Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Sunflowers, Sheep And An Art Store

Yesterday we went to the Coppal Farm Sunflower Festival. Acres of sunflowers that they will harvest probably next week to make sunflower oil. A working farm with chickens, horses and sheep. We arrived there about 4:30 P.M. and checked in. I couldn't find my hat so I was toast by the end of our hike out to the area that they were growing but thankfully we bought water in the barn before we started out.

It was broiling hot and I was melting. The walkway in was a dirt path that was of course very uneven so by the time we actually got to the fields of flowers, I was uncomfortable and exhausted. (I totally believe if I can strengthen the muscles around my hip and stretch, I'll be ok for a few more years before a new hip is necessary. The surgeon I saw in Florida's first thought was surgery was the only option..yes, I'm suborn, and people here say they hardly see me limp so I'm doing good!) Back to the sunflowers.

Bees were pretty much in every flower. Busy busy bees not bothering with us even as we went in between stalks. Whew, because they were big busy bees!

Then we went to see the sheep. I have to say this was the highlight for me. They were all gathered together by the shed until the rooster crowed. I know, it sounds like the sound of a novel. The rooster crowed and all of a sudden they started moving towards us. First there were three together, then four following until the entire flock came along getting closer and closer. (Thinking Stephen King)

They would stop for a bit and chew the grass then suddenly, they all started to move quickly to the left. 

They came up close to the wire fence where we stood until something made then all run to the right like it was a blue light special at Kmart.  Not just moving quickly, but running. Was that blade of grass over there calling to them? I'll have to google to find out about sheep eating patterns. Just strange things I like to find out about. lol

I'm sure this guy may be a painting!!

I did think this may be an interesting composition at some time.

Roger and I went to Hampton to pick up my bike. It had a spa week getting new gears and polished and now it's home. Driving through the towns was refreshing and I just needed to take this photo as we went by. Maybe in Stratham.

And finally we stopped at Tractor Supply to get our bag of dog food and stop at Market Basket and me, Michael's. Danger, Danger!!! I go into an art store and I hear angelic voices..and I found a sale! Michael's always carried Grumbacher paints but I noticed they have switched to Gamblin. My brand of choice, but these Grumbacher paints were on sale! 13.00 paints for 3.99 and two were over 20.00 and I got them for 6.49. Yes, I bought more things, watercolor sheets and a few more brushes. 

Finally, we spent a few hours working on Lola's mats and trimming her paws! I was nervous that I'd mess her up but after trimming her chest fur and her legs and paws , she looks stunning. Bath to come and a bit more trimming but for now perfect!

So, have a great night and see you tomorrow!

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