires? At least that's what my rv repair man said to look for. Put the name of your frig into Google and /recalls. They will have lists for different years. Our coach is a 2004 so it was back then. People have installed the Amish cooling unit but I don't think they did in ours. Today I am doing an update on what we purchased today to help.

  4. Thanks, Sheila! Mine was put in in 2014, but I'm still going to look. Much better safe than sorry.